Kollman Apartments Review

Kollman Apartments in Ljubljana, Slovenia offer two centrally located apartments (1 Studio, and a 2-bedroom apartment) and two apartments that are just rooms without kitchens (think: hotel room).

We spent three wonderful nights in Kollman’s two-bedroom apartment during our recent trip to Ljubljana and we still can’t stop raving about the apartment, the location, and the city of Ljubljana itself.

Note: We did not request a two-bedroom apartment as we’re only a couple and we had no need for such a big place but it was the only apartment available at the time so Kollman kindly offered it to us.

Kollman Apartments - Bedroom

Master Bedroom

As you can see in the photo above, the main bedroom of this two-bedroom apartment was equipped with two comfortable queen-sized beds, two chairs with a small side table, and a large coffee table in the center of the room.

Kollman Apartments - Bedroom

The photo above shows the view from the beds towards the television, sitting-area of the main bedroom.

As you can tell, it’s super clean, beautifully decorated and has that look to it that makes you feel right at home.

I should also mention that the television was huge, even though it doesn’t exactly appear to be that big in the photo shown above.

Liz made use of the television a few times during our stay when it was too rainy to be out exploring the city.

She enjoyed the fact that she could sit back in bed with her laptop and have the tv on in the background.

The two windows in the bedroom allowed a ton of naturl light to shine through and it really brightened up the place during the morning hours.

Kollman Apartments - Second Bedroom

Spare Bedroom

The secondary bedroom was much smaller than the main bedroom and included two small twin beds.

Above you can see one of the beds along with a work desk and small flat panel LCD television mounted on the wall.

Kollman Apartments - Dining Area

Dining Area

The dining area of the apartment included a large circular table with 6 chairs, a three-seater couch, and a rocking chair.

There was also a small cupboard with mugs, glasses and wine glasses just to the left above the table.

Again, the natural light in this apartment was off the charts. The skylight provided all the light necessary to work, eat and hang around in the dining room all day, even on the cloudy and rainy days during our stay.

Kollman Apartments - Kitchen

The small kitchen area was just beside the dining area and was equipped with the necessities such as a two-burner stove top, microwave, small refrigerator and tea kettle. Complimentary tea was on offer as well.

The only issue we had with the kitchen is that if you were tall, it would be difficult to really make use of the countertops as the slanted ceiling always seemed to be in the way. I bumped my head on the ceiling a couple of times during our stay and I’m 5″11 on a good day.

Other than that, the kitchen was excellent and had everything we needed.

Kollman Apartments - Bathroom


The bathroom was a split bathroom, one part had a shower, sink and a shelving unit to store towels, soaps, etc.

The other bathroom directly across the hall had a toilet and a small sink. We didn’t mind that the apartment had the split bathroom, it was almost more convenient than your traditional all-in-one bathroom, especially if you’re staying with more than two people.


If you’re all about location like us, then there’s no better place to stay than at Kollman Apartments.

Situated in the heart of Ljubljana’s city center, these apartments are located right on the edge of the river, home to many Ljubljana’s most popular restaurants, cafes and bars.

Included Amenities

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Washing Machine and dryer
  • Air conditioning and central heating
  • Two queen-sized beds, two twin beds and a three seater couch
  • Maps and local information on-site.
  • Small Kitchen (Microwave, two-burner stove top, kettle, utensils, pots, pans and more.
  • Fresh Towels


We encountered a couple of issues during our stay and in all fairness, it’s our job to fill you guys in on the good and the bad of our stay.

  • The Internet – If you’re someone who relies on and/or works on the Internet like us, you would know that having high quality, high speed Internet is an absolutel must. Over the course of the three nights at Kollman, we had to reset the router a few times and the first night we were without Internet for about 10-12 hours before it was fixed. After it was fixed, there were no more issues.
  • The Stairs – We had no issues with climbing the four floors of stairs to our apartment but we imagine it would be quite a difficult hike for the older folks who plan on staying here.

Other than the issues mentioned above, just about everything about this place is top-notch.


Overall, we highly recommend you book your stay at Kollman Apartments the next time you plan on visiting Ljubljana.

From the quality and cleanliness of the apartments, to the location that can’t be beat, Kollman is your best bet in Ljubljana.

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