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Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack


Like its namesake, the Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack let’s you break out from the traditional daypack and explore the city or the outdoors with ease, comfort and style with a unique design.

  • Lightweight – weighing in at just 1.1 libs
  • Holds up to a 15″ laptop (my 15″ Macbook Pro Retina fits perfectly) as well as a 10-inch tablet
  • It packs completely flat so when you’re not using it you can easily toss it inside your travel backpack or luggage.

The Outbreaker is designed to keep you organized and on the go.

  • Inside – one large main zippered compartment with a sleeve for a laptop and tablet.
  • Outside – two side pockets for water bottles, small portable umbrellas, or a moleskin. It has a small zippered compartment on the front side of the pack for easy access to passports, headphones, charging cables, etc.
  • Rear – The back side of this daypack is generously padded without sacrificing the weight. Both the back panel and shoulder straps are sufficiently padded and comfortable.
  • Versatile – Designed to go hand in hand with the Tortuga Outbreaker Travel Backpack (35L/45L).

Now that you know the basics let’s get into the details of what makes the Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack clever and convenient.

Durability – It handles the toughest of travels

The exterior of the Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack is made of high quality waterproof sailcloth just like my beloved 35L Tortuga Backpack, so you know it can handle the toughest of conditions. The shoulder straps and back panel are made from ariaprene, a high performance foam.

The zippers won’t fail you on the Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack. They are YKK – made by the word’s foremost zipper making – Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha (now you know why the zippers are simply referred to as YKK!)

The buckles on this daypack are top of the line, made from Duraflex, one of the most high-end plastic buckle suppliers in the world.

Comfortability – Don’t sweat it!


Too often comfort is sacrificed when designed daypacks– not with the Tortuga Outbraker Daypack. It has a thin layer of three-dimensional mesh, which acts as a cushion and helps keep your back cool and dry.

Ariaprene wicks away sweat and won’t hold in moisture, so you’re covered even when traveling during monsoon season in Southeast Asia. Ariaprene is also hypoallergenic and moves with body so you leave your chafing worries at the airport.

That same mesh material is used on the adjustable shoulder straps for padding, so this daypack won’t dig into your shoulders when it is packed with all your adventure essentials.

No one wants an unbalanced travel companion (yes, we are still talking about the daypack!) The Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack has a chest strap that helps keep the bag in place and balance the weight so the load doesn’t shift.

Another feature is the Tortuga Daypack features a pack-flat design – so it is easy to access things you need. Many daypacks are front loading, which means you need to lay the pack on the ground to get things in or out – that’s no fun!

Sizable – Perfect size, perfect fit


When the Tortuga Daypack is in its daypack form it measures 17 x 11 x 6.5” A great size for urban exploring and carrying a 15-inch laptop a few blocks to a café or book store. Although there is some padding in the laptop sleeve it’s minimal so I don’t recommend tossing this bag around carelessly.

For tropical beach getaways the Tortuga Daypack can easily carry your beach towel, flipflops, hat, sunscreen, book and even your drone (DJI Mavic Pro).

The volume of the daypack is 21L – plenty of space for everything you need for a day of exploring.

Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack FAQ


1. Who is the Tortuga Outbreaker daypack designed for?

  • This daypack is designed for anyone looking for the perfect lightweight backpack for a day of urban exploring, the beach or off-the-beaten path day hikes.
  • If you’re a digital nomad the Tortuga is a great companion because it’s lightweight, easy to pack and can carry both your laptop, tablet, cables, and more.
  • Photographers will appreciate it as an auxiliary camera bag for those chargers memory cards, extra lens, even a small tripod will fit great in one of the outer mesh side pockets.
  • If you are a gym junkie the Tortuga Daypack will tote your gym clothes with ease, and can effortlessly convert into a beach bag for weekend warriors.

2. What happens when the Tortuga Daypack gets wet?

The Outbreaker Daypack is almost completely waterproof thanks to a waterproof coating and on the inside and a fully waterproof layer on the outside. The Outbreaker is made from not just one layer of waterproof sail cloth, but four layers, with each serving a unique purpose to improve durability and longevity.

3. What are people saying about the Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack?

Online reviewers note the daypack is a space-saver when traveling because you get the benefits of an lightweight daypack without the hassle of packing a second bag, and the inside compartments give the Tortuga Daypack structure not found in other comparable sized daypacks. When using it with your latop be advised there is no padding on the bottom of the daypack, so you may want to use a separate laptop sleeve for added protection.

4. How can I buy the Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack?

You can buy the Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack by clicking HERE.

Video Review

Click play to watch the full video overview of the Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack.



If you are looking for a lightweight daypack that is both clever and convenient with good looks the Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack is a solid choice for your next adventure – whether it is to a corner café or a continent away.


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