Travel Workout: 20 Minute Sweat!


20 Minute HIIT Workout

Looking to get a good sweat in? This 20 minute HIIT workout should do the trick! We tried this workout for the first time yesterday morning and it kicked our butts!

If you’re looking for a little longer of a workout, check out our Cardio Crush Workout.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


  • 1:00 Jump Rope (substitute with Run/Jog if you’d like don’t have a jump rope)
  • :30 Side Lunges
  • :30 Bodyweight Squats
  • 1:00 Run/Jog
  • :30 Burpees
  • :30 Front Lunges
  • 1:00 Jumping Jacks
  • :30 Mountain Climbers
  • :30 Speed Skaters
  • 1:00 Butt Kickers
  • :30 Lunge Kicks
  • :30 Bodyweight Squats
  • 1:00 Run/Jog
  • :30 Side Lunges
  • :30 Push Ups

Exercise Breakdown

If you see an exercise listed above that you’re not too familiar with please be sure to click the links below to find a video explanation of the exercise.


  1. Each full round is 10 minutes long.
  2. Try not to take breaks between exercises (if possible).
  3. Break for 2-3 minutes (or as needed) in between rounds.
  4. Repeat 2x for a solid 20-minute workout!

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All exercises and other forms of physical activity can be dangerous, especially if performed without medical advice, proper supervision and/or pre-exercise evaluation. The techniques, ideas, and exercise suggestions presented on in this website are not intended to be professional training advice.

Always consult your physician or health care professional before performing any exercise.


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    1. Thanks Stephen. I’ll be posting more as we go. I’ll eventually have a “travel workouts” page where you’ll be able to find all the workouts you’ll ever need to stay fit on the road. Getting yourself to actually wake up and do them is the hardest part!

      1. I bet Ryan! I’m a workout junkie but I always gain a little weight and lose mass when traveling because 1)Hostels don’t have Gyms lol 2) it is hard to get motivated! Maybe you should write a post of motivation tips :)

  1. Think we can handle this! We’ll try it out when we hit the road again. We always try to squeeze in workouts to counteract all the extra travel foods we eat!

  2. I love HIIT exercises – perfect for fitting exercise in on the road! We’re off in a month to drive across Canada, and am always looking for variety, so I’ll be sure to pin this too :)

  3. This looks like an awesome travel workout. Can you explain the lunges (side, front, and kick)…just want to make sure I do them correctly.

  4. I was thinking of going back at gym but this one can be done at home. Such a nice set routine, best thing is we do easily do it at home.

  5. Wow – this is super helpful – for those days when you can’t fit in a full workout or especially when traveling. Thanks!

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