In November I published an in-depth tutorial on how to use the dehaze tool using Adobe Photoshop Elements 14. If you missed it, be sure to give it a read when you get a minute. I think you’ll find it really useful.

Are you ready for another fun tutorial on some of the many great features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 14?

Well, today you’re in luck because I’m going to be showing you how I use the incredibly useful Shake Reduction Tool to magically transform my inadvertently shaky photos into sharper and much more presentable photos.

Have you ever returned home from a trip only to be disappointed when you scroll through your photos and notice that some of them came out a little blurry due to camera shake?

Trust me, I know the feeling. As someone who enjoys taking action photos, I’ve dealt with this issue far too many times.

Fortunately, now you can say goodbye to most shaky photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 new shake reduction tool.

Below you’ll see my latest example of an image that I sharpened using the shake reduction tool and I think you’ll be really impressed with the results.

Shake Reduction Tool Before After

How to Use the Shake Reduction Tool

1. First you’re going to want to open the blurry image that you want to sharpen.

2. Once you have the image open in Adobe Photoshop Elements, go ahead and click on the ‘Enhance’ on the menu bar at the top of your screen. Under the drop down menu, you’ll see an option called Auto Shake Reduction.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Shake Reduction Tool

3. Click on ‘Auto Shake Reduction’ and let Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 work its magic.

Note: If you’re not satisfied with the auto shake reduction go ahead and undo the changes and move on to step 4 below.

4. If the auto results don’t suit your fancy, go ahead and head on up to the ‘Enhance’ menu again and this time select Shake Reduction located at the bottom of the drop down menu.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Shake Reduction Tool

This will give you the ability to manually fine tune the results of the shake reduction tool (shown below).

Adobe Photoshop Elements Shake Reduction Tool

5. You can use the adjustable box in the center of the photo to focus on which part of the photo you want to be sharpened. Don’t forget to play with the sensitivity slider to fine tune the sharpness of your photo. Last but not least, toggle the Before/After switch back and forth to compare results.

Pretty impressive, right?

Well that just about wraps up this tutorial on how to use the Shake Reduction Tool in Adobe Photoshop Elements 14. I hope you enjoyed it and found the before and after example images shown above to be helpful.

Be sure to check back next month for a new Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 tutorial and as always please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.