Wombats Hostel Munich Review


The Wombats City Hostel in Munich is a great place to meet fellow travelers. Accommodation options range from 6 or 8 bed dorms to private doubles with ensuite bathrooms and private terraces.

Wombats Hostel Munich

The Wombats Hostel in Munich is built for backpackers. It seems that this hostel ends up being home to just about every backpacker that makes his or her way to Munich. At least for a few nights.

There’s a reason why this place is so popular and it only took us a few minutes of wandering around to figure it out.

Wombats Hostel Munich


Could it be the bar? Yes folks, there is a full bar located on the ground level of the hostel.

Once the clock strikes 7pm or so, the music switches on and the bar starts to attract a crowd of young travelers all looking to pre-game a bit before heading out on the town. If we were younger and single, this is most likely where we would be hanging out.

Solo travelers will have no problem meeting new friends here. As a matter of fact, it would be almost impossible to not meet somebody you clicked with here at Wombats. This place is crawling with young twenty-somethings who are currently making their way around Europe, one bar at a time.

Wombats Hostel Munich


The common area at Wombats is incredible to say the least. From the design, to the colors, to the interesting variety of furniture, this just might be one of the coolest hostel common areas I’ve seen to date. Look how clean this place is!

Did I mention this place is absolutely spotless?

Wombats Hostel Munich Review


You’re probably wondering why we haven’t talked about the dorms yet, right? Well, unfortunately (or shall I say fortunately) we’ve grown out of the whole “dorm phase”. To be honest, we’ve never really been into the idea of dorms as we like to have our privacy.

We went for the private double with ensuite bathroom.

The room itself was small, so small in fact the receptionist asked us if we would like to store our bags in the storage room on a lower level versus having to trip over them in the middle of the night. Huh? As it turned out, while the room was small, we were able to find a place to tuck our bags away.

Our favorite part about the room was the semi-private terrace attached to our room. I say semi-private because the terraces were all attached to one another so while you had your own section of the terrace, there was still a small opening that allowed you to walk across to your neighbors terrace (if you somehow found the need to do so). The terrace itself had two chairs and a table and in the middle of the day, the sun beamed down on it so if you’re the type who enjoys having lunch in the sun, you would love this little room of ours.


You couldn’t find a better location in Munich if you tried. The Wombats Hostel is located steps from Hoptbahnhof station (Munich’s Central Station) and about 10 minutes walk to Marientplatz and the famous Glockenspiel.


Overall we can say that we enjoyed our stay at Wombats. At the end of the day, the size of our room wasn’t an issue at all. We spent most of our days out exploring the city and only came back to our room to catch up on some much needed sleep. The bed was comfortable and the terrace was a great little addition to the room.

We encountered a few issues during our stay at Wombats and in all fairness, it’s our job to fill you guys in on the good and the bad of our accommodations.


First up, the Internet. The free Wi-Fi is horrible at best. Not only that, but the fact that you have to re-enter your assigned username/password each and everytime you log on to use the Wi-Fi is a serious inconvenience. Looking back on it, we probably wouldn’t have stayed at Wombats if we had known about the Wi-Fi situation prior to checking in. That being said, it could’ve also been a bad few days of Internet at Wombat’s and now everything could be fine for all I know.


The next issue we had was the fact that we came home after a long day in the city to a room that was half cleaned. It was mind boggling to see that the trash in our room had been changed, the blinds had been opened, yet our bed was still a mess of sheets, twisted blankets and pillows. Even more odd was the fact that the maid left her Winnie the Pooh cleaning towel hanging on the inside of our bathroom door yet never changed our our old towels that were still sitting there lying on the floor. Weird?

All in all, we would recommend the younger crowd to check out Wombats, as it’s probably the best bet in town as far as location, amenities, and cleanliness.


If you’re ready to book your stay at Wombats Munich, be sure to make your reservation using THIS LINK in order to save the most money and take advantage of the very generous cancellation policy.


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