The Colorful Streets of Old San Juan – Pt. I

The Colorful Streets of Old San Juan Part I. After seeing these photos, you’ll want to jump on the next flight to PR!

Porsche Carrera S

Porsche Carrera S

Streets of San Juan

San Juan Balconies

The Cross - San Juan

San Juan Balcony

Puerto Rico Drug

Colorful Streets Packed with Cars in Old San Juan

A Little Magic in the Heart of San Juan

Stop! One Way!

Burberry - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cobblestones and Pastels

[box]Don’t miss Part 2 of this photo series. You can check it out here:  The Colorful Streets of Old San Juan Part 2![/box]


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  1. I always associated Puerto Rico as the birth of reggaeton, but I had no idea it was so colourful and beautiful! Makes me want to visit there even more. Great photos

    1. Yeah, it’s incredible how colorful Old San Juan really is… keep an eye out for part 2 coming next Tuesday! More colorful photos from Old San Juan coming your way!

  2. Great pictures! I just visiting Puerto Rico for the very first time a few weeks ago and was absolutely blown away. Such a beautiful place. Can’t wait to go back!!

  3. San Juan is awesome! I was there last March for a week, and I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to go back! Although the next time I return to PR, we’ll likely be going straight to Vieques :D


    1. Agreed! These photos were taken in December, I hope to get back there again soon. Thanks for the tip on Vieques, I’ll definitely have to check that out.

    1. Thanks for all the comments Norbert! We were in PR back in December as we were on a cruise (never again). Our time in San Juan was very short but we made the best of it.

  4. I was there last March for a week, and I loved every minute of it. Agreed! Thanks for all the comments Norbert!

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