Santorini is truly a prize among all the Greek Islands.

Although all places have a unique and distinguished beauty, Santorini is captivating and over the top marvelous with its emerald blue seas, golden sunsets, an all it’s white houses spread across the hills as far as you can see them.

Santorini is home to the Caldera, a unique volcanic eruption that formed a unique circular shape around the island.

It’s also home to one of the best Greek cuisines around the world.

Santorini is even famous for its Santorinian tomatoes, that grow uniquely on the island because of its volcanic soil.

The uniqueness of the Island of Santorini is truly breathtaking and when planning a vacation to this place you need to consider that wherever you stay, needs to be worth the journey.

Depending if you are an adventurous traveler, or if you want to lay down by the Santorini ocean and relax your entire trip.

Either way, you will find numerous places where your stay can make your trip experience even more memorable.

See which Airbnbs look more appealing to you, and book your favorite to start planning your trip here.

Airbnbs in the Greek Island of Santorini

Unique Architecture Cave House

Spacious cave house, hanging off the cliffs of the caldera in the center of Oia.

This place has a spectacular view of the sea, and it fits up to four guests in the entire accommodation.

This house combines the traditional style of greek houses, it has a private terrace that expands on different levels just as it oversees the caldera.

Capture the calm and tranquil atmosphere that you can find in this place, and enjoy an unobstructed view of the volcano.

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Sky Villa Santorini

Sky Panoramic Villa in Santorini 

If you are talking about luxury travel, then this Villa is exactly what you are looking for.

This place is large enough to fit four guests, whether you are thinking about traveling with a group of friends or even a small family.

The balcony in this place is simply breathtaking, as it has its own infinity pool overviewing the Santorini Sea.

Once you come to this place, you will never want to leave.

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Terracotta Cave House in Santorini

Terracotta Cave House in Santorini

Step into a real life Santorini postcard while staying in this private accommodation suited for you and three other guests.

This unique traditional cave house has a clear view of the caldera as well as the deep blue sea.

This place has wifi for all international travelers, air conditioning for the hot summer days, a fully equipped kitchen, and a relaxed environment for you to enjoy your vacation in.

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Private Cave Santorini Home

Private Cave Santorini Home

If you have ever thought about what it would be to stay in a typical white Santorini home, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

This divine house is beautifully designed, it has a very relaxing environment and minimalistic details.

The house is big enough to fit five guests, in a king-size bed, two double beds, and one big sofa bed in the living room.

Enjoy modern accommodations such as Wifi, Tv, Air conditioning, and even breakfast included with your stay here.

Enjoy your breakfast on the balcony overviewing the Aegean sea and the Caldera.

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Volcano View Santorini Home

Volcano View Santorini Home

Over the top, white house with blue ceiling, suitable for four guests.

This place has a fully equipped kitchen, and even a terrace overviewing the volcano and the traditional village of Oia.

This place is also considered a traditional cave house on the Caldera Cliffs, and it has all the modern accommodations that tuorists might need like Wifi, Air Conditioning, hair dryer and daily maid service.

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Lava Cave suite with Plunge Pool

Lava Cave suite with Plunge Pool

Amazing Suite perfect for a romantic getaway of two guests.

This accommodation is great because it has a cave pool with a panoramic view of the entire sea.

Today, this home is a jewel and it offers its guests luxurious living accommodations.

This place offers you an included breakfast, jacuzzi, Tv, Wifi, and even kitchen supplies.

This place is located in a very calm and tranquil zone near the main street, it has a spectacular view and world-class service and attention to detail, something that luxurious travelers will surely enjoy.

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Superior Suite in Firostefani, Santorini.

Superior Suite in Firostefani, Santorini

Prepare yourself to feel spoiled, this suite in Santorini is simply over the top. Just the fact that it has its own tanning deck overviewing the sea is simply enough to love this property.

This place is simply over the top, it fits two guests and it has one bedroom and one bathroom, however the amenities in this place as simply breathtaking.

Enjoy a spectacular view from the jacuzzi itself, where you can see the sunset every day of your stay here.

Also, just where the jacuzzi is, you can enjoy your private terrace just outside of your bedroom.

This place is simply a gorgeous stay in Santorini.

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Classical Cave House in Santorini

Classical Cave House in Santorini

Simple but classy, this home for three is a soothing and quiet environment for travelers to stay in.

This place is located on the spectacular cliff of Caldera of Oia.

It is a classic Cycladic style decorated home facing the deep blue Aegean sea.

This home has a fully equipped kitchen and a private veranda with a view to the caldera and the village of Oia.

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Fira White Residence

Deluxe Villa in Santorini 

Spectacular private villa in Santorini.

This luxurious villa has a private heated jacuzzi for you to enjoy the breathtaking views in.

It fits up to six guests, this amazing villa has 2 beds and one bath, kithchen and an amazing balcony all furnished.

Prepare for your holiday in Santorini and book your stay in this lavish place, you won’t regret it!

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9 Best Airbnbs in the Greek Island of Santorini