Kiwi For Gmail


Kiwi for Gmail is the oh so sweet answer to bridging the gap between Gmail on the web and a desktop client that comes with all the bells and whistles many of us have come to expect and need. Let’s face it – email is our professional and personal lifeline and too often web-based email leaves us feeling frustrated. Kiwi for Gmail means to change that.

Think of it as freedom from the browser – unleashed and unabashed – but with all the Gmail benefits you love – support for multiple email accounts, Google hangouts, drive attachments and notifications.

It’s all there with Kiwi for Gmail – an app with a seamless integration into G-Suite. The developers of the app spent two years creating what they describe as “a true email client, not a trimmed down browser.”

Let’s go ahead and jump right into some of my favorite features, shall we?

Kiwi for Gmail - Standalone App

Standalone Software

Kiwi for Gmail is a powerful, all-in-one client with a number of must-have features that look just like the web-based Gmail you’re used to – no need to learn a new, clunky interface. This is a huge bonus in my book. But don’t be fooled into thinking because it looks like the same old Gmail that it is simply running in a separate window. Kiwi for Gmail is actually its own program for Macs and operates like a native macOS app so it’s quick and responsive.

Kiwi for Gmail - Manage Multiple Accounts

Manage Multiple Accounts

Kiwi for Gmail also makes it possible to add more features and fun stuff to your email client – like adding multiple Gmail or Google Apps and managing them with ease.

Say goodbye to logging into and out of one account to access another. This is another big bonus because who doesn’t have multiple email accounts these days? Sure, there are hassle ridden work arounds for this using your browser but with the super simple UI of Kiwi for Gmail you can click from one account to another and color code each account to help you organize and manage your accounts much more easily.

Note: The full version of app lets you add up to six separate accounts at one time!


Multiple Windows (Compose, Docs, Previews & More)

Composing emails is also a breeze with Kiwi for Gmail. Having the option to automatically ‘Compose’ in a new window is super convenient. Why is this so handy? Well, it means you can open an email next to another document that you might be using for reference.

Kiwi for Gmail describes the benefit of reliable, multiple accounts this way:

“Distinct from what Gmail uses in the browser, we designed a powerful engine that allows multiple accounts to be used together with 100% fidelity.”

Notification Controls

Notification Controls

And we can’t talk about email with delving into notifications. We love them and we hate them. But either way we need them to stay on top of things.

Fortunately, Kiwi for Gmail allows you to easily turn off all notifications if they are making you crazy or you can choose to receive only notifications from emails that you have marked important.

Kiwi for Gmail - Unread Count

Unread Counts by Account

But wait, there is more. The Kiwi for Gmail app also adds a menu-bar icon that shows you your total unread mail count across all of your email accounts. With just one click you can see which one of your email accounts needs the most attention today.

The menu-bar also allows for easy access to each one of those accounts, and you compose a new message right there from the menu-bar.

And remember those pesky, but also important notifications? The Kiwi for Gmail menu-bar has a feature aptly named the Zen Switch, which will disable new email notifications, without silencing your entire computer’s notification set-up.

Kiwi for Gmail - Integrated Attachments

Integrated File Attachments

If you are like most people who use email frequently that probably means you also send a lot of attachments. Easy, easy, easy with Kiwi for Gmail. Simply choose a file, drag and drop into your new email. Done!

If it’s a large file or folders you want to share, the app lets you send them directly from your computer by right clicking on the file or folder. Then follow the prompts to select the account you want to use. Say goodbye to zipping files and sending them through dropbox.

Kiwi for Gmail - Google Apps Integration

G-Suite Integration

The sidebar on the app is where you’ll find access to your Google Apps. With just one click you can open Google Docs, Sheets and Slides and easily create new ones just like you would with Microsoft Office. And like all great apps, Kiwi for Gmail continues to adapt and roll out new and improved versions often.

Note: Recently the Kiwi for Gmail team announced integration support for Boomerang and promises more plug-ins are on the way based on what users request the most – so speak up on what you plugins you’d like to see!


Ready to streamline your email and give it a go? The set-up process is fast and simple. You’ll find an easy to follow tutorial as soon as you launch the app. Two-step verification is supported which means you do not need to create a different password for Kiwi for Gmail.

Note: There is a Kiwi for Gmail Lite version available for free or if you are ready to commit some cash, the full version is reasonably priced at $14.99. The Kiwi for Gmail website will give you all the info you need to know between the lite and fully featured versions.

Full Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Kiwi for Gmail in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.