inZagreb Gallery Apartment Review


inZagreb consists of a collection of ten modernly designed, serviced apartments available for short term rent. All of inZagreb’s rentals are conveniently located in and around Zagreb city center.

Our recent stay in Zagreb had us spending three wonderful nights in inZagreb’s “Gallery” themed apartment.

In Zagreb Gallery Apartment


The bedroom in the Gallery apartment was on the smaller end of the spectrum in comparison to other apartments that we’ve stayed in along the way. In saying that, we don’t spend too much time lounging around in bed when we travel so the size of the room really wasn’t an issue.

What really mattered to us was that the bed was incredibly comfortable. We also enjoyed the fact that there was two separate comforters on the bed as it saves one person from being cold during the night after the other steals a majority of the blankets. Kidding!

The closet in the bedroom was really spacious and was a convenient place to store our bags/luggage.

As you will see below, the door to the bedroom branches off from the living room area and is not a full door. The problem we encountered with this window pane style door is that I would stay up late working on my computer at the kitchen table with the light on and Liz couldn’t get to sleep due to the light shining through the doorway. Of course, this was a very minor issue, but I just thought it was something that needed to be pointed out in the review.

In Zagreb Gallery Apartment


The living room area was equipped with a leather three seater couch and a single seat chair. There was a small glass coffee table in the center with a small area rug that really helped separate the living area from the rest of the dining/kitchen area.

We were sort of surprised to see such an old tv in the living room considering large flat panel LCD televisions are so damn cheap these days. We don’t watch much tv on the road so it wasn’t an issue for us but if we had to find one thing in the apartment that needed an upgrade, it would definitely be the television. The ol’ 19″ tube tv just ain’t cutting it!

In Zagreb Gallery Apartment

Above, you can see the view from the living room into the kitchen area. We particularly loved the fact that there was bright and colorful artwork on the walls. Sure, it was foam core art, but it still added an interesting vibe to the place.

In Zagreb Gallery Apartment


We absolutely loved the kitchen! I mean, how could you not love this? The modern design and fun decorations (top right) really added a fun spin to the whole open kitchen concept.

As you can see in the photo above, the kitchen was equipped with just about everything under the sun. From a microwave to an oven, untensils, toaster, tea kettle and more.

The tall grey cabinets on the right hand side of the photo are home to one big storage area for food and snacks and a full sized refrigerator.

Once again, we really enjoyed the mixture of colors in the kitchen, especially the orange brushed metal cabinet on the top left hand side of the photo above.

In Zagreb Gallery Apartment


Last but not least, the bathroom. A insanely bright and immaculately clean bathroom with a shower/tub, toilet, bidet and even a washer and dryer (not shown) was all we needed and more.


If you’re interested in staying within a short walking distance of Ban Josip Jelacic Square (Main Square in Zagreb City Center), then you’ll definitely enjoy your stay here.

Around the corner, you will find a small SPAR supermarket, a few clothing stores, and even the tram line which will bring you into Ban Josip Jelacic Square, the main train station and more. There are also several small restaurants and bakeries nearby.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Washing Machine and dryer
  • Air conditioning and central heating
  • Comfortable bed with two separate comforters
  • Maps and local information on-site. Recommended restaurants available.
  • Fully equipped kitchen (Oven, microwave, four burner stove top, kettle, coffee pot, utensils, pots, pans and more.
  • Fresh Towels


If you’re looking for a clean, comfortable and artsy place to stay during your next visit to Zagreb, we highly recommend that you check out inZagreb’s Gallery apartment.

Website: inZagreb Gallery Apartment

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