Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Why Vegas?

You may be wondering why Liz and I are back in Las Vegas again… it’s my third time and Liz’s fourth time visiting Vegas over the course of the last few years. Here’s the deal…

As you may or may not know, this past weekend Liz turned 27 (Happy Birthday Love!) and we happened to score a great deal on flights and a hotel in Vegas so we decided to head back one more time. Yes, Las Vegas gets old, really OLD after the first trip or two.

At this point we have pretty much done and seen everything there is, or at least everything that we’re interested in seeing/doing in Vegas so why come back? Well, our decision to head back to Las Vegas was based on the following factors:

  1. The cheapest flights we could find were to Vegas when we were looking into booking a weekend getaway ($340/pp)
  2. We found out that we could stay 4-nights at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino for $260 incl. taxes and fees
  3. We stumbled upon two really cool activities that we had never done before (Sun Buggy and Vegas Indoor Skydiving) and thought we could do something “different” during our visit to Vegas.
  4. We figured out that we would be able to rent a car for cheap money ($125.36 / 5 days). This would allow us to explore some places off of the strip.

Vegas is cool because it’s easy, convenient for a weekend getaway, and can be cheap depending on what your interests and way of life is. Other than that, Vegas is B-O-R-I-N-G.

My Opinions/Tips on Vegas

  • Hotels can be cheap depending on the deals you find. Sign up for all of the hotels email lists in order to get the best deals direct to your email inbox!
  • If you like to gamble waste your money, you can forget about doing Vegas on a budget!
  • Food is extremely expensive if you eat anywhere on the strip! Eat at restaurants “off the strip” if you want to save tons of money.
  • You could potentially go to any one of the buffets in Las Vegas and spend anywhere from $25-50 but you must be ready to eat $50 worth of food. I’ve been to a couple of “The Best Buffet’s in Las Vegas” in my day and the food was crap! In saying that, if you’re looking to get obese fast, I highly recommend you hit up any one of the Vegas buffets!
  • Immigrants line Las Vegas Boulevard handing out business cards with all sorts of naked prostitutes on them, if you’ve got kids do your best to avoid these idiots. Trust me, they will have no issue with placing a naughty business card in your kids hand if you’re not paying attention. As for the trucks sitting in traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard with half naked women plastered all over them… umm blind fold your kids for the entire vacation!?
  • Activities and alternative things to do other than gamble add up quick!
  • 48-72 hours is plenty if it’s your second trip out to Vegas. To be honest, I would be satisfied with 48 hours in Vegas once every year or two… If it’s your first time to Vegas, 4 days should be plenty. 5 days would be pushing it to the absolute limit!

Liz’s Birthday Weekend Begins…

Our flight landed in Las Vegas around 11PM, the pilot comes on the intercom and says “Welcome to Las Vegas everyone! it’s a surprisingly chilly night here tonight with a temperature of 104 degrees!” He was obviously joking about the chilly part…

Both Liz and I packed carry on bags (yes, Liz packed a carry on bag – LOVE IT!) for our weekend in Vegas so once we exited the plane, we dashed straight to the rental car airport shuttle.

Close Call…

Once we boarded the shuttle I told the driver who was organizing bags on racks that my Canon T2i with two lenses is in the front of my carry on so please be careful when handling it. I felt the need to tell him after seeing him toss peoples bags up on to the racks with no care at all. Half way to the rental car center the driver makes a sharp turn and out of all twenty-something bags mine flies straight off of the rack on to the floor. I cringed…

I was aggravated that he didn’t place the bag on the floor, instead he placed it on an upper rack so the bag actually took a four foot drop before crashing on to the floor. After carefully inspecting my camera and lenses, everything was still in one piece. Thank god! I guess I should thank the Walkin’ Bag for protecting my gear on such a big fall.

Las Vegas Strip Timelapse

Once we sorted out the details for our rental car, I mounted my GoPro HD camera on the roof of the car and we cruised from the rental car center all the way down to the other side of the strip and checked into our hotel (The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino). Check out the Vegas Strip Timelapse video below…


That 4 mile ride shown in the video above took exactly 34 minutes due to the insane amounts of traffic on the strip. Remind you, the video was shot around midnight. This city really never sleeps!

Stratosphere Hotel & Casino

By the time we settled into our room it was just about 1AM. Here’s a quick look at our room in the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino below…

Stratosphere Hotel & Casino

Our room at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino

We scored this double queen room for $260 USD for 4 nights!

Tip: Curious to find out how I scored four nights in Las Vegas for only $260? Here’s the secret… do yourself a favor and sign up for all of the email lists for the hotels in Las Vegas that you’re interested in staying at. You’ll notice almost instantly that you’ll start to receive a bunch of great offers from these hotels. The hotels in Las Vegas are willing to host you at their hotel for cheap in hopes that you’ll gamble at their casinos!

Here’s the breakdown of our room rates, taxes and resort fees below:

  • Friday – $69.00
  • Saturday – $69.00
  • Sunday – $34.00
  • Monday – $34.00
  • Avg. Daily Rate: $51.50
  • Room Cost (4-nights): $206.00
  • Resort Fees: $30.00
  • Room Tax: $24.72
  • Total Room Cost: $260.72

Early Morning Desert Adventure…

We had an exciting adventure planed with Sun Buggy at 9AM the following morning! Photos and video from our day in the desert with Sun Buggy coming soon!