Top 25 Travel Instagram Accounts 2017
Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms and scrolling through my IG newsfeed each morning multiple times per day has slowly but surely become a part of my daily life over the course of the last few years.

What started as an free app to create and share a personal gallery of your photos has now become one of the leading social media applications with over 400 million monthly active users and over 80 million uploads per day.

Now with the integration of Instagram Stories (a complete and utter ripoff of Snapchat) and users being able to upload their daily lives to a timeline via photos or video clips without having to juggle multiple apps at once, there’s no doubt in my mind that Instagram’s active users will double or triple in size over the course of the next couple of years.

Because I’m continuously on the hunt for the best travel Instagram accounts, I’ve decided to curate a personal list of my favorite Travel Instagram Accounts to follow in 2017 (in no particular order).


Wandertooth – I met this wonderful couple briefly during a trip to Oaxaca City back in early 2016. While we didn’t have a chance to have an in-depth conversation, I was very impressed by a project they were working on at the time and are still working on to this day called Travel Between the Lines — Travel Inspired Adult Coloring Books!

Aside from coloring their way around the world, they’re also extremely talented hobby photographers who happen to share some pretty inspiring images from their travels.

Follow @Wandertooth 


Triphackr – Clint has been a long time (virtual) friend of mine. We’ve been crossing paths on the interwebs for years now and still we’ve somehow managed to avoid each other in real life despite traveling the globe and visiting some of the same destinations over and over.

Clint is one of the few people I know who has surpassed the 100 countries visited mark and if that doesn’t blow your mind then maybe some of his photos from his seemingly never ending journey will. This guy continues to produce incredible photos from both land and the air and his account is one of my favorite travel instagram accounts to follow at the moment.

Follow @Triphackr


Travis Burke – I honestly don’t know too much about Travis other than the fact that he’s a professional photographer who has worked alongside some pretty big brands including Red Bull, Google, American Airlines, Subaru, ESPN and more. He’s also worked his way up to more than half a million followers along the way. Need I say more?

What I like about Travis’s feed is that he publishes such a wide variety of images and destinations so you never really know what to expect next. If you’re looking for a new professional photographer to follow on IG that consistently shares photos of the highest quality, then Travis is your guy.

Follow @TravisBurkePhotography


It’s a Travel OD – Andrea is a super inspiring digital nomad, travel vlogger and entrepreneur who loves nothing more than to overdose on travel. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Andrea personally and have spent some time picking her brain about everything from living abroad to running businesses remotely to the balance between work and play as a digital nomad and so much more. Honestly, I can’t get enough of this Panamanian bombshell-slash-wonder woman.

What I love most about her Instagram account is that she engages and interacts with each and every one of her followers. Take a quick look at her gallery and you’ll notice she engages her fans in every single photo by publishing images with inspirational quotes and fielding questions about everything to do with her mobile lifestyle.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to join in on the conversation on her next IG image. Sifting through the comments, questions and answers on her photos is always guaranteed to be a fun read.

Follow @itsatravelod


The Planet D – Ah, the Planet D; one of my favorite Travel Instagram Accounts to follow by a long shot. Sure, Dave & Deb have been traveling the world for years now but I still have no idea how they continue to produce some of the most mind boggling travel photography over and over on a daily basis. Every new image they post is always somehow better than the previous shot that you thought couldn’t be topped.

What I love most about The Planet D’s Instagram account are the colors, the sharpness and the inspiration their photos give off as soon as they pop up on my newsfeed. Do yourself a favor and follow these guys right now if you’re not already doing so.

Follow @theplanetd


The World or Bust – Jeremy is a self-proclaimed travel blogger, internet marketer and motorcycle enthusiast who has traveled the globe over and over and has recently decided to base himself in one of my favorites countries in the world — Mexico.

What I love about Jeremy’s Instagram is that he’s not preoccupied with post-processing his images to make them look like he’s some professional photographer when he’s not. He posts real, raw, unedited images directly from his iPhone to his Instagram from his recent wanderings; some of which happen to be quite hilarious. The cool thing about Jeremy is that he’s not trying to be anything other than himself and it certainly comes across as being as genuine as it gets as you scroll through his gallery.

Follow @theworldorbust


The Candourist – Juan (JP) is a talented travel photographer, pilot and YouTuber hailing from Namibia. I originally found out about him about a year ago or so through Fun For Louis’ YouTube channel and I’ve been following along with his travels ever since.

What I love most about JP’s Instagram feed is that he’s always publishing images that scream adventure. From exploring abandoned buildings in the middle of the desert to sailing, kayaking and roadtripping to flying his plane and sharing some of his amazing aerial photography, this guy is truly the definition of travel inspiration and I hope to cross paths with him one of these days.

Follow @the_candourist


The Blonde Abroad – Kiersten (Kiki) is undoubtedly one of the most popular female travel bloggers and travel Instagrammers on the planet at the moment. She posts a daily blog over on and is a source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of female travelers around the world.

What I love most about Kiki’s Instagram are the colors and diversity of her photos from around the globe. Take a quick look at her Instagram (if you haven’t already) and you’ll notice that she seems to never stop moving from one destination to the next. She’s always on the go, always producing incredible travel photos and most of all her work ethic is like none other.

Ladies — follow The Blonde Abroad now for all the solo female travel inspiration you could ever ask for! As for all you guys out there, well, you’re probably already following her anyway. ;-)

Follow @theblondeabroad


Travel Break – Steph Be is an inspirational travel blogger, Instagrammer and UCLA Alumni who traded her corporate job for a gap year only to never return to the rat race. This Californian turned world traveler now bases herself in Manhattan and still hits the road as often as possible.

What I love about her Instagram feed is that she’s always posting the coolest photos of herself in some of the wildest destinations. For more travel inspiration, head on over to her account and hit that follow button.

Follow @stephbetravel


Sam Earp – I started following along with Sam a while back after stumbling upon his seemingly endless feed of beachy/sea vibe Instagrams which sometimes remind me of my own feed. As you know, I’m obsessed with sharing those Caribbean vibes and he’s always sharing incredible images of the Australian coastline.

What I really enjoy about Sam’s feed is that he’s always coming up with new creative angles of people, places and destinations that have been plastered on IG over and over again. Some of his photos are absolutely mind boggling. Do yourself a favor and go follow him now!

Follow @samearp


Raya Was Here – Raya is a travel and lifestyle vlogger who has been growing like crazy over the course of the last year or two. I remember following along with her vlogs back when she first started out and now she’s one of the bigger female travel YouTubers on the scene. But Raya isn’t only a YouTuber, she’s also a very talented hobby photographer who publishes beautiful photos from her wanderings around the world.

Head on over to Raya’s account and take a look at some of her most recent photos. They are absolutely stunning!

Follow @rayawashere


Nick Miller – I first found out about Nick Miller a couple of years ago via the daily vlogs of Louis Cole of Fun For Louis. Nick resides in South Africa with his wife and over the course of the last couple of years he has consistently shared some of the most high quality images from that region that I’ve seen to date. I love his style of photography and editing and I’m always looking forward to seeing what he’s going to post next.

Follow @nickmillerza


My Tan Feet – Yeison and Samantha’s IG feed will inspire you to want to make your next destination a tropical one. They’re based in Costa Rica and they’re always sharing images that make me want to hop on a flight down there to explore alongside them. From the beaches to the jungles, waterfalls, surfing and more — these guys cover just about everything tropical and dreamy that can be found in and around Costa Rica.

Follow @mytanfeet


Anna Everywhere – Anna is a self-proclaimed chic adventure travel blogger and talented photographer who has visited nearly 80 countries to date. She’s originally from Poland but has spent the last 10 years or so living a nomadic lifestyle that has had her based in several different cities and countries across the globe.

Anna’s Instagram feed continues to impress me with every new image she posts. One of my favorite images from her recent travel was a photo of her floating in the middle of the pink lakes in Rio Lagartos, Mexico on a fluorescent pink inflatable swan. Head on over to her account now and see if you can spot the photo I’m speaking of.

Follow @anna.everywhere


Lost LeBlanc – I started following Christian via his YouTube channel a few months ago. I really enjoy his vlogging style and love seeing some of the incredible aerial footage he shoots with his drone. Outside of YouTube, Christian also happens to be a seriously talented photographer and he shares some pretty incredible photos from his adventures. Christian travels with his girlfriend and you’ll get to know her pretty quickly after you catch one of his vlogs or scroll through his IG feed as she’s usually featured quite often.

What I love most about Christian’s Instagram feed is the variety of climates and destinations this guy seemingly blasts through. I’m not sure he ever settles anywhere as he always seems like he’s on the go but it sure does provide non stop insta-spiration for those of us who love to travel and learn about new destinations.

Follow @lostleblanc


Life of Sabin – I just stumbled upon this guy about a month or so ago and I always find myself impressed with the high quality of photography that he publishes on a daily basis. Like Christian (mentioned above) it appears he’s always on the move.

From cityscapes to landscapes, drone shots and more. This guy is definitely an IGer to follow along with in 2017.

Follow @lifeofsabin


Landlopers – I’ve been following along with Matt for years now both through his blog and his IG. He’s a travel blogger, writer and photographer based in DC but his travels take him to all corners of the globe. I really enjoy the diversity of his feed. One day it’s an image of the Eiffel Tower at dusk and the following day an image from his luxurious stay at the Le Meridien in Bora Bora.

I’m recommending that you follow Matt as he’s been in the game a long time and to this day he’s still producing top quality content. Go check him out now!

Follow @landlopers


Kick the Grind – Mike Corey is an incredible travel videographer and filmmaker hailing from New Brunswick, Canada who now seems to be basing himself in in Mexico City. In my opinion, Mike is one of the most talented and underrated travel videographers/vloggers in the game and I believe if he keeps up the quality and consistency of his content he will be at the top in no time.

Outside of YouTube, Mike is also a great photographer and is known to upload super fun photos of himself doing breakdance moves, headstands and other fun poses from a variety of locations around the world. Follow Mike on IG and don’t forget to go check out his YouTube channel when you get a minute. His recent videos exploring some seriously creepy abandoned buildings in Mexico City will certainly make you want to hit that subscribe button.

Follow @kickthegrind


Getting Stamped – Hannah and Adam are a super talented, world traveling duo who are currently based in Thailand but continue to share their awe-inspiring travel photos from around the world. I had the pleasure of meeting these two here in Playa del Carmen in 2016 and they’ve been an inspiration to me ever since. Adam is the brains behind the site and all things tech when it comes to their business while Hannah serves as the host and main attraction of their blog, Snapchat and IG account. Hannah’s on camera personality is infectious and I assume that’s why she’s got a ton of people following her on a daily basis. You can check out Hannah on Snapchat @gettingstamped and follow them on IG for more travel inspiration.

Follow @gettingstamped 


Fun for Louis – Louis Cole is one of the biggest travel/adventure YouTubers and daily vloggers on planet Earth. If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, well you’ve been missing out for quite some time. He has produced a daily vlog on YouTube for the last 5 years now and his adventures take him around the world on a seemingly non-stop one-way ticket. Seriously though, this guy never stops moving. I have no idea how he manages it.

That said, Louis is also an amazing photographer who publishes some of the raddest travel photography on IG. If you’re not already following Louis, do so now.

Follow @funforlouis


Expert Vagabond – Matthew Karsten, aka Expert Vagabond is not only one of my favorite adventure travel bloggers but also someone I consider to be a good friend of mine. Matt is a seriously talented travel photographer and one of the hardest working bloggers I’ve met to date.

What I love about Matt’s IG feed is that every photo screams adventure. From wild camping in remote destinations to cruising the streets of Havana in a classic 1950’s Oldsmobile to his recent solo trekking excursion in Afghanistan, Matt is a true inspiration for travelers and explorers alike. There’s a reason why Matt’s account is one of my Top 5 favorite travel Instagram accounts of all time and you’ll see why as soon as you start following along with his adventures.

Follow @expertvagabond


Do You Travel – Jack Morris is a world traveler who wanders around the globe with his beautiful girlfriend Lauren aka @gypsea_lust. Together, they have an insane combined following of nearly 2M people. Oh, and I should also mention that their IG engagement is off the charts. It’s no surprise why these two are so Insta-famous — all you have to do is take a quick look at their gallery and you’ll notice how much hard work and creativity that goes into each and every photo they publish. Follow Jack and Lauren now (if you’re not already following them).

Follow @doyoutravel


Courtney Scott – Court Scott is a talented blogger, filmmaker and travel host who is always posting incredibly dreamy images from her travels. I mean, just take a look at the images above and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. What I love most about Court’s IG feed is that she’s always bouncing around the globe and somehow manages to always look beautiful while doing so.

Court is an inspiration to many female travelers around the world and also co-creator of the IG account @girlsmeetglobe. Go check out both accounts now!

Follow @court_scott 


Brendan van Son – Brendan is one of the most talented travel photographers that I follow on IG, hands down. I’ve been following this guys adventures for years and somehow we have yet to cross paths. From what I know of him (virtually) he’s a workaholic-slash-adventure seeker who is always plotting his next move. I’m not sure he ever stays put in one destination for more than a few days at a time.

Note: This is the same guy who once rode 10,000 miles (17,000 km) from the top to the bottom of Africa on a scooter. Um, yeah. Go follow him now.

Follow @brendanvanson


Ben Brown – Ben Brown is a former two time world champion kayaker turned YouTuber, filmmaker and travel photographer. I first stumbled upon Ben Brown’s daily vlogs via Fun For Louis and I was hooked ever since. His style of filming and editing separates him from the rest and the photography that he posts on his Instagram account never ceases to amaze me.

Go give Ben a follow now and be prepared to drool when he posts some of those shots of his adventures in the African bush in his pimped out safari-style Land Rover.

Follow @mrbenbrown


Follow @pausethemoment

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