Yep, back to Alicante, Spain! If you’ve been keeping up to date with my travels since I began my euro trip back in April you should remember Alicante quite well. Alicante is not only the first place that I have ever CouchSurfed, but it was also the first country that I visited in Europe not counting Ireland of course! Not only did I enjoy the meeting a bunch of great people in Alicante but I also fell in love with the atmosphere and the amazing scenery that surrounds this beautiful coastal city.

Last night Liz headed off to take a “nap” at around 8:30PM and didn’t wake until about 11:30. She woke up, packed really quick and then fell back asleep again. I think the weekend in Galway really beat her up. I ended up getting some writing done for my website while I watched the EuroCup Final football match between Spain and Germany. Once Spain came out victorious I headed upstairs to pack some things before getting some much needed rest. If we were only heading to Spain one day earlier, we could have been involved in the chaos that went down after Spain won the match!

Our RyanAir flight from Dublin to Alicante was scheduled to leave at 1:30PM so we dragged ourselves out of bed and I ran downstairs and us some Irish bacon and toast. We jumped on the bus to Dublin Airport at around 10:30AM and when we arrived we checked our one bag for the both of us with no issues at all. Luckily we were only four ounces over weight, because RyanAir has really strict weight restrictions on checked baggage! They only allow 15 Kg’s per person. If you’re over weight, you pay 15 Euro per kilogram after that. The woman in front of us in line had to pay 180 Euro at the check in desk because she was 12 kilograms over weight. Yikes!

We got through security with no issues and made the 15 to 20 minute walk all the way down to gate D75 on the opposite end of the airport. We spent about an hour waiting to board the plane and once we finally got on, we got to sit right in the front row. It was perfect! There was plenty of leg room, and we were happy to be able to be first off the plane once we landed. Sweet! The flight was a little less than two and a half hours we actually arrived a little early. The same thing happened on my last flight to Alicante. RyanAir is known to be one of the most on time airlines in Europe!

When we stepped off of the plane it was about 28 degrees Celcius (approx. 82 F), with a beautiful breeze! Ahh, I love Spain! We took the C6 Bus from the airport right into the city where our hotel was awaiting us. I had a feeling that our hotel was close to the esplanade, but not this close! The location of this place is unreal! It’s literally on the esplanade!

There’s restaurants, and supermarkets within a one minute walk and the beach (Playa de Postiguet) is just three minutes away!

Our room is on the 14th floor and it faces the beautiful port of Alicante where all of the multi-million dollar yachts are parked up for the summer.

After we checked in and dropped our bags we headed off to a restaurant that I had been to when I was in Alicante the last time which was called Foster’s Hollywood Restaurant. An American restaurant of course! Last time I was here I had a great burger, and I was really looking forward to another one. The food was great as usual and we had a great time eating on the outdoor patio that overlooks the port of Alicante.

After dinner we walked along the boardwalk of the port until we reached the beach and the Melia Hotel. We looked around for a bit and then headed to a bar called Desden that I had been to quite a few times during my last visit to Alicante.

Desden is the spot if you’re looking for cheap drinks in a chilled out and relaxed atmosphere. They used to serve 1 Euro Pints of Budweiser but now they’ve changed over to a beer called Sam Miguel. Either way, a pint for 1 Euro (approx. $1.55 USD) is quite a deal. Liz got some sort of pink mixed drink and they were only 2 Euro so we spent about $4.65 USD for 2 drinks. You’d be hard pressed to even find a deal like that at home.

We each had a drink and then headed off and did some more walking along the esplanade which is all illuminated at night and filled with illegal street vendors trying to sell sunglasses, purses and more. Afterwards we had a little photo shoot at the colorful fountains across the street from the Melia Hotel.

We headed back to the hotel around midnight and headed to bed. Tomorrow we’ll probably spend a couple of hours on the beach and then take things as they come.