Pigeon Forge is a vacation destination that brings family fun and adventure together in one place.

Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, visit some of the most popular attractions in the country or get away from it all, there are plenty of things to do.

Those who have never been here often wonder what it’s like and why people are so excited about visiting this area.

If you’re planning your first trip to Pigeon Forge, these ten reasons will give you an idea of what to expect during your stay.

1. Attractions for Every Member of the Family

Most people envision shopping centers and theme parks when thinking of Pigeon Forge.

This might be true if you’re traveling with kids, but adults also love to discover new things to do when they visit a new city. In Pigeon Forge, there are attractions designed for everyone.

There are amusement parks where families can ride roller coasters and other thrilling rides and shows that feature world-class musicians and performers.

In addition, you can experience a wide variety of restaurants serving mouthwatering food.

You can also spend a day at Dollywood and enjoy the spectacular live musical performances.

No matter how old you are, Pigeon Forge has something exciting for everyone.

2. Mind-Blowing Hotels and Condos

Hotel rooms and condos in Pigeon Forge come with everything you need to feel right at home.

You can choose anything from a standard hotel room to a condo suite or even a townhouse rental with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Condos in Pigeon Forge offer spacious lodging, and many feature full kitchens, living areas with large screen televisions, and laundry facilities.

When you book a condo, you’ll have the freedom to cook your meals instead of eating out every night or having to eat on the go while sightseeing around town.

he hotels also have amenities, including indoor pools, saunas, and hot tubs.

3. Exciting Outdoor Adventures

Pigeon Forge is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for outdoor adventure.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park attracts millions of visitors each year and offers countless opportunities for hiking, camping, and exploring nature.

If you prefer being close to the water, however, Pigeon Forge is surrounded by rivers, lakes, and streams. From canoeing and kayaking to fishing and swimming, there are plenty of ways to explore the beautiful mountains surrounding Pigeon Forge.

Wildlife enthusiasts also love coming here because there are plenty of places to see animals in their natural habitat.

4. Unique Shopping Centers

Pigeon Forge is known for its unique shopping centers and many people head to Pigeon Forge looking for souvenirs and mementos to remind them of their time here.

In the 1980s, tourists began arriving in droves to shop in the quaint towns nearby.

Today, there are dozens of shops in Pigeon Forge offering everything from handmade crafts to locally made pottery. There are also plenty of stores that sell brand-name apparel and accessories.

5. Wonderful Restaurants with Mouthwatering Food

One of the best parts about visiting Pigeon Forge is the delicious food. Although you can get almost anything in the area, trying the local specialties is a must.

Local restaurants serve smoked barbecue and fried chicken in most small towns around Pigeon Forge.

Most of these eateries have been serving locals and tourists alike for decades and have perfected their recipes over the years.

If you’re looking for a more refined dining experience, you can visit one of the fine restaurants in Pigeon Forge.

These establishments offer everything from fresh seafood to steaks cooked to perfection. There are also plenty of bars around town where you can sip your favorite cocktail and enjoy live entertainment.

6. Amazing Attractions and Shows

You can find great entertainment in Pigeon Forge and see everything from magic shows to concerts featuring international acts.

Whether you’re into music, comedy, or drama, you’ll find a performance that suits your tastes. There are also plenty of shows that appeal to children.

Families can take in a movie at Dollywood Theater or watch the animals at Noah’s Ark. There are also plenty of kid-friendly attractions and carnivals where your little ones can have a blast. 

7. Fresh Mountain Air

The Smoky Mountains are one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the United States. They were formed millions of years ago and continue to change and evolve.

No two visits to the area are ever the same. If you’re lucky enough to visit during the spring, you might catch the beautiful flowers blooming around the mountain peaks.

During the summer, you can cool off while taking a swim in a local pool. If you visit during autumn, you can witness the trees changing colors as the temperature drops.

However, no matter what season it is, you can always enjoy the fresh mountain air and scenic views.

8. Nearby Farmers Markets

Another thing that makes visiting Pigeon Forge so appealing are the farmers’ markets nearby. This attraction draws locals and tourists alike because it has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll find them here. At the same time, you can also purchase homemade goods such as honey and jam.

There are also dozens of craft vendors at the farmers’ market. You can also buy jewelry, pottery, and candles.

Furthermore, you can pick up fresh ingredients to cook for yourself or try some of the delicious dishes served in the restaurants around town.

9. Incredible Art Galleries

Pigeon Forge is home to some of the best galleries in the area. Some of these works are part of permanent exhibits, but others are temporary.

The artists use every part of the area to create amazing pieces of art. For instance, you can see beautiful murals painted on buildings and statues carved out of wood.

Visitors can also view sculptures throughout the city, including in front of the museum. Some popular attractions include the Giant Chair, the Peacock Fountain, and the Lariat Pole.

They offer glorious photography opportunities for those who love to snap pictures.


It’s easy to see why Pigeon Forge draws so many tourists each year. So put visiting this beautiful city on your bucket list and get ready to experience some of the best food, entertainment, and hospitality you’ll ever find!