Top 4 Favorite Travel Blogs

If you’ve been following me for a while now you probably remember back to late last year I wrote “The Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2011“. If you missed it, be sure to check it out because there are some absolute gems on that list. Back then, I was not only listing my favorite travel blogs at the time, but I was also giving everyone a heads up on the blogs that I thought would either continue to rock through out 2011.

Believe it or not, we’re already 6 months into 2011 (crazy, right?). I’m sure it’s even crazier to think for those of you that are currently on the road. Time flies when you’re having fun, huh!?

Since we’re already half way through 2011, I decided that I would put together a list of my Top 4 Favorite Travel Blogs so far this year. These are not the only blogs I follow, but they’re the ones I follow pretty much on a daily basis.

Positive World TravelPositive World Travel

Meet Ant & Elise. These two worked their butts off for 3 years in hopes to buy a home but when it came down to it spending their savings on a mortgage they decided to scratch their original plans to buy a home and set off to travel the world.

What I love most about Positive World Travel is their overall message; to travel with open minds and lead positive lives…

We love to learn about the world, how others live their lives, find people and places difference to our own, enjoy these experiences, then take it all and live the most positive life we can! — Positive World Travel

Rob - StopHavingaBoringLife.comStop Having a Boring Life

Rob and I had been reading each others blogs on and off in early 2010 and before we knew it we were living in the same apartment complex, on the same floor, three doors down from each other in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He’s a kick ass dude that travels the world trying to have as much fun as he can, while he can!

Stop Having a Boring Life is far from your typical travel blog. His writing style can be described as blunt, amusing, gritty, and sometimes even “over the line” but this is what sets it apart from the rest of the travel blogs out there. No, it’s not the best writing you’ll ever see, but his updates will surely brighten up your day.

Head on over to SHABL and be sure to follow his advice; “Stop Having a Boring Life!”

Gareth - Tourist2Townie.comTourist 2 Townie

Gareth is a true inspiration to me. His take on travel is exactly the way I want to travel the next time around. After traveling around the world and following T2T, I realized that I want my next big trip to consist of living in several places for a few months at a time. This is exactly what Gareth does and he does it well. He travels slow, I mean REAL slow! Gareth submerges himself in the culture, the language, the ever day activities, and the working world of the countries he lives in. He takes the “tourism” out of travel and turns it into real life travel experiences.

It’s about people more than it is about places.  It’s about chasing dreams rather than following the norm. — Gareth of T2T

Don’t Miss Gareth’s latest video: Vancouver Riots 2011

Web: Tourist2Townie | Twitter: @Tourist2Townie | FB: Tourist2Townie


As We TravelAs We Travel

Nathan and Sofia are a young, globe-trotting couple that have been traveling the world since 2008 and sharing their top-notch travel tips and experiences along the way. These guys are currently on a 90-day, 30-country European Train Challenge and they’re filming the entire journey from start to finish! AsWeTravel is hands down one of the best travel blogs out there.

Web: As We Travel | Twitter: @AsWeTravelFB: As We Travel

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Which travel blogs do you follow religiously? Feel free to share your favorites by leaving a comment below!