Paris: The City of Carousels

Paris Carousels

The French capital Paris goes by a lot of other names such as City of Light or the French version La Ville-Lumière. Some call it the City of Love. What maybe fewer people know is that in no other city you will find so many carousels and that to some it is known as the City of Carousels.

Many of them are very beautiful and are located next to some of the important monuments of the city. In fact, many of them are little monuments or artworks of their own, as many of them are really old and decorated so neatly. So they are not necessarily something only the little ones can enjoy. In case you have wondered, the reason why we find a lot more carousels here than elsewhere is that it is a French invention.

So while you’re getting to know the city, you shouldn’t miss out on seeing some of the most beautiful carousels. Here is a list of a couple of the carousels around the city that are worth stopping by at when you are renting apartments in Paris:

Luxembourg Gardens

The carousel in the Luxembourg Garden is special, because the rides are different animals other than horses. While you are riding it you can play a game where you intend to spear rings, similar to what was done during tournaments in the Middle Ages only on a much smaller scale of course. The Jardin du Luxembourg is the second largest park in Paris and is located in the 6th arrondissement. It offers a lot of leisure activities for the whole family.

Double Deckers

A really nice double decker carousel can be found directly in front of the Hotel de Ville in the 4th arrondissement. Other double deckers are also right by the Sacré Coeur and the Place de la République. One the first floor of the last one you can ride on Venetian gondolas or horses. If you climb up the ladder you will find mermaids and black bulls to ride on. Interesting combination, don’t you think?

Musée des Arts Forains

Another interesting place to visit if you are interested in carousels is the Musée des Arts Forains in the Pavillons de Bercy (12th arrondissement). It is a private museum of all sorts of objects that can be found at funfairs and houses a great collection of merry-go-rounds. To see it you will have to make a reservation first. Apart from this museum the Pavillons are worth the visit for the Venetian Rooms, the theater and the gardens.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont

The Parc des Buttes Chaumont has a carousel that features over sized versions of small rabbits, cats and other animals. More interesting than the carousel here might be that park itself due to its scenery: Grottos, rocks, valleys, temples, and waterfalls.

So you see not only Disneyland Paris has interesting rides to offer. You can find them all over the city and most of them have existed long before the amusement park. Add a little nostalgia to your trip next time you happen to stay in Paris apartments by passing some of the carousels.

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  1. Jaime

    Jun 9, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    I will have to check this off while I am there. Paris is my 1st stop in Europe!

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