PTM Egypt Tours are personalized, small group tours tailored to those of you who have always dreamed of visiting Egypt but never really knew where to begin when it comes to all of the planning and logistics involved.

After spending the last few years traveling to Egypt and building deep connections on the ground there, I’ve managed to turn my dreams of running tours in Egypt into a reality. Fortunately for you, you no longer have to worry about all of the hassles that come along with planning your next trip to Egypt — simply join me on one of my tours and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to experience a trip of a lifetime without ever having to book a single hotel, activity, excursion or domestic flight within Egypt.

Below, you’ll find all of the details about my upcoming PTM Egypt Tour scheduled for October 2018.

Experience Egypt Tour Package

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

Join me in October to experience some of the best that Egypt has to offer — from the Great Pyramids of Giza to the step pyramid of Saqqara, visits to the ancient tombs and temples by day and by night, a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the West Bank of Luxor, a sunset felucca ride on the Nile, a day of snorkeling in the Red Sea and so much more!

Group Size: Limited to a maximum of 10 Guests

Length: 10 days/9 Nights

Date(s): October 7th-16th, 2018


There are still some spots left for the Oct 17th-26th tour below.

Experience Egypt Tour package

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

Join me in October to experience some of the best that Egypt has to offer — from the Great Pyramids of Giza to the step pyramid of Saqqara, visits to the ancient tombs and temples by day and by night, a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the West Bank of Luxor, a sunset felucca ride on the Nile, a day of snorkeling in the Red Sea and so much more!

Group Size: Limited to a maximum of 10 Guests

Length: 10 days/9 Nights

Date(s): October 17th-26th, 2018


DAY 01


Welcome to Egypt!

Our representative will be waiting for you at Cairo International Airport with a sign with your name on it and will assist you with your visa.

From there, we’ll grab your bags and our complimentary airport transportation will take you directly to the hotel. I will be there to greet you and personally check you in. You will have the rest of the afternoon to settle in and enjoy at your leisure.

In the evening you will have the opportunity to join us for our official meet and greet dinner on the Nile.

DAY 02


Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx & Saqqara!

Today is the first official day of the tour and we’re going BIG!

First stop: The Pyramids of Giza — Our guide will provide us with some history and interesting facts about this incredible ancient wonder and then you’ll have free time to wander. Once you’ve taken enough Pyramid selfies we will make our way out to “Panorama”, where you’ll have the opportunity to take an optional camel ride (a guest favorite!) which takes you out into the desert for the most picturesque views of the Pyramids from a distance.

After our delicious, traditional style Egyptian lunch we will make our way to Saqqara to explore some of the tombs and temples at the site. You’ll also get a chance to see Djoser’s step pyramid up close and personal.

DAY 03


Egyptian Museum, The Citadel & Muhammad Ali Mosque

This morning we’ll head to the Egyptian Museum for a guided tour of the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities.

Here, you’ll get the opportunity to see famed, solid gold death mask of King Tutankhamen and visit the Royal Mummy room.

After the Museum we’ll make our way to the Citadel to visit the Muhammad Ali Mosque — the most visited mosque in Egypt. Our guide will show us the highlights of the mosque and then you’ll have some free time to take photos of the city from above. As one of Cairo’s highest points, the views from here are absolutely spectacular.

This evening we will fly to Luxor, check in to our hotel and enjoy a relaxing evening on the Nile.

DAY 04


The Ancient Temples of Karnak & Luxor

Today we spend our morning exploring the ancient temple of Karnak — the second largest religious site in the world and the second most visited historical site in Egypt.

Our professional guide will take us on a tour and then you’ll have free time to explore all of the little nooks, crannies and photo opportunities that this enormous temple has to offer.

In the late afternoon we’ll round everyone up for one of my favorite parts of the trip — a sunset cruise on the Nile aboard our own private felucca (w/ drinks in hand, of course!)

The remainder of our evening will be spent touring the ancient temple of Luxor by nightfall. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful this temple is when it’s all lit up at night.

DAY 05


Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride, Valley of the Kings & Hatshepsut Temple

This morning you’ll have the opportunity to join us on an optional sunrise hot air balloon ride over Luxor. Yes, it’s an early start but trust me when I say that it will be one of the most memorable mornings of your life.

After we touchdown, we’ll be on our way to explore some of the most popular sites on Luxor’s famous west bank.

Our first stop will be at the Valley of the Kings where we’ll get to enter deep inside a few of the ancient tombs. The most famous tomb in the Valley of the Kings is the tomb of King Tutankhamen (aka King Tut) and you’ll be able to enter his tomb at an additional cost.

Last but not least, our final stop of the day will be to the imposing limestone, colonnaded Temple of Hatshepsut.

DAY 06

Hurghada, EGYPT

Travel from Luxor to Hurghada — 5* Red Sea Resort

Today we’ll be traveling from Luxor to Hurghada by private van. The ride will take us approximately 3.5-4 hours.

Once we arrive at our 5* Red Sea resort we will get you all checked in and then you’ll have the day at your leisure to enjoy the pool, beach, spa or whatever else it is that you desire.

DAY 07

Hurghada, EGYPT

Snorkeling Trip to the Giftun Islands (Optional)

Now that you’ve seen enough ancient temples and tombs to last you a lifetime, it’s time to get you some much needed Vitamin Sea!

This morning we’ll be picked up at our hotel and taken to the departure point for our day at sea.

Grab your fins, snorkel, sunscreen and underwater camera (if you have one) and prepare yourself for a snorkeling adventure like none other.

Fun Fact: The Red Sea is known to be one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in the world.

Note: Those who want to sit this one out and kick back at the resort are free to do so although this is something that I highly recommend!

DAY 08

Hurghada, EGYPT

ATV Desert Safari Trip (Optional)

After a full day of snorkeling and catchin’ rays in the Giftun Islands, it’s time for us to change gears and hit the desert — full speed ahead.

Today you’ll have the opportunity to experience a true desert safari and see what it’s like to cruise through the desert on a 4-wheeler and we’ll make a special pit stop at a local bedouin village where you’ll be served a light snack and traditional Egyptian tea, of course.

Note: You do not need to have any experience riding ATV’s in order to join us on this tour. The bikes are equipped with automatic transmissions (no shifting necessary) and are very simple and safe to ride.

DAY 09

cairo, EGYPT

Khan el Khalili Bazaar

Take your time this morning and enjoy what’s left of your time in Hurghada. In the afternoon we’ll check out of the resort and make our way to the airport for our flight back to Cairo.

In the evening we’ll take you to Islamic Cairo to visit Khan el Khalili, the most famous and lively bazaar in Egypt — Here, you’ll get a chance to practice all of your newfound haggling skills that you’ve picked up over the course of the trip.

If you’re looking to cover all of your last minute souvenir shopping needs then Khan el Khalili is the perfect place to do so.

DAY 10


Time flies when you’re having fun!

Can you believe the trip is over already?

Today you’ll be busy packing your bags and getting ready to head back home.

Due to our proximity to the airport, transportation will be readily available for all of our guests.

Safe travels and we hope to see you again soon!

Trip Details


9 Nights Accommodations (4-5* hotels)
2 domestic flights
all ground transportation
all entrance fees to sites
professional egyptian tour guide
daily breakfast + 2 lunches


international flights to/from cairo
optional excursions
tourist visa ($25)
Hear what some of my previous guests have to say…

“Egypt has long-held the #1 spot on my global bucket list, so needless to say my expectations for both PTM Egypt and Ryan himself were sky high. Having now experienced PTM Egypt, I can unequivocally vouch for this incredible, awe-inspiring journey. From a very well-planned itinerary that incorporated nearly all of Egypt’s must-see sites, to better-than-advertised accommodations throughout the trip, and an amazing sense of camaraderie amongst a group that began as strangers but quickly became a band of misfits thanks to Ryan’s leadership and encouragement, this truly was the trip of a lifetime.”

Basil S.

New York City, NY

“My trip with PTM was a definite highlight on my travels. The tour was well executed and the itinerary checked off most of the “must-sees” in Egypt without being too packed. We had a local guide who was knowledgeable, warm and professional and the group had a good number of people. Safe to say I made some friends for life during these nine days. It was fun and stress free and I would recommend PTM to everyone wanting to see the highlights of Egypt.”



Oslo, Norway

“I was a little nervous to go on a tour not knowing anyone, but I ended up having an epic time seeing the highlights of Egypt with a diverse, hilarious group that I foresee becoming life-long friends. Additionally, I am a nervous planner but everything-from arrival pick up to departure-was so smoothly executed it was effortless adventure.”


San Diego, CA

“Went on Ryan’s first Egypt tour and it was awesome! We packed in just about as much as you possibly could to get a really good feel for the country in a rather short period of time. It was great to be able to go to Egypt and not have to worry about where to go, where to stay, or how to get there. We saw all the ancient sites, the beaches, snorkeling, the Nile, and dodging Cairo traffic in the streets! I’d recommend this trip to anyone that wants to go to Egypt and has any trepidation about the trip or the country.”


Mike V.
Riverside, CA

“Last month (Oct 2017) I went on Ryan’s tour through Egypt. It was his first tour ever and honestly – I was and still am completely amazed at my experience. Our Egyptian tour guide Gabry was top notch. Ryan and Gabry curated each and every experience within our 10 days to be truly unique (my fav was camping in the White Desert). Usually I would travel solo – this was my first ever guided tour, too, and I was honestly hesitant – but Ryan’s tour brought me to places and presented beautiful opportunities that I would have completely missed if I had gone alone. Thank you, Ryan, for providing me with seriously the BEST trip I have ever gone on, to a place that has mystified me since childhood – I would recommend his future tours to Egypt to anyone of any age.”


Hannah I.

Boston, MA

“I had basically given up on the idea that Egypt would ever be safe enough for my husband and I to go there. It was the first place as a child I decided I wanted to travel to, so a lifelong dream, for sure. When I found out about this tour, I was hesitant regarding both security and being part of a tour group (we have always traveled alone), but realized this was probably the only way I was going to get to this magical place. I would never trade our experience with PTM — he and Gabry (Egyptian tour guide) packed so much into our 9 days that we surely would not have done on our own. The one drawback to seeing so much in such a short trip is that there isn’t always a huge amount of time at every spot. But, wow. Just makes you realize how much Egypt has to offer. Safety-wise, I never personally felt unsafe, though, we certainly had a couple of harmless issues with the “guards” at one or two spots. But Gabry and Ryan taught us well from the start, you really just have to stand up for yourself and not listen to much they try to tell you. As for being on a group, my fears were eased quickly. Every person on our tour holds a special spot in my memories. Very thankful that Ryan put this tour together to check off my #1 bucket list item.

Erin and Jeremy

Jeremy & Erin

Portland, OR


Is Egypt safe?

Egypt is very safe. As a matter of fact, it’s about as safe as most destinations these days.

As you may or may not have realized by now, the media loves nothing more than to shine a horrible light on the Middle East. Unfortunately, this negative, unjust coverage has now trained and programmed us to fear this entire transcontinental region. But it doesn’t end there. The media has effectively made us to believe that if we want to stay safe then we must stay home in our respective countries.

What I always try to remind my guests is that I would never personally risk traveling to Egypt if I thought there was a chance that my life could be in danger. Even more, if I thought that Egypt was dangerous there’s not a chance in the world that I would be running tours and bringing groups of people along with me.

One of the reasons I believe I have an upper hand when it comes to running small group tours in Egypt is that I have a lot of connections on the ground there. Some of my closest Egyptian friends (some of which you’ll meet if you join me on tour) are always just a phone call away and if anything worth worrying about was going down in Egypt I would know about it in a moments notice.

As always, if you ever have any questions in regards to safety in Egypt please feel free to reach out.

What’s the average group size?

All of my tours are limited to a maximum of 10 guests. Our last two groups consisted of 7 guests per tour. That said, I do expect the tours to sell out this time around so be sure to secure your spot today!

As an experienced traveler, I’ve always believed that the best tours are the ones that have that small, personalized vibe to them. When I first decided to start running tours in Egypt I knew that if I wanted to ensure that my guests get that one-on-one feel then I would have to keep the group size limited — and that’s exactly what I did. 

Here at PTM Egypt Tours, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can gather up a group of 10 likeminded strangers with a passion for travel and turn them into a family within the first two or three days of the tour. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of our guest testimonials above.

Does this tour include flights?

International flights to/from Cairo are not included in the tour price. We do, however, cover two domestic flights for you (Cairo to Luxor and Hurghada to Cairo). If you need any assistance finding flights, be sure to let me know and I will do my best to find the best deal for you.

In the meantime, my best advice for you would be to compare flights between Google Flights and Skyscanner.

What happens when I land in Cairo?

Once you land in Cairo please proceed to immigration/passport control. One of my team members will be waiting for you just before you reach immigration with a sign with your name on it. They will have your Egyptian visa in hand and will assist you through the process of passing through immigration. The whole process should be quick and painless.

The current price for an Egyptian visa is: $25 USD (not included in the tour price)

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

All airport transfers will be handled by our team and are at no additional cost to you. The same team member who organizes your visa and assists you with passing through immigration will be the same person that will be taking you directly to the hotel.

what types of transportation will we be using?

All of our ground transport will be in modern, private, air-conditioned vans/shuttles and will be equipped with an experienced driver who is battle-tested and knows how to handle the absolute chaos involved with driving in Egypt. Trust me, not just anybody can drive in here and you’ll see exactly what I mean within minutes of your arrival.

What are the accommodations like?

All of the hotels that we have chosen for this tour are centrally located, 4-5 star properties with air conditioning, swimming pools, on-site restaurants, free Wi-FI and daily breakfast.

Do I have to share a room?

The tour price is based on double occupancy (sharing a room with another guest). All solo travelers who join the tour and want to share a room will be paired up with a guest of the same sex.

If you are traveling alone and wish to have a private room throughout the duration of the tour there will be a single supplement fee of $300 USD.

will there be any downtime on the tour?

Yes, of course! While we do tend to keep the tour pretty action-packed, there will be plenty of free time involved as well. The first few days of the tour will be chock-full of mind blowing history and some of the best photo-ops of the trip. We’ll then follow that up with three days of adventure and fun in the sun in Hurghada on an incredible 5-star resort. The Hurghada portion of the trip sort of serves as the “downtime”. You can decide to spend your time lying by the pool, joining us on a snorkeling trip to swim with all of the colorful fishies, riding ATV’s in the desert or simply kick back at the resort and do your thing. The beauty of this tour is that everything is optional.

Your tour isn’t enough. I want more!

No problem. We’ve got you covered. If you’re one of those types who can’t sit still, we have plenty of additional excursions for you to check out along the way. All you need to do is ask and we’ll set you up with just about whatever it is you’re interested in.

How does tipping work?

Everyone in the tourism industry in Egypt relies on tips. You’ll hear Egyptians using the word “baksheesh” just about everywhere you go (even in the most absurd of places… like airport security lines).

Don’t worry, tipping isn’t obligatory even though it may seem like it from time to time. At the end of the day tipping is completely up to you and is at your discretion. There are, however, some tipping guidelines that we suggest when it comes to the people who provide us service during the trip – restaurants, hotels, our drivers, tour guides, etc.

If you have any questions in regards to tipping or how much to tip in a specific scenario, feel free to ask me.

but… i still have some more questions

No problem! We can chat back and forth via e-mail or if you’d prefer to speak to me over the phone, we can organize a Skype call and I’ll be able to answer all of your questions for you. Reach out to me via the contact form below and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

okay i’m ready to book. How do i give you all my money?

Excellent! Although, I don’t need all of your money just yet. ;-)

In order to get the booking process started I’m going to ask you to please fill out the contact form below and let me know which tour dates you’re interested in. Once we’re in contact I’ll just ask for a one-time non-refundable deposit of $500 in order to secure your spot on the trip.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in Cairo!


Reach Out!

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Please fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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