As soon as I stepped outside of the hotel, I knew it was going to be one hell of a day. The weather was perfect, a good 75-80 degrees with a slight breeze.

I could live with that type of weather all year round. How about you?

At 9AM, we were picked up at our hotel by Escape to the Cape and taken to our first of many stops for the day; Table Mountain!

Table Mountain - Cape Town

I had heard a lot of great things about Table Mountain prior to arriving in Cape Town so I was really excited to scale this bad boy in order to catch a glimpse of the views from above.

Table Mountain - Cape Town
Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Getting to the foot of Table Mountain is really simple, especially if you’re based in Cape Town. When we arrived we full out sprinted in order to cut in front of the buses of tourists that were lining up out front of the main ticketing area.

The moral of the story is GET THERE EARLY!

Table Mountain - Cape Town
View from the base of Table Mountain

While our guide got in line to grab tickets, we waited patiently out front by snapping a few photos and doing some quality people watching.

Table Mountain - Cape Town
…and I thought the views were good from here!

Once we had our tickets in hand, our guide mentioned to us that we were pretty lucky today. The problem with Table Mountain is that if there is any chance of high winds in Cape Town, the cable cars shut down.

Table Mountain - Cape Town

Fortunately, for us, we had blue skies with a few clouds and a light breeze. Perfect conditions for a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain!

TIP: If you’re concerned about the weather on the day that you plan to visit Table Mountain, you have two options. You can ask your hotel to call the Table Mountain Weather Line: 021-424-8181 OR simply log on to the Table Mountain Website to find out if the cable cars are currently running.

Fun with Numbers:

An Adult round-trip ticket to Table Mountain is R195 or approximately $25.00 USD. They cram 65 people in each cable car. That means these guys pull in $1625.00 every time that cable car heads up the mountain!

I would estimate that a cable car heads up the mountain every 5-10 minutes and the mountain is open from 8AM-5PM for half of the year and sometimes open to as late as 9:30PM during the months of December and January.

Table Mountain Cableway - Cape Town
Table Mountain Cable Cars sponsored by Visa, of course!

Oh, and let’s not forget the money that they receive from Visa each year for the sponsorship of the cable cars. This place is an absolute cash cow!

The Ascent:

The ascent to the top of Table Mountain is quick. One of the coolest features of the cable car is that it actually turns slowly in a 360 degree spin so that if you don’t have a good view from where you’re standing, you’ll definitely have one at some point during the ride to the top. Parts of the cable car are enclosed and there are parts that are open which allow you to snap some photos on your way up. Again, this all depends on where you’re standing when the cable car spins! Wee!

Table Mountain - Cape Town, South Africa
Up, up and away!

Once we arrived at the top of Table Mountain we were given about an hour to stroll around, snap some photos and take in the incredible views.

Table Mountain - Cape Town, South Africa

I could have easily spent a few hours hanging out at the top of Table Mountain. The weather was beautiful, the views were outstanding and the photo opportunities were endless.

After spending an hour roaming around, we made our our way back down to the base of Table Mountain. From there we jumped back in the van and cruised along the breathtaking coast of the Cape Peninsula.

Interesting Facts about Table Mountain:

  • Over 800,000 people visit Table Mountain each year.
  • The highest point of Table Mountain is 3,566ft (1087 m).
  • You can hike up and down Table Mountain if you’re feeling adventurous!

Rates & Specials:

Adult Return: R195 ($25 USD)
Adult One-way: R100 ($13 USD)
Children Return (under 18): R95 ($12.40 USD)
Children One-way: R50 (6.50 USD)

Note: Prices shown above are valid between  Oct 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012

TIP: Purchase tickets ONLINE and SAVE 10% plus skip the line at the ticket office!

More Information:

Website: Table Mountain

Weather Line: 021-424-8181