The Colorful Streets of Old San Juan Pt. II

The Colorful Streets of Old San Juan Part II. After seeing these photos, you’ll want to jump on the next flight to PR!

Pastel Buildings in San Juan

Calle De Tetuan San Juan


Fort San Felipe del Morro San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan Cemetary

San Juan Cemetary

It's been a long day...

Old Streets of San Juan

Blues, Pinks, and Greens

Old San Juan Graffiti

The Pink House - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Colorful Cargo Ship San Juan

[box]Have you seen part 1 of this series? If not, be sure to check out The Colorful Streets of Old San Juan Part 1![/box]


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  1. Great pictures! We used to live on St. Croix and had to stop in San Juan almost every time we flew to the mainland. Often we tried to book long layovers. Thanks for the memories.
    -David & Veronica

  2. Love it! You totally captured the essence of Old San Juan! I’m going there this weekend to visit my family, so I’ll be strolling around those streets once again. :)

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