Helicopter Tour

If, like me, you’re always trying to seek out a unique angle for your photos, one that most people miss, then you probably agree with me that it makes sense to head up. Really high up. When travelling to a new place I often like to splash out on a helicopter ride not long after I arrive. They don’t come cheap but there’s no better way to get your bearings for a destination, and the views are always incredible. Plus it’s just such a thrill to fly over somewhere, sightseeing but with an extra level of excitement.

Tinggly is an experience gifts company that just launched an amazing new collection of the world’s best helicopter flights. I’ve put together a few of my favourites – some of these like the Grand Canyon and the Iguazu Falls are already on my own bucket list.

Las Vegas

Ah the City of Sin, one of those rare places where it seems like anything might happen on any given night. The lights of the Sunset Strip are almost as iconic skyline as New York, and they look incredible in the dark, an oasis in the desert. What I really love about this Vegas helicopter flight at night though is that you get given the VIP treatment – with a stretch limousine transfer from your accommodation.

Grand Canyon South Rim

There’s so many cool activities you can do at the Grand Canyon but a helicopter flight is the one that really gives you the best idea of the canyon’s vast scale. You get sublime panoramas of many landmarks including Kaibab National Forest, Point Imperial and Dragon Corridor. This is a 45-minute flight too, not many last that long so it’s really great value.

Iguazu Falls

The helicopter flight over the Iguazu Falls is a lot shorter, but it really packs a lot in. This is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and it even puts Niagara in the shade. I think if you really want to capture the raw power and spectacle of a natural miracle like this you’ve got to see it from above. I wouldn’t mind betting you can even hear the roar of the water over the sound of the helicopter engine.

Big Island, Hawaii

This flight takes you over Hawaii’s awe-inspiring Volcanoes National Park – this is the most geologically active environment on the planet. You’re going to see lava bubbling and flowing down mountainsides, the mighty Mauna Kea and also the Waipio Valley, like something out of Jurassic Park. You get an in-flight DVD recording of this trip too, but expect to also get a lot of superb footage of your own.

South Island, New Zealand

From volcanoes to glaciers in New Zealand, a landscape that might have been shaped by the Gods. When Peter Jackson was getting ready to shoot his ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies he toured New Zealand by helicopter looking for the perfect locations – guy knew what he was doing. I’d love to take a helicopter flight over Glacier Country, this is some of the most dramatic scenery in New Zealand, with the highest mountain in the country on show too.