Two Tickets to Paradise – Fiji Giveaway!


Karlee Cyprych!

I’d like to send a BIG THANKS out to everyone who entered this incredible giveaway courtesy of Fiji Airways. This was by far our most successful giveaway to date.

Please stay tuned as I have some more big announcements coming in the next few weeks. Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for more great giveaways.



So you wanna go to Fiji, huh?

Of course you do!

As some of you may or may not know, I spent 17 days exploring Fiji back in November/December of 2012 thanks to Tourism Fiji. The trip was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better crew to share my experiences with.

A few weeks ago I received an email from a friend who works at the PR company that set me up with Tourism Fiji back in November and she wanted to know if I would be interested in hosting a special giveaway for my followers.

The prize? Dun, dun, dun…

TWO ROUND-TRIP TICKETS TO FIJI on the newly rebranded Fiji Airways!

And you thought it couldn’t get any better, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it can!I reached out to my friend Alfie, GM of Uprising Beach Resort in Pacific Harbour, Fiji and he’s agreed to host the winner of the Fiji Giveaway at his beautiful resort for two nights! (Free of charge)The approximate value of this bonus prize is $350 USD! GOOD LUCK!


Learn more about Fiji Airways new look and recent rebranding here.

Fiji Airways

^ This could be YOU! ^

Of course, I replied back as fast as I could telling her that I would LOVE to be involved. I mean, how could I pass up giving YOU the chance to visit Fiji?

Once everything was confirmed and set in stone, I took to my Facebook Fan Page and asked the following question:

Fiji Question Facebook

Those of you that replied to the status now know that I was simply being sneaky and trying to put my feelers out there to see how many of you  really dreamed of visiting Fiji one day. ;-)

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be able to send one lucky fan and their spouse, friend, family member or loved one on a round-trip ticket to the island paradise also known as Fiji!


Please read the following rules and regulations before entering for a chance to win two tickets to Fiji courtesy of Fiji Airways.

You can read the full version of the Official Rules here.


Ages 21+ U.S. ONLY!

The Promotion is open and offered only to legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C., who are 21 years of age or older at the time of entry. Employees of Pause The Moment, Fiji Airways and Sparkloft Media, their subsidiaries, affiliates, immediate families (parent, child, sibling or spouse) or household members and any other persons or entities associated with this Promotion are ineligible to enter or win. Void everywhere except in those countries listed in this section.


The Promotion begins at 09:00:01 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (“PDT”) on Monday July 8th, 2013 and ends at 12:59:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time PDT on Friday July 19, 2013 (“Promotion Period”). Pause The Moment is the official time-keeping device for the Promotion.


The winner of the Fiji Airways giveaway will get two round-trip tickets from Los Angeles (LAX) to Nadi, Fiji (NAN) courtesy of Fiji Airways. Winners will be responsible for getting themselves to Los Angeles. No costs will be covered in Los Angeles or in Fiji, this giveaway is simply for two round-trip tickets from LAX to Fiji.


In order to enter for a chance to win two free round-trip tickets to Fiji, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Like Pause The Moment on Facebook and Subscribe on YouTube

2. Leave a comment below telling me why you dream of visiting Fiji.

3. Share this Post! — Like it, Tweet it, Google +1 it or Pin it!

4. Post one of the following status updates on your Facebook Wall or Twitter Feed:

Facebook Post:  I just entered Pause The Moment’s SEND ME TO FIJI Giveaway for a chance to win 2 R/T Tickets to Fiji!

Twitter Post:  I just entered @pausethemoment’s SEND ME TO FIJI Giveaway for a chance to win 2 R/T tickets to Fiji! #BulaFijiAirways

Note: Please do not leave multiple comments letting me know that you’ve shared the update on Facebook or Twitter. The only comment you need to make is the one telling me why you dream of visiting Fiji! ;-)

The winner of the Send Me to Fiji Giveaway will be chosen at random!

Thanks for following along and GOOD LUCK!

WOOHOO! You now have 4x the chance of winning your dream trip to Fiji! After you submit your entry here, head on over to my friends and fellow travel bloggers below!


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When he’s not out wandering the world, you can likely find him instagrammin’ from a paradisiacal location or hunched over my laptop, working away, somewhere along the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

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  1. Fiji is on the top of my list of places to visit!!! I am 29 years old and have yet to go abroad (except for Canada and Mexico!) I had friends that went back in college and since I’ve heard about it I’ve always wanted to go. It looks AMAZINGLY beautiful and a place I’ve always dreamed of going to. I am getting married in October and we are trying to finance a honeymoon to a beautiful, relaxing tropical place. Money is an issue and this would just be amazing!

  2. You know all of those computer background images and motivational posters of surreal beaches? Those are all of Fiji. I’d like to reconcile with my brain that a place like that actually does exist.

  3. On a flight to New Zealand, our plane needed to land in Fiji because the crew got sick. When we heard the announcement two thoughts went through my head- 1. I hope it wasn’t something I ate, and 2. I’m going to run to the nearest beach and dip my toes in the water.
    Unfortunately, we were not allowed off of the plane while they switched the crew members; it was just a tease!
    I had a little bite of Fiji and now I would like the whole thing- to be able to go back and actually get off of the plane, and run to the beach.
    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  4. I dream if visiting Fiji to stay in a hut over the water and see the gorgeous blue water. It’s been on my bucket list for as far back as I can remember. :)

  5. I don’t think I can articulate why I want this so bad. Helloooo, it’s Fiji! :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. I have always dreamed of going to Fiji because….who hasn’t dreamed of going to Fiji! Hahaha! Just kidding. As you may know, I love to travel the Caribbean to make videos. I can only imagine the footage I could get there. I would do my best to represent all that Fiji has to offer. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I’m 22 years old and I graduated college in 3 years. I already have a full time job (which I’m blessed for), but I still feel like there’s so much that I want to see before I get locked down in one place for too long. I write a blog post every week for work and while it’s sort of a travel blog, I’m mainly writing about the cool things to do in places that I’ve never been. I would LOVE the chance to actually get out there and explore so that I can document my own experiences!! I’ve only been to a few other states besides Texas and other than that, I haven’t traveled much. The most exciting vacation that I ever took was to Costa Rica. I went my freshman year in high school and I would love to go back one day, now that I’m older. I loved everything about it, from the tropical beaches that I visited, to the hiking and ziplining experiences that I got from the forest. I feel like Fiji would offer me another experience of a lifetime and that’s why I really hope that I’ll be lucky enough to win! Simply put…it would be awesome!

  8. Because it’s been my best friend’s dream for as long as i’ve known her and i would love to make her dream come true.

  9. Besides the beautiful beaches… duh… im crazy interested in the sea kayaking.. the tribal natives… the dunes and the eco parks!

  10. Why I dream of visiting Fiji? Because it looks absolutely amazing! Also because I’m a water baby who freedives and takes underwater photos. I’ve explored parts of the Caribbean and Florida but have never had the chance to visit Fiji, until now that is :). I would love the opportunity to explore another part of the world and maybe catch a wave or two.

  11. I love to travel, and have always dreamed of going to Fiji. Who wouldn’t want to go to a place that looks like paradise? It would definitely be a trip of a lifetime!

  12. I am feeling nauseous with the travel bug. A trip to Fiji is just the right cure. Plus I can’t wait to do a Pause the Moment jump shot!

  13. I have dreamed of going to a place like this for years. I was born to have my a** in the sand and a drink in my hand. Unfortunately, I have champagne tastes on a beer budget. lol

  14. My wife and I have dreamed of this trip for years. We will have been married for 35 years this September and would be overcome with joy if we won this trip. Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime!

  15. How amazing!!! I am living vicariously through Pause The Moment. The opportunity to experience just a taste of what you both do on a daily basis would be life changing!! Thank you for inspiring me to continue to travel and see what this beautiful world has to offer.

  16. I recently caught the travel bug (London last year and Thailand this spring) and your blog has all but increased my passion for traveling. When in Thailand, we used a ton of your reco’s (Pantera Elephant Farm was amazing!) and would love the opportunity to continue these adventures. With all the help we received planning our Thailand trip from travel review sites and blogs, I’m also now dedicated to “paying it forward” and giving honest reviews of everything I experience abroad so I can help others guide their travel plans. Thanks for this chance guys-would love the chance to continue these unbelievable experiences!

  17. I would love to go to Fiji because I’ve never been there and always wanted too!! Fiji seems like a blissful paradise and I want to experience it! Oh and it looks absolutely gorgeous. :)

  18. We hear the diving in Fiji is amazing. As newly certified divers Fiji would be the perfect getaway. Plus, we live in the Northeast USA – and it snows a lot here, we need some sun to get us through the terrible winter.

  19. I work hard and deserve to go somewhere new every year. Every since you went to Fiji last year I have been very intrigued with Fijian culture. Don’t get me wrong I love all the images that we see on the travel channel and ads of the unspoiled beaches but I would like to experience beyond the beach. Thanks for inspiring me to continue to travel.

  20. After reading about your trip it sounds absolutely amazing! And anytime there is sun and a beautiful beach count me in!

  21. Growing up I’ve been very fortunate to have a mother who loves traveling. Starting at a young age, she shared her passion with my brother and I and because of this, we’ve had the opportunity to visit some amazing places around the world. My favorites include: Nassau, Bahamas, The Grand Cayman Islands, and my absolute favorite, San Pedro, Belize. This is an amazing feat with her being a single mother and raising a set of rambunctious twins. I can’t even express how thankful I am for her influence and the opportunities she has given my brother and I. A trip to Fiji is something we have always talked about doing, but now that my brother and I are in college (almost finished…hopefully), it’s been hard to find the time. We’ve been trying to find a way to thank our mother for everything she has taught and shown us, but two 21 years olds working for 10 bucks an hour isn’t going to get her anything too extravagant. Two round trip tickets to Fiji would be a great start to the most epic thank you to the woman who deserves everything.

  22. my fiancé and I looked into Fiji for our honeymoon in 2014 but unfortunately it is out of our budget. This contest could get us there!!!!

  23. I lived in Fiji for 6 months back in 2010 to do a research thesis on how foreign aid programs create dependency in developing nations. I have been trying to go back ever since and can’t afford to! My extended family is there and I have told them every year that I’d like to get back to see them and continue my research.

    It’s my birthday this Thursday and a great present would be to win these tickets! It would mean so much to me, my family and my friends who have been wanting me to return for 3 years now!! What an awesome opportunity!

  24. Fiji looks like the most beautiful place on earth! I am landlocked in the Midwest where you can’t see more than a foot deep in our lakes. I would love to go somewhere where you can see straight to the bottom!!

  25. Fiji is one of my top 5 five places I want to visit. The beaches and water would be amazing to see. Winning this would give me the perfect opportunity to mark it off my list.

  26. Thats where I dream of going on my honeymoon!!!! Maybe my boyfriend will pop the question then? haha!

  27. I would love to visit Fiji! The beaches seem amazing there and it would be a dream trip!

  28. Going to Fiji would be amazing, it is on my bucket list and I think it would just be unbelievable. The beaches and water alone would make it a once in a lifetime experience~!

  29. I would love to go because I know it would be a once in a life time experience!
    Thanks for the opportunity even if I don’t win. You are an inspiration Ryan. Living the dream!!

  30. Fiji is at the top of my bucket list for places to visit. I’d be beyond stoked to have a chance to go there. Everything I’ve heard about Fiji makes it sound like nothing short of paradise. I’d bring my Mom with me because she deserves a trip as amazing as this for everything she’s done for me.

  31. I dream of going to Fiji in order to photograph/enjoy the beaches and culture!

  32. My fiance and I are looking for a place to honeymoon in December! Figi would be a wonderful place to enjoy the beach, embark in outdoor activities and celebrate marriage :)

  33. Oh I really do dream of visiting Fiji. Sometimes, if I’m having an especially bad day at work I’ll Bing Fiji images and look up blog posts about people who have visited. I’ve always really wanted to go but getting there is SO expensive. If you covered the flight for me it would be totally do-able. Thanks for a great giveaway!!!!

  34. My hubby and I got married almost two years ago (as the 21 year old young guns) and are already starting to dream up our anniversary trip. Needless to say, we couldn’t afford a crazy trip to Fiji and would DIE to go somewhere that gorgeous! Jordan has only been on two plane trips his entire life, but we’ve made a promise to each other to travel as much as we possibly can!

  35. I have always dreamed of going to Fiji! I have friends from the area and she would always tell me how beautiful it was. It’s on my bucket list!

  36. Growing up in the desert, I always loved the beach and would constantly beg my parents for a surfboard, despite the nearest beach being 5 hours away. So instead, I lived vicariously through the documentary “Step into Liquid” which I watched over and over and over again, dreaming of my chance to visit Fiji or one of the many other beaches featured in the film.

  37. I dream of going to Fiji because I read a book a while back about the islands in the Pacific and have been dreaming about it ever since :)

  38. I’m dreaming of visiting Fiji because my husband went before we met and never stops talking about how gorgeous it was!

  39. I dream of going to Fiji to visit somewhere that is so far removed from our daily reality here in Massachusetts. It is so gorgeous and the place I always imagine when I picture the perfect vacation destination!

  40. My hubby and I have been dreaming of visiting Fiji for a long time–totally a bucket list item. Would luv to take a trip just the two of us and be relaxing on those beaches! :)

  41. I think Fiji is on everyone’s bucket list, and I am no exception! As a Wisconsin resident all my life, Fiji has always been a dream. I think it would be the destination of a lifetime to visit.

  42. I have dreamed of staying at one of the cabanas on the water. My husband and I have a one year old and another on the way. We are going to need a vacation next summer. I would love to explore Fiji together.

  43. My boyfriend traveled to Fiji on a service project when he was 15 and had a life changing experience. I would love the opportunity to go with him and experience the culture and beauty that so changed his outlook on life!

  44. I would love to go to Fiji and begin exploring new and exciting parts of the world. You and Liz totally inspire me to “reach for new things” and “live life to the fullest”. I would take my husband and go on a honeymoon that we never were able to take since getting married in December! This would be a wonderful opportunity to see begin seeing the world.

  45. I would love to visit FIJI, because it was on my top three list for my honeymoon. My husband and I really wanted to go there but it was too expensive to fly there!

  46. I have been a student for the past five years (like a lot of people, I felt the need to continue after the first four), and I never got a chance to go abroad. I have done service work in Nicaragua, and I would love to volunteer more of my time. Still, Fiji seems like the perfect place to get away and to slow down. I will admit, the first time I started dreaming of Fiji was when I started watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette, but it has made such an impression on my mind! I don’t have much of an imagination, but I can already feel that ocean breeze!

  47. I’m a bit of a travel novice … I spent a semester abroad in Europe and have been all over the States and Canada, but Fiji would be different in terms of climate, activities, location than any other place I’ve visited. I would love to broaden my travel horizons. GREAT GIVEAWAY!!

  48. I’ve always wanted to take a tropical getaway, and Fiji appears to be the epitome of tropical.

  49. I’ve been dealing with a lot of homesickness and a huge urge to travel lately. Little did I know that moving from Sweden to Hawaii would be so challenging! Even though I live in what a lot of people call “paradise”, I am in need of a break. A vacation where I can relax, enjoy new surroundings and say to myself: “Hey girl, you might be far from your loved ones but remember that life is pretty amazing and you’ve become really good at living to the fullest every day!”.
    Could there be any better place to do that than in Fiji? Uhm no, I don’t think so!

  50. Traveling has always been a dream of mine. As a current student i’ve come to learn that not everything in life should be lived in a room with 4 walls stuck to a computer. Life is too short to be wasted. Seeing and traveling around the world has been a long dream of mine and this trip would be an amazing help. This would be a HUGE stepping stone in order to get me moving out of my “normal” life and start seeing the world. The world has so much to offer and everyone should get a chance to see it! Especially FIJI with its gorgeous beaches and exotic appeal! Best of luck to everyone who is trying to get this!

  51. I’ve dreamed of going to Fiji for as long as I can remember. I cannot think of a better vacation — hello huts over the water.

  52. I’d love to travel to Fiji. It’s so far from home, so it would be an adventure, and I hear it’s beautiful!

  53. I’d love to travel to Fiji. It’s so far from home, so it would be an adventure, and I hear it’s beautiful!

  54. My husband and I honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and loved it – but Fiji was definitely on our “dream vacation” list! It looks so gorgeous – the perfect destination for our anniversary perhaps!?

  55. Definitely looks like one of the most beautiful places in the world. I can only imagine how incredible the beaches are and how unique the culture is – I’d love to win!

  56. I’ve been wanting to visit Fiji since I read about all the adventures one can have there!

  57. I would love to go to Fiji! While abroad in Australia, I didn’t have enough time to go to Fiji, and I’m still kicking myself for it. I would like to have a do over now!

  58. I would LOVE visiting Fiji. My husband & I have had so many bad circumstances the past 5 years and this would be the ultimate way to disconnect from everything & reconnect with each other!

  59. My boyfriend and I always talk about needing to “get away” but our jobs are crazy busy and at times keep us worlds away (literally!) from eachother. This would be a great opportunity for us to relax and reconnect. :)

  60. Fiji has always been one of my top bucket list destinations! My dream is to do yoga on a beach in Fiji!

  61. I just got back from studying abroad in New Zealand and I wanted to go to Fiji soo badly, but tickets were just too expensive. Fiji is basically my dream vacation destination!!

  62. Hi guys!

    The main reason I’d love to go to Fiji is because I would love to take my boyfriend of 2 years. I was hit by a car ~3 months ago (March 22), and he has been there for me through surgery and the painful recovery path – taking care of me everyday by cooking, pushing me around NYC in a wheelchair, and even picking me up to put me on the toilet (!!!) I will be walking again in a couple of weeks and I can think of no better way to repay my amazing guy than to take him on a trip to the most beautiful islands in the world where we could both relax, pause the moment ;), and just enjoy life.

    I also wish you both luck in everything you do! :)

  63. I just got back from studying abroad in New Zealand and I tried so hard to make it over to Fiji, but it was just too pricey. This would be incredible, Fiji is my #1 dream vacation spot!

  64. I collect sand from every beach I go to and the sand of the beaches of Fiji would be an AMAZING addition to my collection!

  65. Fiji has always been a dream destination of mine, it truly looks like a tropical paradise! The beaches, people, food, everything looks amazing in Fiji!

  66. Fiji has always been on my list of places to visit! I was supposed to go in 2000 on the way to New Zealand, but canceled that part of the trip because of the coup. I would love to finally make it to Fiji!

  67. I would love love love a trip to Figi….the most tropical place Ive visited is Hawaii, and I think it would be a great experience to travel somewhere outside of the US. Hook a girl up!!

  68. I have wanted to go to Fiji for years (Heaven on earth? Yes, please!) When my husband and I first were planning on getting married, Fiji was the dream. However reality set in and our wedding and honeymoon had to be reigned in dramatically. We even had to cancel our original honeymoon (airline drama) and try and replan our modest honeymoon for almost a year. I would love to (five years later) try again.

  69. Love to visit someplace new! Plus my husband and I haven’t been away together for over 3 years! We need some fun.

  70. Fiji has long been on my Bucket List. I was supposed to visit a couple years ago but had to come home for a family emergency.

    Fiji strikes me as an incredible place filled with wonderful people. Watched Lesley Carter’s video for #mybbb and could tell that meeting and spending time with the locals would definitely be the best part of the trip.

    As a bonus, it would be an awesome 30th bday present for me (bday is next week). Regardless, it’s great that you, Lesley, and Matt are giving people a chance to explore the world! Keep up the awesome adventures!

  71. I’ve always wanted to travel far and wide! I recently graduated college and am now someone who can do that- and I’m ready to start exploring! I want to go to Fiji so that I can go hiking, lay on the beach, and visit the locals- I would love to win this trip!!

  72. I live in Alaska — and dream of any vacation which offers sunshine, beaches, time on/in/around the water! Fiji would be the perfect mix of ALL of the above — and a fabulous escape from the arctic.

  73. I dream of Fiji because of the beautiful blue and crystal clear waters, the bungalows on the beach and the cool breeze, as I just return from an amazing day of scuba diving.

  74. After working a 10 hour day, I realize I want to escape to Fiji to get some rest and relaxation. What a fun giveaway!

  75. I want to go to Fiji
    Because I’ve never been
    I’d love to take this trip
    With my best and closest friend!

  76. I have always dreamed of traveling to Fiji but have never had the chance to travel abroad due to my strict finances and personal situation. Now, as an adult, I am passionate about all travel and love to share my experiences with others as inspiration that anything is possible! If I won this contest, not only would it be an amazing personal experience, but it would be an opportunity to learn something new and appreciate life for all that is out there to be offered.

  77. Lately, I have had a lot of stress. I have a benign pituitary tumor and have dealt with the long process of getting a diagnosis and always having doctor appointments and dealing with a stressful job; needless to say I NEED A VACATION! This sounds AMAZING!

  78. Fiji?! Yes please! I would love to go to Fiji because to me it represents the the drastic and awesome disconnection from my normal routine that would need to happen in order for me to actually slow down and relax :)

  79. My fiance and I both dream of visiting Fiji as our honeymoon destination. We love relaxing beach vacations and the fact that Fiji is so pristine and natural makes it much more appealing than other locations that are more touristy! Fiji looks like the most magical, serene tropical paradise I could imagine and it would make my year to be able to pay this place a visit!

  80. Since I got a letter in the mail today informing me that I will be in student loan debt until the year 2037, I simply need this trip : ).

  81. I dream of going to Fiji because I missed out on the chance to travel earlier this summer when I started a new job, now is my chance!

  82. I have been craving a relaxing beach vacay for the past 4 years and Fiji is the ultimate destination! To win the vacation that has been eluding me for all this time would truly be the win of a lifetime! I’d give that second ticket to Mom – she deserves it far more than I do ;)

  83. I’ve been dreaming of visit Fiji for ages! This would be such an adventure for my boyfriend and I!

  84. I would love to win this trip so that my husband and I could FINALLY go on our Honeymoon. We have been married for 5 years in December and still have not gone on one. It would be an awesome surprise for him, he’s always wanted to go to Fiji and hike and explore the wilderness of the island. I would love to go and learn about the culture and maybe even find a race to run in while there or just run on the beaches. We are both avid out door lovers who love to bike and hike. We have a 2 year old little girl who loves to be outside also. This trip would be a great trip for us, time away to relax and just spend time on us. He works a construction job until 2 and then goes and works 2nd shit at a hospital and I work part time at a clothing store (talbots) and am a personal trainer and I do hair on the side. So this would be a great relaxing and a WONDERFUL time for us to reconnect with each other!

  85. I would love to have the opportunity to go to Fiji!! My boyfriend and I have been together for already 4 years and I have always wanted to take him somewhere to give him something that would make him feel as important as he makes me feel. Fiji would be an absolute perfect place to make more memories and add special times to our relationship!! This would mean more to him than I can begin to tell you. :D

  86. As Phil Collins sang it…”Cause it’s another day for you and me in paradise” though this would be my first taste of it. Always dreamed of going to Fiji :)

  87. Ever since I was a little girl and I did a report on Fiji in grammar school, I have been fascinated with the island and its people. I wanted to go there for our honeymoon but we couldn’t afford it. It’s our 25th anniversary this year and we still talk about going. LOL. I would love to win this for my husband. Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. I dream of visiting Fiji to enjoy every water activity available, especially the scuba diving! The diving looks amazing and it would be a bonus to see a whale shark. The beaches and water look beautiful and I have fantasized about going to Fiji ever since I picked up an Islands Magazine decades ago. Enjoying the Fijian culture would be the best above water activity and most likely a very memorable experience.

  89. Our daughter is doing missions there from November-January, she will be gone over Thanksgiving and Christmas and we would love to surprise her with a visit! :)

  90. I have always been a cold weather, mountains and woods sort of person, so the plan is to move to Alaska within the next 5 years. Over the last 18 months or so though I have been spending time roughing it in the dunes outside of Provincetown, and really enjoying the different environments. The sea is so vast and changing, like the sky. Fiji is pretty much the definition of sea and sky. I am a photographer and am always looking for a new place to immerse myself into. The imagery of Fiji would be astounding.

  91. One of the prettiest places on earth! I have my passport and am ready to go!

  92. There are many reasons why I want to visit Fiji. The obvious has to do with the beautiful beaches. However, I have read a lot of articles highlighting the interior of the biggest island and the culture. I want to visit to discover the other side of paradise (and have some good food too).

  93. I’ve never had a real vacation (I’m 35 – 36 on Weds) and I’ve been dreaming of going to Fiji for YEARS! It just seems like the most beautiful place in the world.

  94. Fiji has been a place that I’ve wanted to go for quite some time now. I’d love to visit Bouma National Heritage Park and check out all that the islands have to offer.

  95. My fiance and I have already planned to visit Fiji for our honeymoon! Not having to worry about the flights would be the most incredible financial relief as we continue to plan our wedding (but more importantly…HONEYMOON!).

  96. Canada? Fiji? Canada? Fiji?
    Definitely Fiji…think of all the water activities to be accomplished!

  97. Fiji had always been on my bucket list. I dream about the blue water and one of those little huts over the water.

  98. I dream of going to Fiji with the man of my dreams, who I’ll be marrying in May 2014. It would be such a dream (not to mention stress reliever) to have the honeymoon flights covered, since we’re paying for every tiny detail ourselves. I would just spend all day snuggling with my guy on the beach :) Nowhere in the world better to do that than Fiji…

  99. Your pictures on your blog makes me even more excited to wasn’t too go someday. I love to travel and am always thinking and planning for the next adventure. The beaches look so serene and I can only imagine the sea life I’d find while snorkeling. End the day in one of those over the water huts…this girl’s dream has come true:)

  100. White sand beaches, new cultures, and a chance to see an exciting new place with someone I love…I’m sold!

  101. Fiji looks like a place where my husband and I could sit and stare out at the Pacific and do NOTHING else at the same time. Life is busy with full time jobs and active boys :)

  102. Fiji has always been a dream “bucket list” destination. My husband and I have not taken a vacation alone together since our son was born with a rare genetic disease 4 years ago. We are a happy family but even happy families need a dream to keep them going.

  103. I want to visit Fiji to be inspired by beauty and find new meaning in the normal with a visit the unusual.

  104. My husband and I have the travel bug! Right now he is in school and also working full time and we both need time to rejuvenate and relax. Fiji would be beyond perfect. Fingers crossed!

  105. I dream of going to Fiji because of the beautiful beaches! It would be a great way for me and my new hubby to budget a honeymoon.

    Thank you for this opportunity! I have enjoyed following you and Liz on all your travels

  106. I would love to get a chance to win two tickets. My husband and I could really use a vacation. We haven’t had a vacation where its just us without our three beautiful children. This would be our push to get us a romantic trip! Thanks

  107. I want to take my wife to see Fiji as a reward for all the hard work she did on her diet. It is one place near the top of her bucket list for rest and relaxation.

  108. I have always wanted to go to Fiji! I want to stay in in outdoor hut, embrace a morning run along the pristine water and spend my days exploring the mother nature at her finest! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  109. Because we just celebrated out 11th wedding anniversary by staying home an watching movies.
    I have an incredible wife and she deserves the chance to visit somewhere just as incredible.

  110. I would love to go to Fiji because our wedding is two months away and we aren’t doing a honeymoon. The boy is in grad school and it’ll be a few years before we do any real travelling, so this would be amazing!

  111. I want to visit Fiji to learn the meke dances and music (dress in grass skirts and learn the artforms from the local people!!)

  112. I am a bit of an environmentalist, nature and people lover! Visiting Fiji would give me the opportunity to explore the island from a nature standpoint as well as culturally. I have a friend who has recently sailed from New Zealand and I would love to fly down and share the experience of sailing around the islands with him, while at the same time getting to know the locals and immersing myself in their culture and daily routine.

  113. My boyfriend is in the Army and is currently stationed in Alaska, while I’m in Pennsylvania. We try to see each other every three months or so and make our time together as special as possible. I can’t think of a more memorable, relaxing trip than Fiji!

  114. I just got married (May 25th!) but I started a new job recently so we couldn’t go on a honeymoon :( I get to take time off starting in August and Fiji would be the PERFECT belated honeymoon spot!

  115. I dream of Fiji because my fiancé and I are planning an elopement and this would be absolutely perfect!!!

  116. Fiji has been the one place I have always said I wanted to go if I could travel anywhere. Not sure if it is the beach, the palm trees, or the beautiful water that makes me want to go, but I just have this pull towards Fiji. That one day I know I need to go. Hope I get a chance soon.

  117. When I got engaged my fiancé and I planned to have our wedding in Fiji. We dreamed of saying our sacred vows on the most beautiful beach and spending a week together in the most beautiful place we had ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately our families couldn’t accept that. We ended up eloping (without family present) 6 months later. While we loved our little ceremony we always wished we had gone to Fiji. We would LOVE to win this trip and fulfill our biggest dream trip. My husband just got back from Afghanistan so this would be the best homecoming trip for us! Thanks so much for this opportunity to win our dream vacation :)

  118. Growing up in the projects of Pittsburgh, I never got to do extravagant things like go on vacations and Fuji is a place I have long dreamed of going to, I see pictures of the amazing beaches and I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in such a beautiful place so far removed from the place I grew up in.

  119. I’ve always dreamed of going to Fiji. Simply because it looks like paradise and I love visiting new places and immersing myself in the culture. Having the ability to use the money we would have spent on a flight will allow us to enjoy a visit even more! Thanks Tourism Fiji and Pause the Moment for the opportunity!

  120. I have always dreamed of visiting Fiji one day because it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love beaches and exploring new places. What an awesome giveaway!!! :)

  121. Fiji looks incredible! It’s been on my bucket list for a few years now and it would be so amazing to have the flight covered. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  122. We just found out that we are pregnant and a babymoon/baby’s first trip to Fiji sounds like PERFECTION!! This would be amazing!

  123. I’m dreaming of Fiji because I hear it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit. I dream of my husband and I spending quality time together alone relaxing.

  124. I would love to visit Fiji because going on vacation is a great way to force me to step away from my work and email and just enjoy mother nature! I would love to take my husband on this trip!

  125. I would love to win my husband & I a trip to Fuji! I AM a traveling gypsy & fitness junky! Whenever I get a chance I love to travel, meeting new people & exploring new places & getting fit at the same time. What more could a girl ask for? I’m into bodybuilding, hiking, biking, running, yoga & good food… just to name a few. lol

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a fabulous trip! I promise to utilize it to its full potential if I win! :-)

  126. I’d love to explore the nature of Fiji and would love to scuba dive the reefs there!

  127. Being a marine biologist at heart.. Fiji is a definite must see for me! I know multiple people who have experienced Fiji, and they have nothing but great things to say about the beauty of the land, the sea, and the people. I’ve got my SCUBA gear packed and ready to go – as well as my camera! Send me to FIJI! I need a tropical vacation in my life STAT.

  128. Fiji has always seemed like an unreachable place to me. After traveling to China and Hong Kong, I’ve realized there’s no place unreachable and Fiji has jumped back on my travel list. It would be awesome to go to Fiji because I’ve never been anywhere like it before. My favorite thing in the world is a perfect beach, and Fiji looks like it might have exactly what I’m looking for. It would be nice to escape the cold Boston winter with an awesome trip to Fiji! Thanks for the opportunity!

  129. Because without winning a trip to Fiji we’ll likely never get to experience this once in a lifetime vacation.

  130. I have been following your blog for the past several months and have been inspired to stop making excuses and travel the world more. I love all the recos you give and after reading about your adventures in Fiji it sounds amazing. I would love the opportunity to explore the culture and visit the people of Fiji.

    P.S. Thank you for all the Thailand tips – trip of a lifetime, hopefully more to come.

  131. I’ve wanted to visit Fiji since the first time I saw pictures of the water bungalows. I tried to plan for my honeymoon to be in Fiji but we didn’t have enough money to pull off the trip. My goal is to visit as much of the South Pacific as possible so please send my husband and I to Fiji!!

  132. Would absolutely love to go to FIJI, definitely on my bucket list!! Would love to stay on a hut over the water-once in a lifetime experience!

  133. I want to go to Fiji because a tropical beach is the closest thing there is to heaven and the people from Fiji are the closest people to angels. I’ve always heard about the grace and hospitality of the people from Fiji. I need a haven of pure relaxation, beauty, and bliss. It has been years. Maybe I’ll find the love of my life there, seeking the same thing :-)

  134. I have always dreamed of going to Fiji. My husband and I always gravitate towards island/beach vacations and is on our list of dream vacations. Fiji would be the ultimate lifetime beach experience for us. Looks like paradise :).

  135. My hubby and I would LOVE to go to Fiji…..we have an almost 2 and an almost 6 year old. Enough said. LOL

  136. After going to Tahiti, I have wanted to go to Fiji. We love seeing all the beautiful places in the world and Fiji is definately one we are looking forward to seeing

  137. I’ve been dreaming of going to Fiji since high school (over 25 years). I have a color brochure from around 1995 that I keep on my bookshelf as an inspiration to go there. Fiji is the #1 place to go on my travel bucket list.

  138. Fiji would be my husband’s first time out of the country! It would be an awesome first place!

  139. Great giveaway! I’m interested because it would be a great place to go diving after completing the scuba course I’m working on right now!

  140. I dream of Fiji because 1. who wouldn’t and 2. it would be an amazing makeup honeymoon for my husband and I (our first honeymoon got derailed by a hurricane)

  141. Hubby and I really want to visit the South Pacific and stay in one of those huts on the water. Maybe we’ll have to add a few days! #happyproblems

  142. I would love to visit Fiji–everything about it sounds amazing! The beaches, food, adventures like white water rafting, snorkeling/diving and so much more would be awesome!

  143. we have lived in NJ almost 5 decades, and over 20 yrs ago became PADI scuba certified off of NJ coast and dream of traveling when we retire to enjoy our LOVE OF THE OCEAN, EVERYTHING we hope to photograph, have invested in 2 underwater cameras and so far have only been able to use in LIMITED VISIBILITY WATER HERE & we dream of travel to Fiji because of all the reviews we have read of the area & since I have not ever traveled outside of USA I KNOW Fiji would be the best place to go for my first BIG AIRPLANE RIDE TRIP :) & I know this is random….just as life is…completely random so I am entering in hopes of A RANDOM MIRACLE TO GO MY WAY….I saw a rainbow today…anything is possible!!!!

  144. About six years ago, before we got engaged, we found Matangi Island Resorts website and fell in love. Now, newly engaged, we would love to spend our honeymoon in Fiji. Of course, with a tight budget that seems to be getting tighter every day our dream seems to get farther and farther away. This would be an amazing help to get us to those beautiful beaches that have seemed so far out of our reach for so very long. Just the thought of kissing my soon to be husband on the any of those beautiful islands makes my heart skip a beat. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  145. I am a poor girl from Oregon, dreaming of watching a sunset across an ocean. Feeling the water upon my bare feet. Running to the waters edge & seeing the water sparkles like diamonds, as the golden sun slowly disappears. The beauty of Fiji leaves me breathless, never needing more. I am enticed and invited to stay forever. I realize this is not a dream, but thanks to you – a possibility – I would swim the distance of the ocean & walk it twice to have the chance to win this.

  146. I would love to win a trip to Fiji because my husband and I have been under tremendous stress from things that have been happening in our lives. We could really use some rest and relaxation in an exotic place like Fiji

  147. I absolutely love traveling. Having lived in the U.S. my whole life, I have enjoyed traveling the states but unfortunately have not visited another country yet. Traveling the world is one of my biggest goals in life. I am about to graduate with a BA, and was planning on saving up for a trip abroad – of course that will probably take a while. Winning a trip to Fiji would be a dream come true! It seems gorgeous and I know a trip there would make my first experience abroad unforgettable!

  148. I’ve wanted to go to Fiji since high school. I’d love to take my wife there and stay in an over-water bungalow!!

  149. I dream of visiting FIJI because I’ve seen pics….and it looks amazing! Something tells me I’ve gotta see it with my own eyes.

  150. I’ve been dreaming of going to Fiji for years! This trip would make an amazing getaway for me and my husband. We love exploring new places and even considered going there on our honeymoon, but it just wasn’t feasible at the time.

  151. It’s on my bucket list to see Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple and the coral reefs of Fiji. It would be one of the greatest experiences ever if this dream came to fruition.

  152. I would love to visit Fiji, i won a trip to go with the Fiji tourism board in 2010, but was unable to attend and was gutted that i could not go, i’ve wanted to go ever since but its just affording the flights. Surfing there has always been on my bucket list and visiting the under water cave.

  153. I want to visit Fiji with my husband to fulfill a long time romantic dream of ours!

  154. I would love to go to Fiji for the culture, jungles and waterfalls, and most of all the scuba diving!

  155. I dream of Fiji as it’s in my blood, it’s the source of my favorite bottled water, and it colors my mind as the source of my tropical fantasies. I want to submerse myself in the ocean, drink the fantastic water which would no longer need a bottle, wash my hair in the tropical rain, and become one with this amazing island. This trip would fulfill my aquatic tropical dreams.

  156. I dream of going back to Fiji, because last time I was there I was caught in the cylcones and had to swim down the street and accross the river to safety!….all while responsible for 22 college rugby players who had to do the same thing….wasn’t exactly the trip of my dreams!…..want to give Fiji another chance to see it’s beauty!

  157. I dream of Fijian beauty. Would love and appreciate the chance to turn that dream into reality. Cheers.

  158. I would love visit Fiji, to enjoy the diving in the morning and the sunny beaches in the evening.

  159. I would love to see the gorgeous blue waters of Fiji in person! They look so amazing in pictures!

  160. Fiji has always been my dream of a lifetime vacation. I am a true Pisces and love the water. What better place to go for me?

  161. We would love to check out Fiji our son graduates from high school this year and we keep telling him we are going to move to Fiji

  162. Well firstly just wanna say that i love my fiji every little thing about it. Wouod be awesome if i could get a chance to go there again. Havent visited my family and friends after a very long time, well about 8years now. Miss my grandpa in lautoka…it would be an awesome suprise if my mom and i gave him a suprise. My mom hasnt seen her family for almost 12years, and this would be an amazing suprise for her as well.

  163. I dream of an actual relaxing beach vacation (its been so long since I’ve had a relaxing beach vacation) – but in my version of relaxing I want to try wakeboarding and windsurfing, then learn how to cook some traditional food from a local. :)

  164. FIJI!!! My ultimate dream since I was a child, am 51 now so it has been a longtime dream. I would just experience EVERYTHING that I could there from unique cuisine to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, lush vegetation, fascinating culture, Everything Fiji!

  165. I dream of visiting Fiji because it is so gorgeous and would be a much needed, relaxing vacation!

  166. I’ve never traveled overseas and Fiji would be a great first place! Also, I’m getting married next year and this would be the PERFECT early honeymoon!!

  167. I have been dreaming of scuba diving in Fiji for years. What a fantastic prize!!

  168. Time slows down in Fiji, not in bad way. People are aware of life and living it!

  169. I’d love to visit Fiji because it is such a remote and isolated place. Seems like a perfect spot to unplug!

  170. I dream of visiting Fiji to really experience an Island Lifestyle… and who does’t want crystal blue waters?

  171. I dream of going to Fiji not just for the beautiful beaches and reefs, but for the food, the hiking opportunities, and a firewalking ceremony or two!

  172. #1 on my bucket lidt is Fiji. I want to spend some romantic time with my beautiful wife in a grass hut above crystal clear waters…before we are too old.

  173. I would love to go to Fiji to visit a place that many of my ancestors settled in along with seeing the lush beauty.

  174. Who wouldn’t want to go to Fiji?! I’ve been to the Philippines and it was amazing!! Fiji would definitely be an equal adventure. It seems like it would be exotic and beautiful. It would be great to experience this new culture and their rich history.

  175. Fiji has always been an out of reach fantasy for me… I have dreamed of scuba diving in those amazing waters and staying with my love in a house right over the water!

  176. I would love to renew my wedding vows in the romance capitol of the world FIJI.

  177. The idea of visiting Fiji has always been what seemed like a far off fantasy that would never happen. Now I am collecting frequent flyer miles with the hopes of one day making there, but winning 2 airline tickets would be an even bigger dream come true!

  178. I dream of Fiji because it is the perfect mix of adventure and lounging for my beach loathing husband

  179. I would love to visit Fiji! We wanted to go for our honeymoon but just couldn’t afford it. This would be an amazing opportunity!

  180. If I were lucky enough to get to Fiji, I would spend my days surfing and catching fish between swells. Fingers crossed!

  181. I dream of visiting Fuji because I love to travel, but haven’t had to chance to travel much.

  182. I would love to go to Fiji because I’ve never been anywhere tropical and am in need of a vacation!

  183. I dream of visiting Fiji because it’s so absolutely gorgeous, and I’d love to go vacation there with friends or family!

  184. I’ve never been to a tropical island and would love to explore and enjoy the wonders of Fiji!

  185. My fiancee and I have talked about going for our honeymoon so many times and are trying to find a way to afford it! What better way to start a marriage than in paradise!

  186. I would like to visit paradise when I am alive – and there is no better paradise than Fiji!

  187. Fijians are at the top of the list of nicest people I have crossed paths with. They can’t stop raving about their home and I want to see what all the fuss is about!

  188. I would love to visit Fiji because I actually planned to take my wife there for our honeymoon. I had it all planned out, but after so much research I realized that there was just no way we could afford it. Instead we took a US road trip, (which, though a lot of fun, was NOT FIJI) I have started earning points/miles recently to try and earn reward tickets. I would love to surprise my wife with the trip of a lifetime :)

  189. I’ve always wanted to go to Fiji to play in the crystal clear water, mingle with the beautiful people, participate in some cultural activities, and just be me!

  190. Bula! Fiji is the hub of the South Pacific. Not only is it full of beautiful beaches, lush forests and unique landscapes, a variety of different species, but it is home of some of the friendliest people you will meet! Fiji has so much to see and much more to learn from the strong culture. You would be crazy to not want to experience a place like this!

  191. Um, who doesn’t want to go to Fiji?! I surely cannot miss going to Fiji since it looks like a paradise you only see in movies. Well, I want to experience it for real and be able to tell about it. Plus, it would be my first time in that part of the Pacific!!

    Oh, and I would have to go there with a special someone, I think that’s the best way to experience Fiji!!

  192. My fiance and I would LOVE to go to Fiji on our honeymoon and honestly the price of the flight was a big obstacle that it probably won’t happen. I saw this and it was too good to be true. We would be thrilled to actually be able to enjoy our first week of married life together in a beautiful bungalow over the water in fabulous Fiji :)

  193. This year I was laid off from my job and have been struggling to find a new one. I’ve managed to continue keeping my skills up by doing some small and some free consulting gigs and I’m now starting to ponder on doing independent work given that I haven’t been hired full time yet by another company. I have amazing skills and am super dedicated, so I think that going to Fiji with a loved one will help me get in tune with my inner self to decide what to do. Keep searching, or take a leap and try self employment.

  194. Fiji needs me there…..I work too hard all year that this incredible destination would benefit from having me visit there!

  195. I dont WANT to go I NEED to go! Kevin and I just went on our first out of country vaca ever! And now we are anxious for more stamps in the passport!! Pick me ! Pick me!

  196. I have dreamed of going to Fiji since I was young. I have been traveling the world for a couple years now and have been wanting to pursue my education in graphic design to help people. I want to combine travel and design to make a difference. Fiji was the next place on my travel bucket list and I hope I can make it happen by winning this contest!

  197. Going to Fiji would be a perfect way to celebrate my husband’s return from deployment! A little island time would be a wonderful treat.

  198. It’s been my wife’s dream to visit Fiji one day. After 7 years together, we got married late last year. This trip would be the perfect way to celebrate our one-year anniversary in September.

  199. Hi Ryan! I would soooooo love to win this trip to Fijii! I started following this blog when you did the bike trip down the West Coast, which was totally amazing, and since then I’ve followed your adventures on Facebook. You are incredible and I love that you travel with your girlfriend Liz.
    I want to win this trip to take an amazing vacation with my Mom. I’ve been overseas in Jordan for 2 years now and not sure when I’m heading back to the states again. My Mom came to visit me over here last year but the funds are tight to travel too often between countries so winning this trip would mean the World to both me and her.
    If I do not win this trip I do hope whoever wins will have the time of their life :)

  200. Fiji sounds like an amazing adventure! As a single mom with two kids (100% full-time) and a demanding career, I look for me-time get aways. Keeping me healthy and balanced helps me be a better mom. Since life is all about the moment, I would love to experience some of my moments in Fiji!

  201. I have always dreamed of visiting Fiji, because I love the beautiful terrain, the warm sunny disposition of the people. I have thought of living there because it looks so layed back and the people really seem to know and use their resources to live off the land while retaining the integrity of its fauna and animal habitat.

  202. This is one of my bucket list locations! I have traveled a lot, but never to this part of the world! My dream is to scuba dive in Fiji with my husband <3 We just got our scuba certification in Belize!

  203. FIJI! I want to go visit this beautiful island! I’d love to dive the majestic blue waters! I’ve always dreamed of visiting this part of the world and would be grateful for a chance to go!

  204. We have always shared our travels with our kids. We would love to getaway just the two of us and share our experience with everyone. Fiji is the ultimate in vacations. A dream vacation! We dream of going to Fiji!

  205. I have always wanted to go on a beautiful island vacation with a best friend. Fiji has always been top dream location because of the beauty and culture. I would seriously die if I was able to take one of my best friends on a trip like this!

  206. I would love to visit Fiji. I’m a Travel Addict and love tropical locales! It would be the trip of a lifetime!!!

  207. I dream of Fiji because I’m addicted to tropical islands. This island girl needs more island time in her life and only stopped in Nadi on the way to New Zealand. It was the biggest tease to just be at the airport and dying to get back. Need to surf those warm waters of Tavarua!!!

  208. my friend was there many times and she told me how beautiful it is and I wished that some day I can go there to! That`s why I want to go to the Fijis!!!!!

  209. I’ve always wanted to visit Fiji. The beaches look lovely and the people seem so happy and friendly. Hope I win!

  210. Blue skies and water too,
    The people, beaches, and the view,
    Around the world is where I long to be,
    A paradise adventure in Fiji!

    In Fiji I could enjoy the perfect blend of an adventure and relaxation vacation!

  211. anita.bah.7 Likes Pause The Moment on Facebook and imnotarunner Subscribed on YouTube

    We wanted to go there for our honeymoon. we got married last Saturday but couldn’t afford the honeymoon so we are putting it off and saving up hotel points.
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    DONE! its’ on twitter

  212. Well, of course I’d like to go to Fiji to relax on the beautiful beaches. But I’d also really love to take my mom there. This sounds silly, but one time we were watching the Keeping up With the Kardashians show (I know, I know). The family took a trip to Fiji (I think). My mom said “I can’t believe some people actually get to go to a place like that.” Ever since then I decided I would take my mom to Fiji at some point.

  213. Because it looks like, hands down, the most gorgeous place on earth and I’ve always wanted to go! And I’m sure my husband would be stoked on the surf;)

  214. The thought/want of going to FIJI has always been an interest of mine. I would love to examine the beauty and obviously take TONS of photos. This would be a once and a lifetime kinda thing for me. My husband has been and still is deployed. How amazing would it be if we could both go on a getaway when he returns home?! ..(it would truly be a blessing) thank you, for the chance to win!!

  215. I just got back from Fiji a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. I didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted to do and figured I would just have to go back to Fiji again. However, if I were to win your contest, I would give my tickets to my son and son-to-be daughter-in-law. They are getting married in mid September and I think this would be a great honeymoon destination for them. They are hard working, minimally-paid travel vloggers and this would be a great trip for them.

  216. It has always been a dream vacation of mine. I love the ocean would love to explore such a fun, small island.

  217. As a teenager I always heard stories of Fiji from my classmate and her family who are from there. From the culture to the food to the beaches, I was captivated by our conversations about their country and imagined myself there as they told me stories of their homeland. Winning a trip to Fiji would afford me the opportunity to bring to life what I imagined all those years ago and actually get a first hand account of the country my friend is from and the country I’ve become fond of from a distance.

  218. The last 5 years of my life have been the most difficult and confusing times inhale ever encountered. With lots of up’s and downs”mostly downs” with a long term relationship ending,not being happy with the career path I have ventured on to….I decided to immerse myself in the eastern philosophies and get deep into meditation to find my center and get my life on track and find peace.I discovered that I was a physical and mental medium to the spirit world after having a negative entity attached to me and made me quite ill for 2 weeks. I found someone in the area that was able to fix the problem that I was having and was them told that I was a gifted reiki healer and this needs to be my life’s work…after a year of reading and learning why I felt the strange things that I have felt all throughout my life,things started to fall in to place in nearly every aspect of my life” once I started to listen instead of ignoring it all. Then I met the love of my life who had oddly enough been unknowingly struggling with a similar issue.But that has all been taken care of now and I find myself in a new place with a new career and life ahead of me with a new perspective on what is important in this life….I now know that things happen for a reason and sometimes you must walk through the darkness to find the light and I would not change it for anything….it’s been a weird,scary and beautiful ride but I would not change it for anything…I have not been on a vacation in ten years and Fiji has always been at the top of my bucket lists once I was about 14 years old and saw a documentary about it on the discovery channel….I need to press pause for a moment

  219. Fiji is 7,257 miles away from my current urban landscape.

    If you’re going to dream of a far off island destination, it’s gotta be Fiji.

  220. I dream of Fiji because I’m in some major need of some beautiful beaches/ocean. A little adventure in my life right now would be wonderful!

  221. It’d really be the trip of my lifetime. I’ve dreamed of exploring the South Pacific since I was a child. Plans to go a few years ago had to be scuttled due to a layoff and the economy, and have just recently found out one of my best friends is going! How wonderful would it be to join them!

  222. Everyday life can be so stressful in many ways. A getaway to Fiji would be a dream come true!!!

  223. I love to go places I’ve never been before. I have a deeper appreciation for this beautiful planet that we live on each time I travel to a new part of the world.

  224. Fiji is at the top of my bucket list. My husband and I work insanely hard and we now have a little one running around, so we haven’t taken a vacation in 3 years, we would both LOVE the opportunity to get away and PAUSE THE MOMENT!

  225. I have dreamt of going to Fiji since I was young. The picturesque landscape just SCREAMS vacation to me (and goddamn, do I need a vacation!). Also, once I’m there, it’s a hop-skip-and-a-jump to Thailand! Number 2 on my list of need-to-go places!

  226. My fiancee and I are planning a honeymoon and would LOVE to check out Fiji. We’ve both wanted to go there ever since we saw it on our favorite travel show.

  227. I dream of visiting Fiji for the beautiful beaches and so my fiance and I can have a dream honeymoon!

  228. I’d love to explore the Nausori highlands
    Savoring the charm of the paradise islands
    To sail through Mamanuca and swim with a whale
    These are my dreams of a Fiji fairytale!

  229. Going to Fiji would be a dream come true! I am in desperate need of adventure and a beautiful beach view. I have moved from the coast to a land locked state due to school, and I miss the wind in my hair and the salt smell in the air. I would love to surprise my boyfriend with this trip, he works so hard and this kind of trip is much to expensive for either of us at the moment so this would be a dream come true.

  230. I think a trip to Fiji would be the perfect way to celebrate a recent graduate degree and doctoral degree for my boyfriend and I. Our student loans are so burdensome that a trip like this would not be possible without a little assistance! Here’s to hoping for a trip of a lifetime!

  231. I dream of going to Fiji for a bunch of reasons, scuba diving, waterfalls, rainforest hikes, and amazing food among others, but the most important reason is the people in Fiji. These are the friendliest people I have ever met.

  232. I dream of going to Fiji for the scuba diving, sea kayaking, hiking and beaches, oh yeah, and because it’s a tropical paradise!

  233. Fairy tales can come true and it can happen to me if I only could win this sweepstake prize. Thank you for have given us this opportunity to win a dream trip of a lifetime.

  234. Would love the opportunity to dive Fiji as a family. I started diving when I first met my husband 20 years ago and now our two teenage boys (13 & 15) are certified divers. Would definitely be an amazing family memory!

  235. White sandy beaches and far from civilization – who wouldn’t dream of going there?!

  236. Pick me! I’m getting married in August, but, we can’t afford a honeymoon. Fiji is the place we dream about though. It’s perfect- beaches, culture, adventure! We can’t think of a better place to start our life together. Send us!! Please :)

  237. Winning this giveaway would charm the flip flops off of me!

    A Fiji Airways escort to my dream island airport,
    Plus a stay at the stunning Uprising Beach Resort!
    Thoughts of winning this trip are making me swoon,
    I’ll be sipping Kava Kava under the Fijian moon.

  238. It sounds silly, but ever since reading Getting Stoned with the Savages: A Trip Through the Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu, I’ve *really* wanted to travel to Fiji. Which is only funny because the author will describe everything he can to dissuade you from living there. But I look forward to getting to know more about Fijian culture, and of course enjoy the islands’ unique beauty (hopefully, before it’s washed away too!).

  239. My travel dreams are as big as the extreme challenges I have overcome in my life. Fiji would be the ultimate relaxation getaway for a much needed break from my charity work.

  240. Fiji is an excellent destination for anyone on sabbatical, or looking to change it up and just chill. How beautiful!!

  241. It’s far away from the US. Great beaches of course, good kind people, different food, explorations of a new culture and stories for years to come

  242. I have only seen Figi in pictures but it amazes me. If the photos do it any justice
    It must be unbelievable! I’m sure it’s one of those places
    Unless you’ve seen it for yourself you just can’t even
    Imagine. Would really love to see it myself ! :)

  243. I want to visit Fiji because my absolute favorite water is Fiji Water. Over the years I have consumed the water, I have dreamed about visiting the place with palm trees and clear blue water. Oh, but there’s more! In Fiji, I would love to white water raft in the Upper Navua River and snorkel at as many beaches as possible. I would shoot pictures of the natural beauty on my dSLR and I would feature my visit on my blog.

  244. We desperately need to go to Fiji simply because Angela keeps telling me that I need to even out this Chiang Mai farmers tan. Our relationship depends on it guys! Pick us!

  245. I love to travel.. Plain and simple! I pretty much grew up on a plain since my father was in the navy. Being able to soak up a different culture is a life changing expierence and I miss it. Since returning to the states in 04 I havent been able to afford my passion since Im chef..a very underpaid but happy chef haha. I would forever be in your debt if selected! p.s. I would even take this oppritunity to propose to my wonderful girlfriend who has yet to see what the world has to offer outside the U.S.

  246. I would love to go to the white sandy beaches of Fiji. It has always been a dream of mine to go there. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and due to him being in the military we have been unable to go on a honeymoon and this would be a wonderful opportunity for us to finally have one.

  247. This would be an incredible addition to my summer! Never had the chance to travel much but that doesnt mean I cant start now.

  248. Beaches, sun, sand, hubby. We wanted to go here on our honeymoon and just couldn’t pull it off.

  249. I’ve dreamed of going to Fiji ever since I saw the movie Truman show… I loved his explanation that you can’t get further away before you start coming back–and then I learned how beautiful it was. I have never used my passport, because I’ve been working to pay off student loan debt and get myself established in Los Angeles. But would LOVE to have a chance to go there for free thanks to Pause the Moment and Fiji Airlines!

  250. I always wanted to visit Fiji and thought it would finally happen in 2006 when I was briefly living/studying in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately the political situation at the time meant it wasn’t smart to travel to Fiji during my short time period on that side of the world. Hopefully I can finally make it happen!

  251. My fiancé and I are currently planning our honeymoon… at the top of our wish list is FIJI! We’ve always wanted to visit! Such a beautiful paradise – great beaches, amazing food, and I’ve heard the locals are amazingly friendly!

  252. Fiji is on my husband and my dream bucket list! One day we would love to spend our anniversary there!!

  253. I’m looking for a vacation experience that permits my partner & I the time to enjoy each other’s company, one that lets us interact in ways that are rarely possible in our day to day life.

  254. I have always wanted to experience Fiji. This would be an AMAZING opportunity to do so! Hoping I can learn something too from visiting a new place… it’s extremely valuable for my job. :)

  255. i would make this vacation my graduation present because i am so close to graduating college!

  256. Because it’s Fiji! I’m addicted to getting lost in different cultures, places and adventures. Plus, someone told me it’s a cool place to surf. ;)

  257. Always wanted to go there! We wanted to go on our honeymoon but couldn’t afford it. It’s our 25th anniversary and we would
    still love to go! Thanks for offering!

  258. Fiji, the land that I dream of. I’ve never been but have wanted to travel there since I was a young girl. I dream of the beautiful ocean, palm trees bending softly in the breeze, the culture, people, wildlife, food, the Uprising Beach Resort and all it has to offer, just everything Fiji! I’m ready to Pause The Moment and just enjoy!

  259. I love to explore. And Fiji is one place I can only dream of exploring the customs, beaches and inland. This would be a dream come true.

    1. I’ve always wanted to go to the South Pacific…who knows…maybe I’ll live there some day.

  260. The South Pacific has always held a special place in our minds, probably from all the books and films and photos.

  261. I want to start doing more international travel. This would be a great place to start. :)

  262. I dream of visiting Fiji (and have for many many years) to take in the natural beauty of both scenery and culture.

  263. I have never been to Fiji. I post pics of it on my wall and would love to go there, but I have a lot of responsibilities that bind me financially. It would be nice to get a break. Thanks for the opportunity.

  264. Fiji is definitely a bucket list item for my husband and me. We would relax and enjoy being in such an amazing place. Plus, maybe experience an adventure or two. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to fulfill a dream vacation.

  265. I would love a trip to Fiji. It’s a place I’ve always dreamed of and winning tickets would mean I could take someone special. The best part of Fiji, I’d rather travel and have those memories. They would be priceless!

  266. It looks so beautiful in Fiji and not as commercial and crowded as Hawaii and the Caribbean.

  267. I would love to spend some peaceful time on a beach in Fiji and also some scuba diving adventures in its reefs!

  268. I want to soak up the sun, explore a new culture, splash in the warm waves and breathe in everything Fiji has to offer! Ready to jetset on Fiji Airways!

  269. It is my life goal to travel the world. I would love to go to Fiji and explore the sandy beaches, volcanic landscape, and marine life in The Great Astrolabe Reef!

  270. Who wouldn’t want to go to Fiji?! Fiji is the place of dreams. A destination overflowing with natural beauty, culture and unique experiences. I have always dreamed of visiting Fiji.

  271. Fiji is the one place that is on the top of my bucket list.I would love to win this. I have dreamed of being on a Fiji beach since I can remember. Thanks for the chance to win this once in a lifetime trip.

  272. I would LOVE to win a trip to Fiji. What a fantastic place to get away from the midwest humidity!!!

  273. My Husbands Dream is to have our honeymoon one day in Fiji. We’d love to see another one of God’s beautiful creations

  274. I’ve been to Fiji once but it absolutely didn’t count since it was a four hour layover from Sydney to LAX. And the icing on the cake, I was fighting with my bf at the time so it was quite miserable. This would be THE ultimate make-up/vacation of the year :)

  275. I get pretty jealous of Ryan’s sunset photos, especially in Fiji.. I think I need to take some of my own :) wink

    Send me to FIJI

    1. I have regretted not visiting Fiji when I went abroad to Australia and was so close. I have dreamed of going back and this would be a great chance too!

  276. I’m really into long exposures, especially of waterfalls. Fiji has some unreal waterfalls and photography opportunities! check out Waisila Falls for example.

  277. I would LOVE to win a trip to Fiji to start off my adventure this fall right! I would love to visit family in Cali! Fly out to Fiji, go scuba diving, enjoy exploring everything Fiji offers, and of course take lots and lots of photos!! PICK ME!!

  278. I am dying, dying, dying to travel outside of the U.S. I am inspired by your blog, and Fiji would be a nice kickoff to my globetrotting.

  279. With one 6 month old son, and another baby hopefully on the horizon, me and my husband would LOVE a vacation together. Once you get 2 kids, I hear you don’t get vacations unless to Disney so Fiji would be unbelievable.

  280. I imagine Fiji as an amazing, beautiful, relaxing, little piece of tropical paradise, but I’d like to check out for myself, juuuust to be sure.

  281. Visiting fiji would be a dream come true. Its the first place internationally ive wanted to see, but unfortunately hasn’t happened yet. Ryan thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everybody here.

  282. I would love to go to Fiji. I dream of crystal clear waters and soft sandy beaches. I liked you in FB under goldylox angles, and you tube is account anglesmr at hotmail. I would LOVE to be chosen for this amazing adventure!! xo

  283. I love to travel and learn about new cultures. I have always been drawn to Figi from viewing old snapshots of my dad who was in the Navy. Recently I have become more enticed with not only Pause the Moments pics but also from a friend who has traveled there. Definitely one of my Top Ten to experience.

  284. As a photographer, I’m always looking for beautiful places to enjoy and share with friends and clients. And it’s been on my bucket list as long as I can remember…

  285. I have never been out of the country so I would love to take a trip to Fiji. I have heard about the pristine beaches. With work as crazy as it is these days I would love a chance to get away.

  286. My mom has done a lot for me, and it would mean the world for me to be able to treat her to something she could never pay for on her own.

  287. I want to go to Fiji with jess to continue exploring the world. This is definitely an area weve never been near to. Plus, I’ve heard the diving is amazing!

  288. I’ve heard 18.1667° S, 178.4500° E is a great place to have a capirinha on the beach!

  289. I have been to some of the worst places in the world due to my military career. This is one of the most amazing places in the world. I cant think of a better place to go on vacation than Fiji. It would be a dream come true to win this trip.

  290. I dream of Fiji because I have a love affair with the ocean and island life, but I’m separated from it, due to living in a landlocked state.

  291. I am dying to go to Fiji with my boyfriend! We are looking to take a vacation together before we have to go back to being long distance for a while and Fiji would be the perfect romantic getaway.

  292. what a great giveaway! Fiji is definitely on the bucket list. What a beautiful country! I would love love love to go there! :)

  293. Fiji would be like stepping ino paradise. It has always been our dream destination. Hoping this dream can come true.

  294. Fiji..might just be the right place to go for an Anniversary trip to explore a beautiful island, beaches, and get that husband of mine out fishing. Hawaii’s on the bucket list too, but this sounds like a good contender. P.S. THe husband work grueling days with your Dad on the East Coast… He’d prefer working on his bucket list instead! Wishing Jack and me good luck on the contest :-)

  295. A trip to Fiji would be a dream come true! It’s one of those places you hear about, but never think you’ll actually visit! I would love to lay on the beach for part of the day and then go explore the mountains later. :)

  296. We have six children ( 4 boys and 2 girls). We never had any children together and when we got married on 2/2/02 we eloped and never had a honeymoon. I have researched Fiji and it’s many beachfront resorts and private islands. Fiji is said to be heaven on earth, with sunsets that are breathtaking, water that is crystal clear, and people who are welcoming. We would love the once in a lifetime chance to relax in paradise and make lasting memories.

  297. My husband and I travel often but usually in the U.S or on cruises to the Caribbean. We would love to go somewhere different that we have never been to!

  298. I would love to win this because I haven’t had a vacation with my husband due to Deployments and Schools. This would be a dream come true to win! We both could use some sun!

  299. I have been struggling with my weight since the birth of my son 4 years ago. I am finally on the path to weight loss and I have been asking my husband to take me on a trip to Fiji when I finally meet my goal weight. Being that he is active duty military and I am a student, stay at home mom, and part time worker, we can’t afford a trip like this. It will take me about 10 months to lose this weight and I think that a trip to Fiji would be the best way to celebrate my accomplishments. Plus, next my 30th birthday is next July! It would be awesome to get this trip for that as well! Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  300. Who doesn’t dream of going to Fiji?! I’ve never been to the South Pacific and this would be an amazing opportunity for a romantic trip of a lifetime with my man. ;) Even though we want to, we rarely take long, exotic trips anymore due to work schedules but this Fiji trip would be the PERFECT reason to take some much needed time off! I can picture us now snorkeling…learning about the culture…witnessing the ancient fire walking ritual…I’m packing my bags now! :)

  301. Just the beauty and culture alone is enough to want to travel to Fiji. A chance of a lifetime for many.

  302. Celebrating 25 years in committed relationship. Happiness is Fiji..white sand,blue water, It has been such along time to dream for this wonderful adventure.

  303. Why do I want to go to Fiji? Why WOULDN’T I want to go to Fiji is a better question, and I can’t think of one reason. I have seriously never been on an airplane before, and I have seriously never traveled anywhere outside of my state except for one hazy roadtrip to Florida once back when I was in my 20’s. I’m 38 years old and I need some adventure! I teach first grade and I need some ME time! I’ve been married almost 8 years and we still haven’t taken a romantic trip together! My GOD! I’m pathetic! Please — take me to Fiji!!!

  304. Mary & I have dreamed of visiting Fiji for years, but the dream became even more profound after we A) got Scuba certified last November, and B) saw Matthew Karsten’s photos and video of diving in Fiji. We’ve reached out to Fiji Tourism a few times in the past, but never got much response. We would LOVE to visit the island and share our stories and videos of this ecotourism paradise with Green Global Travel’s readers.

  305. I dream of going to Fiji because I have seen so many photos and read books about Fiji’s natural beauty. I want experience the joy of seeing new plants and animals, as well as just relax.

  306. I would like to go Fiji because..I would like see the amazing beaches and scenery. Its really close on the way home to NZ and my partner would like the go there for a Big Date and he wont tell me why!!

  307. I dream of going because there are some of the most rare birds in the world there and I would love to have the opportunity to see them!

  308. I get sick of being a runaway bum sometimes. I backpack everywhere but have never been on an actual vacation in my life. Fiji epitomizes paradise to me and I have always wanted to go surfing there.

  309. We’re retiring this year (I just did, my wife will in a few months; we’re 58/57). We’ll probably take a ~3 week “damn, we actually did it!” trip in October, but will hit the road seriously in January for a year plus of extended minimal-itinerary travel, with the goal of settling somewhere along that road. Fiji has long been one of the places on our list of places to check out, for the beauty, good people, great diving, good connections to the West Coast (we’re SF Bay folks), semi-reasonable housing prices, and it seems the right overall vibe. It’d be awesome if we could make Fiji the October trip because it’d give us a great escape-from-work initial chillout place, and some perspective to help us plot what we’d like in our first steps of the long trip…including a longer re-visit to Fiji for a true live-there test!

  310. Figi has got to be one of the most romantic & beautiful vacation destinations imaginable. I’d love to be able to surprise my ever-hard-working husband with this treat!

  311. :>) My reason: I love the outdoors, the ocean and exploring new places. Fiji appears to be a romantic, exotic, friendly, and relaxing place to be. My husband and I have talked about going there, but it hasn’t fit in our budget. What a wonderful 30th wedding anniversary trip that would be! We have been married since December 10, 1983…..what a way to celebrate!!! Thank you for making this opportunity available!!

  312. I picture Fiji as not just a destination that my girlfriend and I have always hoped to visit but thought was beyond our means, but secretly (and selfishly) I have dreamed of finding a tucked away beach and living like Tom Hanks in Castaway. I’d like to lay on the sand and see nothing but ocean and realize I’m on an amazing island in the Pacific with no one around.

    Unlike Tom Hanks character I’m not isolated and alone, and I’d get to enjoy the other amazing experiences Fiji has to offer. Plus ice, I’d get to have that. Suck it Tom.

  313. My wife and I would use them on our 18 month trip around the world we’re presently on (just started month 2). Always wanted to have the S Pacific on our itinerary but the airfare was always the stopping point.

  314. I am a Pisces and love to be around and in the water. What better place in the world for a Pisces like me than Fiji? This has always been a dream trip for me. I hope I win!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  315. It would be a dream come true go to an island in the South Pacific…ever since I read Tom Neale’s ‘Island to oneself’ I’ve dreamed of visiting the South Pacific isles.

  316. I was supposed to spend my honeymoon in Fiji, Flights and resorts were booked but life got in the way and we couldn’t go. This would be the best Anniversary trip ever!!!!!

  317. I am extremely passionate about our environment, and there is nothing like the BEAUTIFUL coral reefs in Fiji… I would love to visit the Islands, and take a little extra time to volunteer with a local organization that does mangrove planting or coral reef gardening — or another org that work to preserve the beautiful region. Give and receive… :) I would LOVE to go! Thank you!

  318. We would love to spend time in this tropical paradise in a part of the world we’ve not yet seen!

  319. I would love to visit Fiji with my boyfriend he works full time and I am a graduate student full time and work part time. This would be a wonderful adventure for us and give us some time to explore and connect with each other

  320. A trip to Fiji… I agree with everyone else’s
    comments. A dream come true, visiting a beautiful paradise with my husband, a man that I adore ( without our kiddos in tow), and being able to connect with him and nature in a way that few get a chance too. Not to mention the biologist in me would love to check out the local beauty.

  321. I would love to go to Fiji, its been on my bucket list since I was 15 (I’m 32). It would be the first vacation my husband and I have taken in a few years.

  322. I would love to win these tickets because my Fiance and would love to go to Fiji for our honeymoon! We have been planning the wedding for a while and just dont know if we will be able to cover the cost of going to our dream honeymoon because of the wedding. He is super into salt water fish and it would mean the world to him if we get to go! Thanks!

  323. Fiji = Freedom. I would love to know how the locals feel about living on an island so far away from “everything.” I would love to sit on the beach and stare mindless at the horizon. And eat delicious, fresh local food.

  324. I dream of visiting Fiji because of the beautiful beaches, the huts on the water, the activities and the peacefulness of the islands. It is so romantic!!! I can’t wait till the day I actually get to go there with my husband and part of my bucket list will be complete. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  325. I have been searching for that “place that I belong” since I was a little kid, and I think Fiji might it. I’d love the chance to explore the culture & natural beauty of Fiji.

  326. Figi! Want to go to Figi to see if the photos do it justice
    Photos seem to be photoshopped these days
    Would love to see Figi in person! Pick me! And I promise not to ” fix ” the photos!

  327. My fiancee and I live 100 miles apart, have 4 kids between us and see each other maybe once a month. We fantasize about getting away together, someplace far far away, without the kids….so we can finally be a couple!! Fiji take us away! PLEASE!!!

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