Auron Bottle uses UVC technology to purify water right in the bottle. This self cleaning water bottle will ensure that you’ll never be without fresh water again, no matter where you travel.

In western countries, clean water from the tap is something we take for granted.

But travelers know that finding your next sip is something you have to prepare for. 

From Mexico to Mozambique, most tap water in the world is not safe to drink.

But with the right water bottle, you won’t have to worry about running out of H20 or contributing to plastic pollution. 

Auron Bottle is a self-cleaning water bottle that turns tap water, fountain water, river water, and more into fresh drinking water in 60 seconds. 

With Auron, you don’t have to fill your backpack with heavy water reservoirs or stock up on single-use plastics.

You can enjoy clean water anywhere. 

Auron is making a big splash on Kickstarter as one of the highest funded projects of the year.

I can’t wait to get one in my bag come travel season.

Below, I’ll tell you why. 

Auron side

Auron Bottle: Highlights and Features

Self-Cleaning UVC Technology

Auron disinfects and sterilizes the water you drink from inside the bottle using a UV light in the lid.

All you have to do is tap the display on the lid two times and your water will be purified in 60 seconds.

There’s even a countdown on the display, so you can watch as your water goes from microbe-city to totally clean. 

UV light has been proven to kill 99.9% of germs commonly found in water, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and parasites.

It’s used in hospitals to keep surfaces sterile, and it’s even been recommended by the CDC to disinfect water and more.

This means safer, cleaner, and better-tasting water for you. And, it means a cleaner bottle in general.

Auron’s UV light cleans the bottle’s interior to prevent bacteria growth and those musty bottle odors. 

The UV light in Auron is completely safe. It’s the same light that comes from the sun.

It’s true that it can be harmful to your skin (like getting a sunburn), but only if you are exposed to the light.

Auron’s light will not turn on unless the lid is shut. 

Auron purple hands

Turn (Almost) Any Water into Drinking Water

Auron is essential for travelers because it can turn water from almost any source into pure drinking water.

Auron can take tap water from any country and purify it.

No more wandering the streets after a late hostel check-in trying to find a bottle of water.

Now, you can turn on the tap, wait 60 seconds, and enjoy fresh water.

Just think of all the situations when this could come in handy:

  • Fill up Auron with water from public bathrooms and drinking fountains
  • Drink water from rivers, lakes, and streams while camping or hiking
  • Get water from the airplane bathroom or bus stations
  • Drink from fountains on streets anywhere in the world 

Wherever there’s water, you can drink it with Auron.

UV light can neutralize almost any threat, going beyond just microbial life.

It can also destroy chlorine and other contaminants.

The only thing it can’t destroy is heavy metals, but tap water in most countries contains safe levels of metals. 

Auron touchscreen cap

Touchscreen Smart Display

Auron is the first water bottle to go full “smart.”

While I wouldn’t think I’d be into that, Auron has sold me on it. 

Auron’s touchscreen display is built right into the lid, so there are no fragile parts or attachments.

By tapping the lid, you can purify your water, check the temperature of your drink, and set hydration reminders to make sure you’re getting your daily minimum. 

You can also turn on auto-purification, so you’ll never have to remember to clean your water.

Auron will clean itself every 4 hours with this mode active. 

I never thought I’d want a water bottle with a screen, but it actually has a lot of benefits for travelers.

Hydration reminders on long-haul flights can be super helpful and keep you from getting sick or breaking out. 

Also, Auron’s display lights up, so you’ll be able to find it easily in the dark (great for campers). 

Auron side and purple hands

Long-Lasting Battery

So, you’re probably thinking: With all these smart features, lights, and screens, how can Auron’s battery possibly last longer than my phone battery?

But it does. It lasts A LOT longer. Auron only needs to be charged once every 2 months.

It charges with a USB-C cable (the same one you use to charge your phone). 

That means you can charge Auron before your camping or backpacking trip and you won’t have to worry about it during your travels.

You can treat Auron like any other reusable bottle.

Auron corona

Coffee, Beer, Whatever

Auron can hold (and sterilize) a lot more than just water.

Its double-walled insulation is perfect for storing any hot or cold beverages.

Fill it with coffee and tea in the morning and it will still be piping hot when you head home from work. 

It’s also great for brewery visits. Unlike other flasks, Auron won’t mess with the taste of your favorite brew because its interior is free from microbes that can affect the taste of beer. 

Auron coffee

24-hour Insulator

Auron is double-walled and vacuum-sealed to ensure a stable temperature for up to 24 hours, no matter if your drink is hot or cold. 

One reason that Auron is so good at keeping your beverages at their ideal temperature is that you don’t need to open the bottle to “test” the temperature (and burn your tongue). 

You can use Auron’s display to check the temperature of your beverage and avoid breaking the vacuum seal. 

Auron open cap

Lifelong Strong

Auron was built to last—and to sterilize your water—for life.

It’s made of high-grade 304 stainless steel, and its ergonomic hourglass design makes it practically indestructible.

It is resistant to rust and corrosion, and it’s spill-proof and leak-proof. 

But more than that, Auron is able to purify your water every 4 hours for LIFE without running out of juice.

The UV light in Auron’s lid is made to last for 300,000 purification cycles, or about 137 years.

And because its energy use is so efficient, the battery should last 60x longer than a phone battery.  

You’ll never have to replace a filter, cartridge, or battery with Auron.

It’s a one-time buy for a life of pure water and convenient travel. 

Auron and  Tree

Why Travel with Auron?

What makes Auron better than the trusty bottle you’ve been carrying around for years?

Here are a few reasons why Auron is a better bottle for travelers.

  • Safety: Above all, with Auron, you’ll always have access to drinking water no matter where you end up. You’ll also stay safe from the bacteria that builds up in reusable bottles, which is very difficult to remove without intense scrubbing. 
  • Convenience: It sucks to be without water in a new country—especially at night. You have no choice but to go out and try to find a few bottles. With Auron, you won’t need to do this ever again. Plus, you’ll never have to wash it. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!  
  • Lighten your load: Why carry an extra couple pounds of water in your bag if you don’t have to? Save space in your backpack and save your joints the grief. Auron lets you travel lighter. 
  • Reduce your footprint: By switching to Auron, you can prevent 1000s of plastic bottles from polluting the land and seas every year. As travelers, we have a duty to do all we can to keep this planet clean. 
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