Learn the Benefits of Joining Free Travel Clubs

Hole in the Ground

Our group getting a closer look at a hole found in the earth

I was contacted recently by Steve Juba, the owner of two very successful travel photography clubs based right here in the United States. I asked Steve to tell me a little more about his Travel Photography Clubs and here’s what he had to say…

Photofly Travel Club

The Photofly Travel Club is a group for adventure & photography lovers. I put together unique & exciting adventures throughout the year where there is so much natural beauty it’s pretty hard to come away without some amazing photos. Our group is very laid back with members of all ages and backgrounds. Most of our members are not professional photographers but regular people who share a love for photography and travel. For those interested, I offer photography advice, insight and, basic lessons on how to use your camera and get better shots.  Some trips even feature a professional photographer who offers free lessons and presentations while abroad.

[box]For more information, check out the official Photofly Travel Club website.[/box]

Singles by the Bay Travel Club

The Singles by the Bay Travel Club is perfect for solo travelers who love world travel but want some companions to share the experience with. I, myself, plan all of the trips and I take part in most of them as well. This group is perfect for those who want to see the world and make new friends in the process.

Both groups are perfect for solo travelers looking for travel buddies. I pair the members up with roommates for those interested in saving tons of money on often pricey single supplement costs. Also, by doing all the research and planning before hand members are assured of a fun and unique experience without all the leg work. I’m also able to offer great prices by taking advantage of discounted group rates. Either myself or a co-organizer always join in on each trip so we make sure every little detail is planned to perfection.

[box]For more information, check out the official Singles By the Bay Travel Club website.[/box]

Cusco Girl

Little Girl in Cusco, Peru

Our groups just returned from an adventure throughout Peru in September and Hawaii in November. The Shutterfly Travel Club  is heading off to Egypt next week and The Singles by the Bay Travel Club goes back to the Big Island of Hawaii on a very unique excursion in March. In April, the Shutterfly Travel Club will be heading to Kenya for a safari.  For more information and the complete 2011 itinerary check out the websites or contact me directly.

Both travel clubs are FREE to join and with the clubs growing fast many trips with a variety of dates will soon be added.  We welcome new members from all over and we would especially love to welcome all readers from Pause The Moment to join us on any of our upcoming adventures!

[box type="info"]Steve Juba is a Boston native who currently resides in San Francisco. He has been organizing group travel for over 3 years and organizes two travel clubs with members from all over the US & Canada. Steve’s unique groups offer a travel experience and camaraderie that is very different than large companies like GAP, Globus, or Contiki Tours.[/box]

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