Hostel Nina - Mostar, Bosnia


Hostel Nina is a small, cheap, and extremely clean hostel conveniently located just 0.2 mi from Stari Most, also known as the “Old Bridge” of Mostar.

If you’re visiting Mostar in hopes to catch a glimpse of one of the local divers plunging from high atop the Stari Most, you will want to stay nearby. There are more than a few options for accommodations in Mostar but none offer the value that this hostel does.

Hostel Nina is home to five private rooms (single, double, triple rooms available) and one dorm room. The beauty of this place is that everyone pays the same rate no matter if they stay in a private or a dorm.

The going rate is approximately 10 Euro per person per night. Yes, that’s right, less than $15/night for quality accommodations in Mostar.

Hostel Nina - Mostar, Bosnia


Since we’re way past the days of sleeping in dorms, we reserved one of the private rooms.

We were blown away at how sparkling clean this place was when we first walked in. The floors were so shiny they were borderline blinding. The bright colors and natural light coming in from the balcony really made everything in the room just pop.

Hostel Nina - Mostar, Bosnia

The room had everything we needed and more. We’re not the type to sit down and turn on the television but, if you are, you’ll love the giant LCD television that is situated in the corner of the room. The TV might not look that big to you from the photo shown above but if I had to estimate, I’d say it was about 46″ or so. Not too shabby for a cheap private room in a hostel, if you ask me.

The bed was super comfortable, the free Wi-Fi was fast, and for the first time in weeks, we didn’t run into any Internet issues during our stay.

The room is equipped with air conditioning for those hot summer days but, fortunately, we didn’t need it as things start to cool down in Mostar from September on.

Hostel Nina - Mostar, Bosnia - Balcony


One of the nicest features about our private room was the small terrace with views of the mountains in the distance. Opening the doors and windows to our terrace was a great way to get some fresh air circulating in the room and let all that natural light come through.


The only downfall about this place is that there are no en-suite bathrooms. We know that it would be an issue for some of you out there so we thought we would give you the heads up prior to you booking your stay.

The bathroom itself was very clean and while we generally prefer to have an en-suite room, we had no issues with the fact that it was a shared facility. Considering this hostel is so small, we never seemed to run into a time where we had to wait to use the restroom.


The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. They were more than willing to help with any questions we had. They recommended several places to see, eat, and drink around the city.


The hostel is located just 1.2 mi (2km) from the train station and only 0.2 mi from Stari Most, the one and only true tourist attraction in town.


We arrived to Mostar by bus and Jadranka (part-owner) picked us up from the train station upon arrival. Since the hostel is a straight shot from the local train and bus station, it’s very easy to just walk.

If you plan ahead and book your reservation here, I recommend you send a follow up email to Jadranka confirming your reservation and letting her know what time you plan on arriving.


Overall, we really enjoyed our relaxing and slightly uneventful stay in Mostar. If you’re interested in stopping off in Mostar for one or two nights on your way to your next destination, we highly recommend that you book your stay here. I think it’s safe to say that HN is the best hostel in Mostar.

Note: One thing we should note is that many people tend to think of a hostel as a place where people in their late-teens and early twenties set up shop and party until the sun goes down. While that can be true for some hostels out there, this is far from what Hostel Nina is all about. If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing stay within walking distance of everything Mostar has to offer, this is the place to be.


If you’re ready to book your stay at Hostel Nina, be sure to make a reservation through in order to save the most money and take advantage of the free cancellation policy!