Welcome to my in-depth guide to Sleeping Bag Liners. Below you’ll find answers to all of your sleeping bag liner and sleep sack questions and by the end of this article you’ll realize why every traveler, backpacker and camper needs one of these.

The Best Sleeping Bag Liners

What is a Sleeping Bag Liner?

Think of a sleeping bag liner as being a very lightweight version of a sleeping bag. They’re usually a lot thinner and a lot more compact than your traditional sleeping bag, classifying them as being very portable and very easy to pack.

Note: Sleeping bag liners are called a variety of different names depending on who you ask. Alternative terms include: sleepsack, mummy liner, and more. You may even hear the word travel sheet get thrown around from time to time.

Who uses Sleeping Bag Liners?

Sleeping bag liners are used by travelers, backpackers, camping enthusiasts, cyclists, hikers, hunters, survival junkies, and just about anyone else who loves the outdoors.

What are Sleeping Bag Liners Used For?

Sleeping bag liners are traditionally used for keeping your sleeping bag clean and sometimes adding warmth to your bag. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you can’t simply use your sleeping bag liner without a sleeping bag. As a matter of fact, many outdoorsmen and travelers prefer to sleep in a sleep sack versus sleeping a sleeping bag any day.

What are Sleeping Bag Liners Made of?

You’ll find that there are a wide variety of materials used when it comes to sleep sacks. Some sleeping bag liners are specifically designed with extremely lightweight materials that allow your body to breathe and stay cool during the night.

Materials used: Silk, Ripstop Silk, Silk-cotton, Cotton (Traditional, Egyptian, Organic), Flannel, Fleece, Microfleece, Microfiber and more.

Things to know Before you Buy

  • In my opinion, one of the main factors you should take into consideration when purchasing a sleeping bag liner is its overall comfort level. While you probably won’t be able to test one out before you buy, my advice would be to read some of the reviews before you make a purchase. This is hands down the best way to find out how comfortable your liner is going to be without ever actually stepping foot in it.
  • Quality sleeping bag liners should be capable of insulating your body in colder climates yet also be breathable enough to keep you cool when sleeping in warmer climates. If you’re heading to a warmer climate I recommend this lightweight liner. If you’re headed for colder climates, your best bet would be to pick up this comfy fleece sleeping bag liner.
  • How much you spend on your new sleeping bag liner is totally up to you. My advice is to “invest in the best”. As you’ll notice in the comparison chart below, the quality and prices range anywhere from $25-80 dollars.
  • Another important thing is to choose the weight of your bag liner wisely. Of course, this all depends on where you’re headed and how much room you have in your pack.
  • The best and most reputable companies are Sea to Summit and Cocoon. I’ve personally tested both of these companies and they both make a really high quality liner that will suit all of your needs.

How to Find the Right Sleeping Bag Liner

We all know how tough it is to choose the best sleeping bag liner,  travel sheet or whatever else you want to call it. Especially since there are so many options to choose from.

Fortunately, I’ve done the research and all the dirty work so that you no longer have to worry about searching and comparing the never ending list of options out there on the market these days. Here’s a list of the best sleeping bag liners, sleepsacks and travel sheets on the market.

 BrandDimensionsWeightMaterialRating: (1-5)
Sea to Summit Coolmax Sleeping Bag LinerSea to Summit Coolmax Sleep Sack84.5 x 36"9.5 ozCoolmax® Fabric4.0
Cocoon Silk Mummy LinerCocoon Silk Mummy Liner88"x34"4.7 ozRipstop Silk4.6
Slumberjack Micro Fleece LinerSlumberjack Micro Fleece Liner82" x 30"17ozPolyester Micro Fleece4.4
Cocoon Travel SheetCocoon Travel Sheet86" x 35"16 ozCotton3.9
Sea to Summit Thermolite Sleeping Bag LinerSea to Summit Thermolite Sleeping Bag Liner84" x 36"14 ozThermolite® fabric4.0


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