Nothing is more valuable to a nomad traveler than an extra few inches of space in their backpack.

When you wear your home on your back, that extra wiggle room (or a little less weight) is a luxury. 

That’s why it’s such a pain to pack jackets.

Avid travelers need a light jacket, a warm jacket, and a raincoat to cover all destinations and seasons.

But this can take up a ton of precious bag space. 

A new travel jacket called GAMMA is the first jacket that can keep you warm (or cool) in just about any climate.

Plus, it’s waterproof, windproof, durable, and sexy as hell. 

It’s the most versatile jacket ever made thanks to its graphene-infused material.

The strongest and most flexible material on Earth, graphene gives GAMMA superpowers that no other jacket has. 

And the best part? It weighs just 500 g (about 1.1 lbs) and packs down to the size of a t-shirt. 

If you’re a nomad traveler or just a fan of activewear, you can check out GAMMA now right here.

Don’t forget to pre-order yours during the pre-sale period to save over 40% on your jacket. 

GAMMA is the first jacket of its kind, and it has a ton of perks for travelers from its 10 pockets to its naturally mosquito-repellant material.  


All-Climate Comfort

GAMMA is a jacket that you can wear in any climate.

From climbing icy mountain peaks in The Rockies to puddle jumping in London to buffering the winds on a Mediterranean sailboat on a balmy day, GAMMA will keep you comfortable and protected.

How does an all-climate jacket even work? GAMMA’s next-level insulation comes from graphene, the material used to make the jacket.

Graphene is a super-material that won its discoverers a Nobel Prize in 2004.

It’s the strangest, thinnest, and most flexible material on Earth.

It also happens to be an insane insulator.

It’s so effective that it’s able to sense changes in your body heat and adapt accordingly. 

When it’s cold, graphene absorbs your body heat and transfers it evenly throughout GAMMA, so you’ll feel equally warm in your core, your arms, your neck, and your head. 

Thanks to graphene, you’ll be able to keep toasty warm in temperatures as low as about 40˚F even though the jacket weighs next to nothing. 

But GAMMA doesn’t stop there.

It also contains 3 internal heating elements to pump extra heat into the jacket.

With these heating elements active, GAMMA will keep you plenty warm in temperatures as low as -20˚F! 

All you need is a power bank to use the heaters.

You can choose between three different heat intensities depending on your climate. 

GAMMA doesn’t just perform in cold weather, either. 

When it’s warm, graphene will absorb and release excess heat to keep you cool.

It will also wick moisture to prevent you from getting sweaty and uncomfortable. 


Practically Indestructible 

As I mentioned already, graphene is the strongest material on the planet.

It’s even harder than diamond! 

When it’s added to clothing, graphene gives clothes super strength without adding any weight. 

GAMMA’s graphene-infused fibers are impervious to almost any damage.

GAMMA is resistant to scuffs, scratches, and rips.

It will never fray or tear, and it’s even resistant to punctures from knives. 

If you hike, climb, or do any extreme sports, GAMMA is the jacket that will go the distance no matter what you throw at it (and it will protect you all the while). 

Supremely Packable (and Comfortable)

The most immediate benefit of GAMMA for travelers is that it’s just so easy to pack.

Gamma rolls up to a pocketable size, much like the best rain jackets from brands like Marmot and Arcteryx. 

You can bring it anywhere, even if you’re packing a small satchel for a hike or day trip.

You’ll never find yourself unprepared for the weather with GAMMA. 

It’s also super comfortable.

Because graphene is an amazing insulator, it keeps your temperature regulated for a neutral feel, and it adapts rapidly if the temperature around you changes.

You won’t feel too hot or cold. 

Graphene fabric is soft and light—it doesn’t have that slick plastic feel of other softshell jackets.

It feels like you’re wearing your favorite hoodie. 


Temperature regulation is the most important aspect of all-climate control.

But weather resistance is next on the list.

With graphene’s help, GAMMA weather-proofs your body.

Even in extreme weather, you will feel unaffected by temperature or moisture. 

Graphene’s nano-lattice structure is so strong that it won’t let anything through, including liquid, gas, or UV radiation.

That means you stay dry in the wettest conditions.

And, you’ll never catch a chill even in the coldest, windiest places.

GAMMA also comes with all the straps and drawstrings you’d expect from a travel jacket as well as a hood, high collar, and rain hem.

You can adjust the jacket and tighten the openings to lock yourself in a graphene shield and keep any weather out. 

On sunny days, GAMMA blocks UV rays to keep your skin protected.

Other lightweight jackets don’t do the same.

Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic

Foreign places are full of new germs and allergies.

It’s hard to take an extended vacation to a less developed destination without catching a travel bug.

If you’re hiking, it can be even harder to avoid getting sick or getting a reaction.

There are so many new plants, and pollen is EVERYWHERE. 

Luckily, GAMMA is resistant to all germs and allergens.

Graphene is antimicrobial, so even if GAMMA gets wet and covered in grime, germs cannot survive on it.

It also can’t pick up pollen or traces of poison plants and transport them to your skin, tent, or bag. 

Odor-proof and Stain-proof

Don’t you love how your jacket gets musty and smelly after riding around in your backpack? 

Those embarrassing odors aren’t the natural fragrance of your jacket.

They are the smells of bacteria and mold growing on your clothes. 

Jackets often get crumpled up and tossed in your bag even when they’re wet or sweaty, and we don’t wash them often.

So, they are extra susceptible to bacteria growth and odors. 

GAMMA will never have this problem because it won’t allow odor-causing microbes to survive.

Even if you use your jacket for morning runs every day and then shove it in your bag, you’ll still be able to wear it to your date on Saturday and smell great. 

Graphene repels any liquid and most types of debris, so you won’t have to worry about stains or scuffs either.

GAMMA will look like new for years and years with little maintenance.

Though, if you get it extra caked with mud, you can toss it in the washing machine on a normal cycle. 

How easy is that?

Looks Great on Any Occasion

Versatility is key for travelers. We need shirts we can wear to bed, to breakfast, to the club, and to a job interview.

And we need a trusty pair of jeans to wear until they disintegrate. 

Jackets are not known for being versatile.

But GAMMA changes all that. 

We know you can wear GAMMA in any climate, weather, and country.

But you can also wear it on nearly any occasion—work, going out, on the plane, on dates, to the club—it just looks that good. 

GAMMA comes in men’s and women’s designs.

The stylish soft shell look is perfect for daily use.

And the black color makes it a bit more professional looking for work and business casual events, plus the torso is tapered to slim the waist.

It gives GAMMA an extra bit of style, making it ideal for social events.

One World, One Jacket

You’ll enjoy your GAMMA jacket.

It will be something you’ll actually look forward to packing for your next trip.

By packing GAMMA, you’ll also be able to ditch a rain jacket, a medium-sized jacket, and a sweater.

That’s not only more space saved but also about 3 lbs less weight to carry on your back. 

If you want to make your bag a little lighter, or just want a jacket that will take you anywhere, then you will not regret getting GAMMA.

It’s an amazing investment for travelers, and it lasts for life. 

Graphene clothes are brand new technology, and they aren’t super cheap.

But, you can get over 40% off a GAMMA jacket if you pre-order.

That’s over $200 in savings for the ultimate travel jacket.

Don’t wait to get yours.

The first batch will ship in time for you to enjoy travel season to the fullest.

Learn more about graphene clothing and pre-order your GAMMA jacket at