Our journey to Koh Lanta began with an early morning flight from Bangkok to Krabi. Once we landed at Krabi International Airport, we hopped in our private mini-bus transfer to Koh Lanta. It was then that we we’re reminded of how insane the mini-bus drivers are here in Thailand.

It sort of reminded us of that one time when we took a public mini bus from Dahab to Cairo in the middle of the night and our driver was doing 100 mph through the windy, mountainous roads with no headlights. Oh, what a night.

How about that time we made the mistake of taking a 28 hour bus ride from Laos to Vietnam with a driver who was overtaking semi-trailer trucks on dangerous bends. The fact that we had birds chirping in cages just a few seats behind us, children urinating in grocery bags and no bathroom on board simply added fuel to the fire. Oh, and did I mention that Mr. Maniac Driver never slept a wink in nearly 30 hours?

Okay, so this mini-bus transfer to Lanta wasn’t that bad but it did get a little scary at times. Once we arrived at the first of two car ferry crossings from the mainland to Koh Lanta, we hopped out of the vehicle to get a breath of fresh air.

Car Ferry from Krabi to Koh Lanta

Ferry to Koh Lanta

Liz & Araseli

Car Ferry from Krabi to Koh Lanta

Mike, Araseli, Liz and I on the car ferry from Krabi to Koh Lanta.

One more brief ferry ride and we had arrived in a place we fell in love with just three years prior. The balmy island breeze and familiar road side food joints brought back vivid memories of our two week stay back in 2010.


Baan Kantiang See Villas - Koh Lanta, Thailand

Mike and Araseli checked into Ancient Realm Resort while we checked into Baan Kantiang See Villas just steps down the road.

We all know what it’s like to see photos of your room when booking your accommodations online. Maybe it’s just me, but I always find that the photos never fully represent the room. Either the accommodations look a hell of a lot worse in person than they did in the photos when you booked or you arrive only to find that the little villa you booked online is actually a palace.

Baan Kantiang See Villas - Koh Lanta, Thailand

Our two bed, two bath villa at Baan Kantiang See Villas in Koh Lanta.

While our expectations usually end up leaving us severely disappointment, this experience was the exact opposite. The photos of Baan Kantiang See Villas are amazing and they still don’t do this place any justice. It’s one of those places you have to see to believe.

Baan Kantiang See Villas - Koh Lanta, Thailand

When you’re living it up in a luxurious villa like this one, you almost feel as if you never want to leave. We ventured out to the pool more than a few times during our stay. I mean, seriously. How could you resist this?

Baan Kantiang See Villas - Koh Lanta, Thailand

Infinity pool overlooking Kantiang Bay in the distance…

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time by the pool during our stay. As a matter of fact, we only visited the beach once over the course of those three days at Baan Kantiang See Villas. We spent the rest of our time lounging in our villa, swimming and even inviting our friends over for lunch by the pool.

Baan Kantiang See Villas - Koh Lanta, Thailand

Could there be any cooler place to Pause The Moment? I think not!

Pause The Moment at Baan Kantiang See Villas

While Liz didn’t take part in the whole Pause The Moment jumping photo, she did depict her own idea of what it’s like to Pause The Moment. This also happens to be one of my favorite photos of Liz to date.

Pause The Moment at Baan Kantiang See Villas

Liz living the life and soaking up the rays as usual…

Looking back on our initial three day stay at Baan Kantiang made us realize how much value you get for your money in Koh Lanta, Thailand. While we didn’t pay for our stay, we think that $250/night for a two bedroom, two bath luxury villa with a giant terrace overlooking the bay is an absolute steal.

Oh, and you won’t believe me when I tell you that this place goes for somewhere between $100-130/night in low season. You couldn’t get yourself a dingy old motel room for that money in most cities.

Picture this. You and your significant other get together with another couple and head to Lanta. You rent this beautiful villa for $125/night per couple in high season, or as low as $50/night per couple in low season. Hell, bring the whole family along and have everyone find themselves a comfy place to crash if you’d like.

No matter how you look at it, Baan Kantiang See Villas is not only one of the most incredible places to stay in Koh Lanta, but it’s also one of the most affordable places on the island when it boils down to the value you get for your money.

Don’t miss my full review of Baan Kantiang See Villas and my villa tour video.


Food at Noon Restaurant - Koh Lanta, Thailand

It was our first night in Koh Lanta and we were so excited to be back on the island. In order to celebrate our first evening back, we decided to make a dinner reservation for four at Noon Restaurant.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Noon, they are a small restaurant located on the southwest coast of the island and they’re known to have the best sunset views on the island.

One of the unique features of Noon Restaurant is that if you call ahead and make a reservation, they will come pick you up at your hotel and drop you back off after you’re finished dining. Now, that’s what I call service!

While the pick up service is cool and all, I had just finished up a hardcore haggling session with the motorbike lady and I was determined to drive this bad boy all over the island. Call me stubborn for turning down a free ride to dinner, but in all seriousness, I truly enjoy driving on the opposite side of the road. Oh, and you should also know by now that I love bikes of all kinds both pedal and motorized.

Motorbike Rentals in Koh Lanta

I swear I’m really good at driving on the opposite side of the road… Photo credits: Araseli Asencio

I won’t go too much into detail about the food because I already did that in my review of Noon Restaurant a few weeks ago but what I will say is that the sunset views were magnificent. As for the dinner, it was average and a little on the pricey side.

Sunset at Noon Restaurant - Koh Lanta, Thailand

To be continued…

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