Depending on where you’re from and the passport you hold, you might be eligible for a Mexican visa on arrival. Why? Well, the Mexican government has an agreement with over 60 countries that allows their citizens to spend up to 180 days in Mexico without a visa.

Instead of a visa, an FMM tourist card is an obligatory document needed to cross the Mexican border.

What is the Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM, and how can you get it? Your every FMM related question and concern is addressed below to expedite the process for you.

What is FMM Tourist Card?

The Forma Migratoria Multiple, I.e., FMM, is a Mexican tourist card needed for entrance even if you are from a visa-exempt country. The tourist card allows visitors to enjoy a short visit to Mexico for a maximum of 180 days per entrance.

The tourist card is compulsory no matter what your purpose of the visit is. Whether it is sightseeing, business meetings, or you plan to enter for entertainment tours, cultural events, etc, you need an FMM to cross Mexican borders.

However, a tourist card and visa are two separate documents. Depending on your nationality, you might not need a visa, but a tourist card is a must in any case. The card is applicable for entering Mexico through air and land means.

Getting the Mexico Tourist Card Online

How FMM Works?

The tourist card establishes proof that a foreign visitor has entered the country lawfully. The FMM consists of two parts: one is given to the visitor upon their arrival, and the other is kept by the Mexican authorities.

This slip must be kept safely as it is demanded on your departure, along with other legal documents such as your passport. The number of days you will stay in the state is also mentioned on the card, which could not be extended than the set limit of 180 days.

The card is valid for single entry only; if a holder decides to revisit the country, they will need a new tourist card. In case of losing your card during the visit, the Mexican immigration authority should be contacted immediately.

Individuals Eligible For FMM

FMM, commonly known as a tourist card, is required of all individuals, whether you are a business person, tourist, a student enrolled in short courses or anyone who wishes to enter Mexico for attending any event or conference.

The tourist card is applicable for short-term visits, I.e., less than 6 months; therefore, permanent residency does not require it. Major countries that enjoy the Mexican tourist card’s perks are Brazil, Canada, China, UK, the US, Switzerland, India, Pakistan, France, and Germany.

The Schengen visa holders do not need a Mexican visa if it’s in good standing. Having a tourist card will only be the necessary documentation you will need. Permanent residents from the USA, Canada, Japan, and the UK can enter Mexico with their FMM card without having to get a visa.

Can I Get it On Board The Plane?

The form for Mexico tourist card can be applied in two ways, either online or personally at the border. The details for both ways are discussed below:

Fill the form in person

The FMM tourist card can be filled out in person when you are on your way to Mexico. For traveling through airways, previously airlines provided the facility to fill out the FMM form in person. (However, now most airlines are phasing it out due to which online method is preferred that completes the process in less than 4 hours) While traveling through the land, you will need to provide a filled form at the crossing point. The seaways also require you to show the form for entrance.

Remember; as the tourist card is applicable for land and airways, the fee is different for both.

Getting the Mexico Tourist Card Online

Obtain FMM Online

For the convenience and speedy process, the government has developed a new system to get the FMM online from the comfort of your home setting. The procedure to obtain it online is simple. Tourists can easily find the form online, fill it, print it, and get it stamped on the immigration desk.

The validity of the card starts from the time it is stamped at the desk. If traveling through land ways, the card would allow you to enter the Mexican border and not the Republic of Mexico.

Where the form can be filled out in person, most people prefer to complete this step beforehand to avoid hassle at the airport. The online method is easy and is the same as the other option. The documents are submitted in digital format, the fee is paid through debit or credit cards, and you are ready to cross the border.

Required Information

The required information on the FMM card is mentioned below:

The form should be filled out with accuracy and using the same passport you have used for the application process. You can get your FMM approved and processed online urgently in less than an hour through the express processing option that many websites offer.

Tourist Card Available Online at

The electronic portal of Natvisa online allows you to get your Tourist card ready immediately and easily following a simple three-step procedure.

FMM Tourist Card Cannot Replace visa

FMM cannot replace visas for entry. If you are obliged to have a visa to enter the country, you will need to apply for it separately. Whether you choose to get your FMM online or fill it out in person, you will have to show it at the border, where the authorities will validate it.

For entering Mexico, you will need the following:

Is Extending Your Stay On Card Possible?

The FMM tourist card comes with an expiry date. If you extend your stay above the permitted dates, the Mexican immigration authorities can take severe action against you. As always, respecting the immigration and visa laws of the country of you’re visiting should be your top concern.

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Once your card expires, you will have to reapply for it and pay the fees again. There is no specific time limit before reapplying for the card when one expires. The country’s law imposes heavy fines on your departure if you overextend your stay, calculated based on the days spent after the allowed dates.

Perks of FMM Tourist Card

The FMM card gives visitors leverage to enjoy multiple activities like any other visa holder. Visitors can enjoy a quick short visit to Mexico without having to worry about the long, complicated visa procedures. The card allows you to attend exhibitions, carnivals, festivals, conferences, and much more.

For a special holiday at the Mexican beach and the architectural sights, a tourist visa card is enough to enjoy all if you are from a visa-exempt country. Sports, religious, and health events can also be visited with tourist cards.

Getting the Mexico Tourist Card Online

Some Quick Tips for Application Procedure

  • The tourist card does not allow any visitor to work and earn during their stay. The sole purpose of this card is to facilitate tourism and other recreational activities in the country. Engaging in activities not allowed on FMM can result in fines or deportation.
  • Keep the print-out copies of the form with you at all times. You may need to present the document to authorities at different stops.
  • You must fill the form correctly with exact details; otherwise, the form can be rejected.

Final Words

Mexico allows you to visit the country as many times as you want until and unless you can fulfill all the primary requirements of the Mexican Tourist Card, aka FMM.

To get a Mexican Tourist Card conveniently and quickly, you can apply online to become eligible to enjoy a Mexican visit just by clicking some buttons. The procedure is simple and the helpline assists you with any issue you may face promptly.

Mexico is so much more than what we see in movies. The Land of Mexico loves to amaze its guests with vibrant culture, savory food, mysterious sites, jaw-dropping beaches, and whatnot.

The interesting thing about Mexico is that you might not need a Mexican Visa when you plan a trip there. The reason is that the Mexican government has an agreement with over 60 countries that allows their citizens to enjoy a short trip to Mexico without a visa.

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