If you have been to Dubai for a long period, chances are you are thinking of getting a Dubai passport. While having a Dubai passport means you need to be a Dubai citizen.  It is possible to become a Dubai citizen under different circumstances. You can choose to apply for Dubai citizenship if you fall under the categories of persons deemed eligible or marry an emirati. 

Nevertheless, before being issued citizenship, it has to be reviewed. Therefore if you have been thinking of getting Dubai citizenship, it is a process that can take time. 

Meanwhile, if you would like to visit Dubai for a period of time to see the city and make your mind, you can simply get a Dubai tourist visa. You can stay awhile think over & if days run out, you can request for visa extension

Dubai is among the top countries which attract foreigners, and many of them are there on a resident visa. It is very few foreigners who qualify for citizenship. Whether you are in Dubai on a visit visa or resident visa, you can try your luck to get Dubai citizenship & easily switch to your new passport without exiting if you meet the below conditions and fall under any of the listed categories of persons. 

How can I get Dubai citizenship?

Conditions for obtaining Dubai citizenship

The condition to qualify for Dubai citizenship is to fall under the listed category of persons. The second condition is to meet the conditions under each of the persons listed below. 


As an investor looking forward to being granted the Dubai passport, you ought to meet the following requirements; 

  • Be an owner of a property in the Dubai (Investors in public investments of at least AED 10 million, A deposit of at least AED 10 million in an investment fund inside the country – There should be a financial solvency up to AED 10 million)

Doctors and qualified specialists

If you are a doctor or specialist, you can be granted Dubai citizenship if you meet the following requirements; 

  • specialize in a distinct scientific subject or follow scientific methodologies sought at the Dubai; create an acknowledged contribution to scientific research or carry out scientific value research;
  • have a minimum of 10 years of scientific and professional experience;
  • be a member of a well-known scientific specialist organization


As a scientist looking forward to being granted the Dubai passport, you ought to meet the following requirements;

  • Still, be an active researcher whether at the university, private sector, or research Centre.
  • Experience in the field for a minimum of 10 years
  • Get recommendations from a known scientific institution in the Dubai


As an investor looking forward to being granted the Dubai passport, you ought to meet the following requirements;

  • have one or more patents get approval from the Dubai ministry of economy or another recognized international body
  • be issued with a recommendation letter from the Dubai ministry of economy
How can I get Dubai citizenship?

Representatives of creative professions

As a representative of creative professions looking forward to being granted the Dubai passport, you ought to meet the following requirements;

  • be the ideal pioneers to show the direction in culture and the arts
  • have won an international award
  • Be issued with a recommendation letter from more.

Additional requirements

Even if you meet all the above requirements, your application is subject to review and approval by the cabinet, executive of councils of the emirates, and rulers. 

After your application is accepted, you are required to take the oath then be issued with a Dubai passport. Even after you are issued with a passport and violate any terms and conditions like selling the real estate, the Dubai authorities will strip you the citizenship. 

The Dubai passport now shows you are a Dubai citizen although you are a foreigner, and you can still keep your country origin citizenship. In case you lose your origin country citizenship, you are required to notify the Dubai authorities as soon as possible. 

It is also important to note the Dubai authorities don’t take away your origin country passport even if they issue you the new passport. 

With a Dubai passport, you are entitled to travel visa-free to 173 countries, and you can live, work, open a business, and study in Dubai without restrictions. It is even easier to get your children and spouse citizenship. 

Other ways to get Dubai citizenship

The change of the law to allow foreigners to get Dubai passport is historical. There is a limitation on the person who qualifies for citizenship, but the Dubai government makes a tremendous move. 

When a foreigner is issued by Dubai citizenship, then the born child obtains the Dubai citizen by birth.   

Besides, the two ways of obtaining Dubai citizen here are more ways someone can be issued with Dubai citizenship. 

How can I get Dubai citizenship?

Through marriage

It is possible to be granted Dubai citizenship if you get married to a Dubai citizen. The authorities have stipulated the terms and conditions to be meeting before applying, and among them is to have lived together for more than five years. 


The other way to be granted a Dubai visa is through naturalization. Here there is the assumption the person to be granted the visa has lived in the Dubai for a minimum of 30 years. The person is subject to evaluation if they uphold the rule of law and prove they have a permanent source of income in the Dubai. 

The foreigner is also required to have learned Arabic, and they are fluent. The Dubai authority stipulates that you be granted the Dubai citizen under naturalization, then you have to give up your origin country citizenship. 

Wrapping up 

If you are a foreigner living in Dubai and qualify for a Dubai passport, you can apply. Dubai is a beautiful country where after living there for some time everyone wishes to live there forever. But you can only be granted the Dubai passport if you meet the above qualifications. This article brought you by Robeena Brown, travel blogger living in UAE and works for local tour operator. If you have been looking forward to touring Dubai, getting visa, extending stays and exploring the city you can follow her on linked in.

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