4 Travel Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

Save Money for Travel!

Sadly, traveling is not always one of life’s cheaper pursuits. Even in the age of the budget airline and the cross-continental rail pass, traveling can sometimes be an expensive passion for most of us. Do not let that deter you from getting out there and seeing the world though. There are some great resources available on the internet to help your keep your traveling costs as low as possible.

Here is a reminder of a few cost-saving fundamentals to keep in mind when you’re planning your next trip:

Book Online

Don’t be tempted by high street travel agencies. It’s unlikely you’ll find a better deal in a shop than you will online, for the simple reason that high street branches have vastly inflated costs to cover. If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to discuss their destination with someone else before making a booking and you would usually do so with your travel agent, try getting involved in discussions with other travelers on sites like TripAdvisor.com – there is always someone with first-hand experience of your destination and you’re likely to get a more objective viewpoint from someone not trying to sell you anything!

Book Well in Advance

Some of the absolute best deals on hotels, flights and transfers are snapped up by the brave souls who make bookings in the very last few days before traveling. Rock-bottom prices only emerge at this time because travel companies face a scramble to fill up their planes and hotels, rather than face the prospect of empty seats and vacant rooms. However, if you’re not willing to gamble on a cheap last-minute deal being available in the destination you’re heading to, always book as far in advance as possible, as prices on all elements of your trip will increase gradually up to a month or so away from the date you wish to travel.

Compare Travel Insurance

One area you should not overlook when calculating your travel costs is insurance. As tempting as it might be to uncheck that tick box to relieve yourself of the added expense of travel insurance, it simply isn’t worth the risk. Thousands of people every year fall victim to accidents and mishaps while traveling and the costs incurred in medical bills, extra nights in hotels or re-booked flights are astronomical.

Instead of skipping travel insurance out, use tools like those you can find on the moneysupermarket worldwide travel insurance pages to compare the prices of a wide range of travel insurers. You can then easily pick out the cheapest deal that offers you the cover you require.

Travel Light!

This might sound like an obvious bit of advice to any seasoned traveler but it is good advice nonetheless. Not only does traveling light guarantee you cheaper flights, it also reduces the chances of you losing valuable items and having to spend money to replace them. In short, the less you carry with you, the less you have to lose. Plus, surviving on the very basics is what ‘real’ traveling is all about, so go on, bring out your inner nomad and travel light!

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  1. Seattle Dredge

    Jun 2, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    Great Tips! I always book in advance :D

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