17 Travel Inspired Instagram Users You Should Follow!

After wasting my time searching Google for a list of the best travel Instagram users with no results, I decided to take this issue into my own hands by handpicking some of the best Travel Instagrammers and creating a list of my current favorites.


Instagram: @Bloggeries | Website: Stop Having a Boring Life


Instagram: @lozula | Website: Finding the Universe

Kirsten Alana

Instagram: @kirstenalana | Website: Aviators and a Camera

Kick The Grind

Instagram: @kickthegrind | Website: Kick The Grind


Instagram: @Earthxplorer | Website: Earthxplorer

Captain and Clark

Instagram: @captainandclark | Website: Captain and Clark

Andi Perullo

Instagram: @andiperullo | Website: My Beautiful Adventures

Travels of Adam

Instagram: @travelsofadam | Website: Travels of Adam


Instagram: @duzer | Website: Duzer TV

The Blonde Gypsy

Instagram: @theblondegypsy | Website: The Blonde Gypsy

Seattles Travels

Instagram: @seattlestravels | Website: Seattles Travels

Adventurous Kate

Instagram: @adventurouskate | Website: Adventurous Kate

Virtual Wayfarer

Instagram: @virtualwayfarer | Website: Virtual Wayfarer

Uncornered Market

Instagram: @uncornered_market | Website: Uncornered Market

Just Travelous

Instagram: @justtravelous | Website: Just Travelous

The Planet D

Instagram: @theplanetd | Website: The Planet D

Oh and last but not least, don’t forget to follow me!

@PauseTheMoment on Instagram

Instagram: @pausethemoment | Website: Pause The Moment



Well, that just about wraps up my current list of favorite travel inspired Instagrammers. Do you have any favorites that didn’t make the list? If so, feel free to leave a comment below with the URL of your favorite Instagrammer(s)!

Note: Please do not leave a comment if your favorite user has less than 100 photos, posts once a month, or posts uninteresting photos. You MUST be an active and interesting Instagram user with high quality photos if you want to make the list!



Wouldn’t it be cool if Instagram integrated a feature that allowed those of us who primarily post photos in the Travel niche to tag our profiles with a specific category? The specified category would then be searchable and the results could be filtered by: Most Gallery Views, Followers, and Social Interaction (Comments, Likes, etc). Your thoughts?


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Ryan Gargiulo is a location independent blogger, digital influencer and world traveler with a serious passion for the sun, the sea and adventure.

When he’s not out wandering the world, you can likely find him instagrammin’ from a paradisiacal location or hunched over my laptop, working away, somewhere along the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

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  1. Wow, thanks for including me – especially as this list includes some of my favourite instagrammers too! A real honour – I hope to keep entertaining for years to come ;)

  2. “Wouldn’t it be cool if Instagram integrated a feature that allowed those of us who primarily post photos in the Travel niche to tag our profiles with a specific category? The specified category would then be searchable…” Boy, are you ever right.

      1. Home in Berlin for a while studying some German—than off the mideast again later this winter.

        Sorry to have missed you when I was back in Boston in October!

  3. Awesome idea – why didn’t I think of that? Thanks so much for including me and FYI you are one of my faves as well. More jump shots, please! :)

  4. A LOT of my favorites are on this list! I just added you & a few others (@ourownpath). I also really like @rtwdave & @legalnomads. Instagram is easily my favorite social media right now!

  5. Great list! I’ve been spending so much time on Instagram lately and always looking for new people to follow.

    I think another post that would be cool for you to write (and popular!) would be something like The Travel Blogger’s Guide to Instagram, with some advice on good hashtags to use, how to attract new followers, tips for interacting, etc. And of course, what I’m REALLY curious about is how much your Instagram following converts to new visitors to your site.

    I always check out how you word your captions with calls-to-action and use hashtags, so even though I’m not a travel blogger I’d love to get your insights on how you’ve built up your following. :)

    1. Thanks for the great comment Kerry! I know, I wish we were able to sort through all of the madness in search of the most interesting IG’ers. It’s not easy!

      Interesting! I might have to take you up on that “Travel Bloggers Guide to IG” post. I’ll keep you posted on that.

      Thanks again!

  6. Have to admit that I love the new Instagram web profiles. It’s a different viewing experience than on the iPhone, but live the slideshow functionality at the top.

    Really honored to be included on this list. And in full disclosure, Dan is responsible for all the awesome shots you see on our account. I’m just the cheerleader :)

    1. Same here Audrey. It’s definitely a different experience. I love the slideshow header as well. As you’ve probably noticed, it looks a lot like Facebook in a way. I’m betting that our Facebook profiles will soon have this gallery header in the near future. FB is slowly but surely merging Instagram into the mix and I’m sure they are going to make the layouts look very similar, if not identical across the board.

      I agree with Bessie on this one. Your shout out to Dan was certainly a nice gesture. LOL

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