Where to Find the Best Western Food in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Saloon Burger

Are you sick of rice and noodles yet? After traveling through Asia and eating the same old thing day in and day out I was feigning for some Western food. Once I arrived in Chiang Mai and found myself a sweet little apartment I immediately went out on a mission to compile a list of the best western food in Chiang Mai.

Mike's Original Chiang Mai, ThailandMike’s Original – “Converting Vegetarians since 1979…”

Mike’s can quickly become a westerners best friend. Yeah it’s greasy and slightly pricey for Chiang Mai, but you get what you ask for here. And yeah, it’s fast food but it’s a hell of a lot better than any McDonalds or Burger King that’s for sure. The quality of the meat is good, and they offer up pretty much anything that you would find at your local fast food joint. Hamburgers, Chicken Burgers, French Fries, Onion Rings, and so much more.

The best part about Mike’s is the photos that they post up around the restaurant. They seem to collect random funny photos from the Internet and post them all over the establishment. I’m guessing this tactic is a strategic move in order to distract you from your next unhealthy bite of that greasy burger you just ordered.

Location: Mike’s has a few locations, one is on the East side near Tha Pae Gate, another is in the Central Mall on Huay Kaew Rd.

Website: http://www.mikesoriginal.com

Chiang Mai SaloonChiang Mai Saloon

I was introduced to the Chiang Mai Saloon back when I first arrived in Chiang Mai. We were staying on Loi Kroh rd and there happened to be a CM Saloon within two minutes walking distance from our hotel. It was recommended to us by a friend and I have to say it was a great recommendation. Liz and I are here a few times during our stay in Chiang Mai and we never had a bad meal. We even met the owner one night and he turned out to be a real down to earth guy.

Chiang Mai Saloon offers up everything from Western food to Thai. They’re really known for their burgers though, and boy are they are big, juicy, and yummy. Quite possibly the best burgers in town.

Locations: The Chiang Mai Saloon has two locations in Chiang Mai. One is located on Loi Kroh Rd on the East side of the city just outside the moat and the other is on Ratwiki Rd an ever popular road with tons of great food. As a matter of fact, the next two places that I’m about to tell you about are located on this same road so circle this street on your map and chow down at a different place on this street each night.

Website: http://chiangmaisaloons.com/

Paradise Pizza Chiang Mai ThailandParadise Pizza

Ever since coming back to Thailand I had been searching high and low for a good pizza joint in town but I never had any luck. As I was strolling through the Saturday market I saw an advertisement on the back of a tuk-tuk that said “Paradise Pizza – Serving New York Slices!” and I was immediately sold. Anyone that can relate to a New York slice of pizza knows exactly what I’m talking about. The following night I headed down to test this place out and upon entering this hole in the wall restaurant I was amazed by the size of the slices. One Hawaiian and one cheese slice later I was forced to order another. I ended up meeting the owner that night and quite coincidentally he grew up in Connecticut and went to school at Boston University What a small world!

To make a long story short I ended up going back to this place a few times before I left Thailand. I wish that I found it sooner to be honest. I ended up introducing my Thai friend and now she’s been grabbing slices on the run there ever since.

Location: Ratwiki Rd diagonally across from the U.N. Irish Pub.

Website: http://www.paradisepizzathailand.com/

Zoe in Yellow Chiang Mai ThailandZoe in Yellow

If you’re looking for the best kebab, maybe even the only kebab place in town, don’t look any further. Head to Zoe in Yellow, this guy runs his Kebab machine from 6pm – late. Chicken Kebabs, pita pockets and more. They are seriously to die for. Take my word for it.

Zoe in Yellow also operates as a late night spot for drinkings, and has DJs playing on most nights. Having the best kebabs and alcohol in the same establishment is a lethal combination in my eyes. If you stumble out of Zoe and your nose catches a whiff of these kebabs, you’ll be sold.

Location: On the corner of Ratwiki Rd.

Website: http://zoeinyellowbarchiangmaithailand.blogspot.com/

[box type=”info”]Hope you enjoyed this list, and please feel free to leave a comment if you have a gem that you think I may have missed.[/box]


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  1. Cool, thanks for this. I personally can eat Thai food every day, 3x a day for the rest of my life. But I know Jack can get a little restless from eating too much rice without an infusion of Western cheese and grease every now and then.

    1. Yeah, don’t get me wrong I love Thai food as well. I just wanted to list out my favorite western food joints in Chiang Mai because it doesn’t seem like many people have documented this type of thing. This is not only the picky eaters, but also people who are just looking for a nice big slice of pizza or a juicy burger! Yum!

    1. Thanks for the tip Kelsi. Unfortunately I never got the chance to get to Art’s Cafe. Could you do us a favor and let us know where is it located? It would be greatly appreciated.

      1. I remembered where Art’s Cafe is. It’s across the street from Thaphae gate between Starbucks and McDonalds on the corner. Really good food, especially for breakfast.

        1. Thanks a lot Kelsi. I forgot about Art’s. We spent some time there, although we didn’t eat. We just had a coffee or two I think. I know exactly where you’re talking about though.

  2. There is also a Mike’s on Nimmahaemen Rd.

    Two other great spots are Salsa Kitchen (close to Had Suan Gaew mall) and Smoothie Blue (Nimmahaemen Rd, before the Tesco minimart).

  3. This is ridiculous. These four restaurants are on the same two-block long length of road. Get out and explore a bit. There are tons of western food places along Loh Kroh, Huay Gaew and Nimman. Not to mention the other places on Moon Muang or back in Soi 9.

    1. Thanks a bunch for the comment! It’s greatly appreciated. If only people like you would take their knowledge and apply it in a positive way, the world would be a much better place. Instead of being negative, maybe you could share your tips on the places that you enjoy eating Western food in Chiang Mai? Just a thought.

      By the way, I take it that you didn’t read the article in full? That’s typical of a negative commenter though, so I’ll give you a pass on this one. Here’s a quick recap for you; I mentioned 4 places that I thought were great places to find Western food in Chiang Mai and I also mentioned that two of the restaurants have multiple locations (one on Loi Kroh, and one on Huay Kaew). You do know it’s “Huay Kaew” not “Huay Gaew” right? It seems that you’ve been an expat there long enough to know this. Considering the G and the K are so close on the keyboard, we’ll just call it a typo… ;)

      Moving on, I have not personally visited any restaurants on Nimman, Moon Muang, or “back in Soi 9” so how am I supposed to write about them? I don’t write about places that I’ve never personally visited and/or experienced. That’s for someone like you to do. If I was to find an article that I thought something needed to be added to, I would politely comment with my tips and knowledge based on my personal experience. What I wouldn’t do is leave a comment like “This is ridiculous!…” and go on to tell me about all the places that you’ve eaten and I haven’t.

      All I’m asking from you is to consider approaching situations like this from a different angle in the future. Is that too much to ask Jeff?

      Thanks again for your time and effort,


  4. Thanks for all the great advice. Maybe if you wrote better and didn’t have a misleading title to your post, you wouldn’t get such a negative complaint. Ry. And since you are an expert in phonetic transcription you already know that there are many ways of transcribing. Ridiculous.

  5. And to comment on the article itself, Paradise Pizza was an awesome find for me also last winter … spent a decent chunk of time gnawing away at the heavenly wedges and catching up on news via the regularly refreshed copies of the International Herald Tribune … good times!

  6. Best burgers? Just go to Dukes on the Ping River or Sahara on Nimmanhaemin. While I understand that everyone has their particular tastes when it comes to burgers I could never go to Mike’s again. I’d probably take the Euro Diner over the Chiang Mai Saloon as the food is a bit better and it’s only a few doors up.

    1. Thanks for the comment Gus! I never made it over to Dukes or Ping, Sahara, etc. Good to know. I’ll keep these places in mind next time I’m in the area.

  7. Definitely check out Nai’s Garden Soups and Salad Concept. They are both located on Nimanhaemin Road directly across from each other.
    Nai’s is down the Soi Hillside Condo, Nimanhaemin Road. It has amazing soups, baguettes, egg salad and tuna salad. it sounded interesting, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise!! best soup i’ve ever had. they make the soups for Salad Concept.

    and if you’re in the mood for a salad, go to salad concept – its a create your own or they have gourmet salads to choose from. very cheap!

  8. The best burger in Chiang Mai is at the Dukes. Nothing compares. The owner is from San Diego and knows how to make an authentic burger. Unless you can afford to go out and get a burger at the 4 Seasons Chiang Mai, this is your best bet.

  9. Thanks for your input. I agree, I could have probably added another 10 to this list. At the time of writing this, I shared my personal opinion of the best western restaurants in Chiang Mai that I had personally visited and eaten at. Looking back, I should have added Chez Marco to this list among others. Which restaurants do you recommend?

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