MAN VS. BULL! – During a recent trip to Costa Rica, we attended the 2013 Festival Nacional de las Mulas Parrita, better known as the Festival of Mules, an annual 10-day festival, which takes place in the city of Parrita, Costa Rica. Rodeos, mule racing, and greasy carnival food are just a few things found at this local festival.

One of the main events of the night was an action packed, tico-style rodeo where the young riders mounted their bulls and attempted to hold on for dear life without holding on. Yeah, you got that right. Try riding a crazed bull with absolutely no hands at all!

The young bull rider shown in the video above bit off a little more than he could chew when it came to riding this big ol’ bull.

As they say, “Screw with the bull and you get the horns!”

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