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You’re a world traveler! You can pack for a month on the road in a single carry-on bag. You can find the cheapest airfares without breaking a sweat. You can navigate the maze of confusing international airports with ease, and even find yourself laughing when your flight is delayed because a herd of cattle have taken over the dirt runway on a small island in the West Indies. But, and even the most intrepid traveler knows there is always a but, once you landed, especially in the big cities, getting to your dream destination can sometimes can leave you flustered on arrival.

Local taxis in most destinations have terrible reputations. Local mass transportation, like trains and buses, can sometimes be unmanageable, and while Uber is usually the best available option (where available) sounds a like great option, not all cities have it, and without worldwide internet access on your mobile, Uber might as well not exist – at least not in the brave, new world you find yourself in.

Today I’m here to share a new, innovative solution to airport transfers known as Blacklane – an Uber alternative of sorts. At least when it comes to airport transfers, that is.

What is Blacklane?

Blacklane is described on its website as ‘your professional global driver service.’ A pair of German entrepreneurs, based in Berlin, founded the start-up as a way to provide a chauffeur portal service that connects travelers to professional drivers through a mobile app, website or phone hotline.

How it came about

One of the founders said the idea for Blacklane really came into focus when he was frequently traveling internationally for business and grew tired of struggling with ground transportation upon arrival. “While flights and hotels were pretty easy to organize and mange,” co-founder Jens Wohltorf said. “The ground transportation piece was always painful: receipts, multiple currencies, fragmented car service companies and taxis around the world with differing quality standards. This made me hate Monday mornings and Friday evenings.”

The solution

Blacklane set out to change all that with cashless fares that are prenegotiated, so there is no need to worry about additional costs like tips, tolls and other local fees that always seem to creep into transportation fares at the last minute.

Blacklane hires its driver by contracting with local professional limousine drivers that have gaps in their schedule who are looking to fill up their day.

Notes: All drivers are professionally vetted and drive safe, modern vehicles. Blacklane is currently available in more than 236 cities worldwide with expansion on the horizon.


How Blacklane Works

Here’s how it works — before you depart on our trip you can easily book from Blacklane’s website – enter your pickup and drop-off destinations, your estimated time of arrival and select the class of car based on your needs and budget. On your travel day, you’ll receive two emails and two SMS updates informing you that your car is on its way and when your driver has arrived at the designated pickup location.

Finding your driver

Finding your driver is as easy as it gets. You have no doubt arrived after a long, weary flight and see those dressed up chaps in suits holding signs with people’s names on it. And let’s be honest, you know you’ve found yourself thinking, dare I say wishing, your name was on one of those signs. Here’s your chance – after you’ve booked with Blacklane, you’ll be greeted at the airport by your driver, holding one of those beautiful signs with your name on it. Now you’re feeling special! The driver will help with your luggage and you’re on your way!

What about flight delays?

If your plane is delayed no worries, your fare includes a one-hour waiting time at all airports. With Blacklane you won’t need to stress that your pre-arranged, questionable taxi metering is ticking away while you’re stuck on the tarmac because another plane is at your arrival gate. Blacklane also as an integrated flight tracker system so your driver knows if your flight is early, delayed or has changed arrival terminals.


If you need to cancel for any reason Blacklane’s cancelation policy may be considered by some to be quite forgiving. According to its website FAQs if it’s a one-way booking (point A to point B) cancellation is free of charge if there is more than one hour left before the agreed upon pickup time.

If there is less than one hour the prenegotiated fare must be paid in full. It’s important to note that cancellations can only be done by using the cancel feature in Blacklane’s App or on its website.

If you need to cancel an hourly booking that is free of charge if there are more than 24 hours left before the agreed upon pickup time. Otherwise the total fare must be paid. And again hourly booking cancellations must be done through the App or website.

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Designed primarily for the business traveler, jet-setter or those with some extra cash to spend on ease of travel Blacklane can be your ticket to the fastlane. While significantly more expensive than your typical Uber ride, Blacklane is well worth the money for business travelers and professionals who want curbside service the minute they land.

One Blacklane user wrote a glowing review on Facebook saying:

“I was “very, very happy with the service. I booked a car to take me from Tokyo Haneda to Tokyo Narita for a very tight transfer time between flights. The driver was punctual, visible, very helpful and patient as we had some issues that we had to sort out with Japan airlines in the meantime. While Blacklane pricier than other transportation options, it is definitely worth the piece of mind and the driver got us to Narita in 80% of the time that Google Maps suggested.”


Blacklane Voucher Code

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