The Great Lakes are one of the most popular vacation destinations in the USA. If you’ve never visited yourself, we highly recommend it for your next trip away! After all, there’s a lot to do around the lakes, from visiting famous cities, trying out amazing food, and spending time in and on the water. And if that’s piqued your interest enough, here are the details you’ll want to know when making your upcoming vacation plans!

Amazing Summer Weather

The Great Lakes region is known for being warm and humid during the summer time, when it’s usually cold to freezing at all other points throughout the year. Indeed, the deep water found in the lakes themselves is dangerous to spend time in when the sun isn’t out, but as soon as summer hits, it’s one of the best places to be to enjoy the weather. Not to mention you can hike, cycle, and even golf your way down the shore during this peak season! 

Why You Should Spend Your Next Vacation At The Great Lakes

Some Beautiful Major Cities are Nearby

When you visit the lakes, you can also visit Detroit in Michigan and Chicago in Illinois. These are two of the most well known cities in all of the USA, and if you’ve never visited them before, you can take a day in either direction. If you ever get tired of spending time at the lakes themselves (which is impossible in our opinion!) you can go inland to shop, sightsee, and eat out. 

A Boating Adventure Like No Other

The Great Lakes are literally great when it comes to watersports. You can sail, kayak, go water skiing, and numerous other things, depending on which lake you visit. Lake Michigan, for example, is more like a mini ocean than it is a lake, so you may want to hire out a bigger boat than you were planning! Indeed, a new report on the best boating cities by GetMyBoat lists Chicago near the top, so if you love feeling the adventure of the open water, make sure you consider at least one of the lakes for your next trip. 

Get Up Close and Personal with Wonderful Wildlife

Seeing as the Great Lakes are on the Canadian border, you can find a lot of wildlife from both sides of the North American continent while you’re visiting. Grey wolves tend to be the biggest draw, but you can also witness moose and bald eagles, as well as plenty of marine life. If you’re a fan of fishing, you’ll find an abundance of trout, bass, and walleye in any of the lakes, but Lake Michigan and Superior tend to be the favorites. 

So, have you visited the Great Lakes before? If not, it could be the best vacation destination for you. It has a lot to offer a visitor during the summer season, and you can spend nearly every day on the shore line when you’re in the area. Go fishing, golfing, and boating, and meet like minded people wherever you turn. 

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