IHG stands for InterContinental Hotels Group. The company has acquired the 18th brand in its lineup by partnering recently with Iberostar Beachfront Resorts.

The partnership agreement states that Iberostar will still own its brand at 100% capacity so that it can maintain its brand originality. 

This partnership will integrate about 70 more hotels in the brand’s name with the guidance of owner and Spanish billionaire, Miquel Fluxà Rosselló, who has a net worth of close to $4 billion as the leader of Iberostar.

Hence, there will be about another 24,000 rooms worldwide to enhance hotel availability for tourists and travelers. 

Iberostar has been in operation for almost 70 years as a family-run establishment. The new hotel locations will be based in Mexico, and Spain within the Canary Islands, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. Iberostar’s Mexico resorts encompass multiple activities available throughout the country.

Mexico’s Premier All-Inclusive Resorts

Mexico’s new and improved all-inclusive resorts are bringing enhanced hotel amenities to tourists so that you can have a well-rounded vacation within your budget.

Booking a stay at an all-inclusive hotel means that food, beverages, and most other amenities are included in your hotel package unless the amenity otherwise specifies that it will incur an extra convenience charge. 

Playa Mita

Iberostar’s Playa Mita location incorporates various local Mexican cultures in its decor as you enjoy the scenery from the Pacific Ocean and the mountaintops nearby.

Enjoy the seaside resort to relax at the beach on-premises or in one of the pools inside. Spectate the Sunset Circus where performers throw around fire stakes.

Indulge in tequila tastings for a taste of the local culture. If you prefer more relaxing and spiritually connecting entertainment, try Sunset Yoga or Full Moon Yoga where you have a light exercise by the beach at either sunset or under the moon at night. 


The Cancun location is another beachside resort that will have you feeling like you are in a tropical paradise during your stay.

Choose from one of the nine local beaches available to explore and relax during the day in a 22 km radius throughout Cancun. Playa Ninos is within the area of the Cancun Iberostar hotel.  

Dive into the Great Mayan Reef to see the local wildlife within the second-biggest reef internationally. Explore the Archaeological Zone El Rey to learn about the ancient Mayan civilization that has influenced modern-day Mexican culture. 


Iberostar’s Cozumel location offers something different for its all-inclusive beach resorts.

The bungalow-style hotel suites feature big front windows that let in a lot of light into your room and sometimes with poolside or direct beach access that gives you more of a tropical vacation experience. 

Get your hair styled at the on-premises beauty salon to integrate a self-care routine into your stay. Enjoy watersports and boating on the Great Mayan Reef.

When you are done with your water adventures, indulge in one of their professional entertainment shows. 

Riviera Maya

Take a stop at the Riviera Maya Iberostar location with swimming in a choice of one of eight pools. Jump into the exhilaration of the Aquafun indoor water park that features water slides, a lazy river, wave pools, and other fun attractions for children of all ages. 

When you want to get lunch or dinner, watch chefs cook your meal live as you wait to be served. With the all-inclusive perk, you will experience endless enjoyment with the live cooking experience in the dining room.

If you prefer to relax in your hotel room, you can have the meals delivered by 11 pm local time with room service. 

Iberostar’s World-Class Amenities

Iberostar’s all-inclusive hotel amenities include free Wi-Fi with your stay, a babysitting service at an extra charge, a golf course, tennis, a fitness room, and many more. The varied fitness activities available can help to keep patrons lively and entertained. 

When you need a break from the children to go enjoy an adult activity, the babysitting service comes in handy. The babysitting staff is certified in child care services and CPR to keep your little ones safe as you have fun with other hotel amenities. 

Take a break and let loose at the on-premises nightclub and disco room. Explore the unseen ocean wildlife using the PADI-certified Diving Centre service, which can incur an additional charge beyond your usual nightly hotel fees. 

Every all-inclusive hotel may not have the same amenities as the other. For example, while all the hotels have access to indoor pools, some may have live cooking or a beauty salon on-premises as others may not have these special amenities. 

Why Are All-Inclusive Hotels Becoming More Popular? 

All-inclusive hotels are becoming more popular as travelers try to dial down on how much they have to commute to enjoy a good time in another country.

These hotels have many different sports, entertainment, dining, child care, and other special amenities that keep hotel goers on the premises to enjoy their vacation. 

Booking a stay at an all-inclusive hotel reduces the overall budgeting involved with travel. Plus, it saves emission costs from not having to jump in the car to go to many different attractions during one’s stay.

Hence, hotel goers do not have to leave unless they want to see a tourist attraction that’s farther away from the vacation spot. 

While all-inclusive hotel stays are much more expensive than planning different trip highlights separately, the convenience of the experience outweighs the high-cost investment.

Rather than have to go out and purchase every meal separately, enjoy the all-inclusive meal access at the hotel. Purchasing meals separately can cause increased delivery and tip fees that otherwise do not have to be paid with an all-inclusive stay. 


The partnership between IHG and Iberostar is an advancement for both entities as Iberostar enhances its family-run business and IHG adds yet another brand to its portfolio to boost its overall brand image.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly vacation plan with high-class amenities that will allow you and your family to have a great time, book a hotel stay at one of Iberostar’s new locations.

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