We all love the idea of discovering Europe and its gorgeous sights. But if you’re tired of the usual, why don’t you explore Europe in style?

Perhaps, you’ve already taken far too many cruises along the canals of Venice. Or maybe, you’ve taken too many photos of the Eiffel Tower already. 

If you want to experience Europe in a more exciting way, here are some ways to explore Europe in style.

1. Skiing Through Switzerland

When skiing in Europe, Switzerland is the best place to be.

The country has well-developed winter tourism infrastructures and enjoys a longer skiing season with excellent snow conditions.

Moreover, Switzerland has a comprehensive rail system, ski gondolas, funiculars, and cable cars connecting thousands of miles of ski runs, some of which even cross into the nearby countries of Italy, Austria, and France.

The ski season in Switzerland generally runs from November to March. However, those ski resorts at a higher elevation or those that experience heavy snowfall could stay open until the end of April.

When planning your skiing trip, the first step is to look for a resort.

There are hundreds of ski resorts across the country, but ski chalets are the best most popular options. Some are self-catering, but others have staff who will prepare your meals, from breakfast to dinner.

If you want to ski in Switzerland during summer, the resorts in Zermatt and Saas-Fee are some of the best ones to check out.

If you visit in June or July. In Zermatt, you will find the Theodul glacier, which has about 21 km of ski runs, making it the largest summer ski area in Europe and attracting skiers of all levels.

2. Iceland via Jeep

One of the best ways to experience Iceland and its incredible landscapes is by taking a self-drive tour, more specifically, on a jeep.

Driving around Iceland on a jeep gives you the freedom and flexibility you won’t get when traveling with a tour group.

There are only a few places like Iceland that offer tons of natural wonders to explore in such a small country, which is perfect for when going on a road trip.

As you travel from one place to another, you get to enjoy the country’s most scenic landscapes along the way while still having plenty of time to partake in some adventurous activities.

Take time to stop along the road and marvel at Iceland’s ever-changing terrains and jaw-dropping landscapes, from lava fields to cascading waterfalls and long stretches of stunning coastline.

Going on a driving trip in your own Icelandic jeep comes with many benefits.

Aside from enjoying the scenic views at your own pace, you get to decide which places you want to visit and for how long you want to spend at each location.

On the subject of freedom and flexibility, a campervan is a worthwhile travel choice. That is, you foresee being on the move a lot, making as many stops, and still having what’s important to you close at hand.

Campervans in Iceland can vary by budget, purpose (is it for F-roads), and essentials/amenities. Find the camper rental that works for you and book right away. 

3. Glamping around Greece

Home to more than 6,000 islands and packed with natural wonders, Greece is a playground for nature lovers and adventurers.

When traveling to Greece, forget about fancy hotels and luxury resorts.

If you want to explore the country in style, consider glamping especially if you are looking at glamping across Europe.

Whether that’s staying at bubble domes tucked amidst olive groves or sleeping at ultra-luxe safari tents, glamping in Greece is an experience you will never forget.

In Galatas, just two hours away from Athens, you’ll find a romantic tent in the heart of an olive grove.

It’s situated on a small farm, with a secluded beach nearby that you can enjoy pretty much to yourself. In addition, famous tourist destinations like Hydra and Nafplion are within easy reach from here.

In the forest of Sigena, close to the village of Ktistades, you will find cute igloos with magnificent views of Mt Strongoula.

These igloos are fully equipped with a kitchen so you can prepare your meals using fresh local ingredients. The round-shaped dwellings are made of wood and stone, blending perfectly with the rugged surroundings.

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4. Italy via Train 

Europe is famous for its efficient rail system. However, if you want to explore in style, consider travelling to Italy through the iconic Orient Express.

This historic luxury train experience will soon welcome passengers with its new trains and itineraries beyond the usual Paris to Istanbul route.

The Orient Express La Dolce Vita will start welcoming passengers on six different trains with varying itineraries that will explore Italy from north to south, including international routes covering Paris, Split, and Istanbul.

Guests can choose to book an overnight stay or spend three nights aboard the new trains, giving them plenty of time to explore at each stop. Depending on the itinerary, your journey could include a stopover in Rome.

While the original Orient Express have transported guests since the 1920s, the Orient Express La Dolce Vita will be all about celebrating the sixties and seventies.

This period in Italy is known as the “La Dolce Vita.”  The train is decorated to keep up with the La Dolce Vita theme, which is all about glamour, art, and joie de vivre.

Moreover, the classic theme is complemented by contemporary designs, as seen on its deluxe cabins and suites and the restaurant onboard.

5. Yacht around Monaco

As one of the most sophisticated destinations on the French Riviera, Monaco needs no introduction.

Famous for its sunny weather all year round, Monaco is a great place to go yachting in Europe. The sea is usually calm, coupled with friendly waves and a light breeze.

When yachting around Monaco, you will have plenty of choices to make.

You can go bareboat or choose a crewed boat. Superyachts are a great choice, which usually comes with a crew aboard. But if you want to have the freedom to explore at your own pace, you can charter a smaller vessel.

You’ll also have plenty of itinerary options for your yachting holiday in Monaco.

Thanks to its ideal location in the Mediterranean, your itinerary could include a stop to several other destinations along the French Riviera, from St Tropez, Cannes, to Nice.

Depending on the yacht you have chartered, you can also cruise along the Italian Riviera and explore some of the most beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean.