After almost two years of grounded flights, tons of health restrictions, and scary news about the pandemic, it finally feels like we’re going into a new age.

Vaccines are still available, and fewer and fewer people are getting infected. Now it feels like we can breathe a sigh of relief and maybe head in the direction of normalcy.

The “new normal” of life and COVID has diminished since last year, the health restrictions and fear of getting infected are still there. 

As we prepare to travel again in this post COVID era, there are some things that you should consider. One of them is how the industries surrounding traveling have changed.

For example, international travel has been stricken with a huge blow ever since the pandemic started. With tons of regulations they had to follow, service providers have been forced to adapt to support travelers in safety and precaution. 

Not to mention that there is still pressure from the government to do better when it comes to traveler safety, especially for the locals.

With all that in mind, how exactly are you going to travel while still being safe from the virus? Here are some tips for doing so.

Ask a Professional

One thing you can do to play it safe is to always talk to a professional, namely, a travel advisor. You might think, “What do I need a travel advisor for? I’ve been traveling for years already!”

Well, ladies and gents, almost none of you have traveled during a pandemic before, even if that’s the case. “During? We’re already in the post COVID era!”

Yes, that is true, but that doesn’t mean that the virus is fully gone. Many countries are still struggling to contain the plague, especially developing countries.

If you want to be safe during your travels, ask for advice and tips from a travel advisor. They are on top of all the knowledge regarding safety regulations in different countries.

They know which countries are safe to travel in and which are still dangerous. Not only that, they can tell you which airline is safer to travel with and will even recommend hotels in places that will less likely make you infected. In short, they know many things about being safe while traveling.

Passenger Safety

When traveling via car locally or to your destination, bringing in many passengers has a lot of risks. When it comes to passengers, limit the number according to how big your vehicle is or bring individual vehicles for the trip.

When stopping for gas or snacks, make sure that you will designate someone with low risk. This will make them less likely to be infected, but don’t be complacent.

Go Somewhere Safer

One reason for vacation that people often say is because it’s now safer. True but going to a place where it’s not safe is ironic. That said, one criterion that a lot of people consider when traveling is the price.

If it’s even just a little bit expensive, many people will throw that out of the question. For the most part, many people will get cheap ones because they are often exciting and adventurous. However, it’s not always a good choice, especially during the post COVID era.

A great way for travelers to be safe is to be very thoughtful about the destinations they want to go to. When picking a destination, pick one with many purpose-built health and safety protocols and facilities.

These protocols would test travelers, even if they are immune or vaccinated, to a disciplined testing and entry requirement before going into the country.

Sure, it might be a bit too bothersome, but at least you can feel safe. However, don’t be too complacent about safety, even if that’s the case.

Wash your hands, and more importantly, don’t do anything that will risk your and your family’s health and safety.

Find a Safe Place to Stay

You need somewhere to stay when you’re going out of town. A hotel would be good for most people, or a rental home would also be nice.

No matter your choice, make sure that the place you will be staying in has health protocols in place. Before booking, you should look at the hotel’s or rental cleaning protocols.

Due to the pandemic, rentals and hotels alike have been more transparent regarding cleaning and health protocols. They want their guests to know that they’re doing everything to keep them safe.

Stay Ahead of Safety Regulations

The pandemic has impacted the traveling industry and how people prepare and travel for their trips. While before, the only things that travelers fret about were the weather and the climate of the country they’re going to, nowadays, safety regulations are on the top of their lists.

Changes in travel regulations and health restrictions are changing on almost a weekly basis.

For example, in addition to securing a travel visa, travelers should now also complete a health declaration, vaccination, etc.

In addition, in some cases, depending on the destination, they must take a PCR test before going to the country.

Of course, most of us are still anxious about getting the virus or passing it to vulnerable people. So we must know to book trips according to the health regulations or risk getting infected or even deported in some cases.

Not only that but finding travel insurance can also be a pain if you’re looking for one. This is important as some countries make it mandatory to have one.

That said, before you go ahead and book a flight, it’s always important to be ahead of the country’s safety regulations.

Final Words

Even though we’re already in the post-pandemic era, it doesn’t mean that the virus has disappeared.

In fact, with strange rumors regarding it mutating to different kinds, it’s all the more reason now to be prepared when planning a trip.

Surely, you and your family’s safety is more important than a few days of having fun in a foreign country, right?