Hola from Alicante, Spain!

I have to say that yesterday was the first time that I’ve taken a flight where you have to walk out on to the airport tarmac and walk up the fold out stairs to board the plane. I’m used to walking through a tunnel of some sort and directly on to the plane. I guess that must be how RyanAir does it? I’m used to flying Aer Lingus but hey, you get what you pay for! The flight to Alicante wasn’t too bad actually. It took a little over two and a half hours and when we landed in Spain, it was about 70 degrees. The breeze was great and I was looking forward to meeting up with my CouchSurfing host Ania (Ahn-yah) so that I could go back to her place and drop my bags.

I took the C6 bus from Alicante airport to the Plaza De Luceros, one stop before where I was supposed to get off, but not being able to communicate with the bus driver didn’t help much. No habla espanol! After getting off at Plaza de Luceros I texted Ania to see if she could meet me there. She showed up and we walked back to her flat about 15 minutes or so from Alicante city center. The location of her flat is great, and her Lithuanian flatmate Aiste (eye-sta) was really friendly. Aiste’s mother and friend are also staying here in the flat with us, and they are pretty fun to hang out with. My bed for the next few nights? Well you’ll see a picture of that below. Haha!

A few hours after arriving Ania pulled out a bottle of red wine and poured us a glass of red wine mixed with sprite? I had never tried it before, and needless to say I will never try it again! Yuck. We had a few drinks before Ania’s fellow Polish friend Gosia (Go-sha) came by to have a couple drinks before we head out for the night. We headed off to the center of Alicante just before midnight so that we could stop into this bar called Desden, a popular night spot here in Alicante. I think the reason it’s so popular is because they offer 1 Euro pints before midnight. That is one hell of a deal! A pint of Budweiser for 1 Euro? I love SPAIN! I met a few Germans, and even an Algerian guy outside of Desden, everyone was pretty cool.

Later on, we headed off to a few places down the street from Desden, and the bouncers hand out a coupon for a free shot before you walk in the door to get you to go into the club. Two or three clubs later, two or three free shots later, we were on our way. It’s funny because it seems that everyone walks in to get their free shot, and then walks right back out the door. And that is exactly what we did. Talk about a cheap night here in Alicante!

Later on Ania, and I went to grab a late night Kebab. My first ever Kebab at that! I hadn’t ate since breakfast since I left Dublin, and it was now 1AM in Alicante. I ended up getting a Chicken Kebab with Carrots and Corn and to be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After we ate we ended up heading back to Ania’s flat and I zonked out pretty much as soon as I stepped in the door.

We woke up this morning around 11:00AM and headed straight for the beach. We took a train to San Juan beach which is about a 15 minute train ride from Alicante and it was really cheap (1.10 Euro) each way! Once we arrived at San Juan, I thought I was in paradise. The beach was beautiful, the water was clear and the mountainous scenery the hugs the shore in the distance was unreal. As soon as I laid my towel down, I headed straight for the water. It was a little colder than I had expected, but still no where near as cold as the water back home! Anyone that knows me, knows that I never go in the water at the beach at home. It’s FREEZING!

We spent about three and a half hours sunbathing at San Juan and I roamed the beach looking for food. I came upon a restaurant on the beach and asked if they sold hamburgers? The guy behind the bar who spoke very little English said yes, we sell hamburgers. I was in my glory. My first hamburger in Spain! Until I sat down on the beach and took a bite out of it, I realized that it was quite possibly the worst burger I’ve ever had in my life. I didn’t think you could go wrong with a burger? But maybe it was rat, or kangaroo or something. Haha. Whatever it was, is in my stomach now and I could care less at this point. I was too hungry to even think about not eating it. After the beach we headed back to Ania’s and I made a few calls back to the states to catch up with everyone.

Tonight I’m heading out with Ania to visit Gosia who works at an Irish Pub here in Alicante. I’m hoping I can get a nice dinner while I’m there, and considering Spain is so cheap (compared to Ireland) I might even have a few pints along with my meal!

Til’ next time…