Loom waterproof slip-ons can brave all 4 seasons and all terrains.

Not only that, but these vegan shoes are made sustainably to help you cover more tracks while leaving less of a footprint. 

One of the laws of nomad travel is: Always pack light! 

This is why travelers always have problems with shoes.

Between sandals, boots, and sneakers, half of your backpack is already full! 

But there’s a new shoe that’s here to change all that.

Loom Footwear combines the ease of sandals, the warmth of boots, and the light athleticism of sneakers into one waterproof slip-on.

Loom’s ultra-comfortable shoes are fit for city tours, mountains, beaches, and everywhere in between.

You can even go swimming in them! 

They’re the all-season, all-terrain shoes that travelers have been dreaming about.  

But what really caught our eye was how Loom is creating a sustainable model for footwear production.

Totally vegan and sustainably made, Loom is revolutionizing the way we leave footprints across the globe. 

Below, we’ll take a closer look at what Loom can do and where they can take you.

Loom: Highlights and Features

100% Waterproof

Loom are the only shoes that let you hike through mountains, wade through rivers, and dive into grottoes all without taking them off.

Loom are totally waterproof, meaning you can even swim in them without getting a drop of water on your feet.

The reinforced H2Go layer and impermeable 4-layer mesh keep water out without restricting airflow.

And, The flexible slip-on seal hugs your ankle to prevent water from getting in.

Whether you’re hiking to a remote beach or just want to get to work on rainy days without wet socks, Loom can take you there. 

Flexible Comfort

One of the best features for travelers is Loom’s super flexy design.

The unique 4-way stretch promotes the natural movement of your feet, so you’re much less likely to suffer from aches, cramps, and tendon issues during long treks. 

It’s also great for packing. Loom can fold up to fit into a tiny space, so you can bring them anywhere without sacrificing space in your backpack. 

Temperature Controlled

Loom are made with Merino wool (vegan-shorn), which is one of the most versatile and high-performance fabrics in the world.

This ultra-fine wool regulates temperature to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It’s able to do this because it’s not an insulator. It’s a heat regulator. 

Wool has the amazing ability to transfer heat and moisture through its fibers and away from your skin to keep you cool and dry.

And when it’s cold, it keeps heat in.

This is a natural process of Merino wool—it’s how sheep keep warm and cool all year round. 

Despite being small and very light, Loom can keep your feet warm in icy conditions and cool in the summer heat.

They also keep your feet dry and sweat-free, ensuring safe footing.   


As a traveler, your feet are your primary method of transportation.

So, you need to keep those arches healthy. Loom keeps feet happy with its dual-support system.

First, the interior Merino wool insert cushions each step.

Merino wool has reactive, shock-absorbing properties to keep your ankles, shins, and knees healthy. This makes them great for long treks and daily jogs. 

On the exterior, Loom’s unique Excelcast sole supports your foot’s natural curves and maximizes energy return.

It was designed by podiatrists to recycle the energy from each step and add a boost to your next one.

This allows you to go further with less effort and less strain. 


Foot odors are a huge issue for backpackers.

Not only are they embarrassing when you have to share a hostel room or a crash at someone’s home, but they can also stink up your entire bag. 

Loom’s Merino wool solves that problem.

It has antibacterial properties that eliminate bacteria, fungus, and mold—the culprits of foot odor.

Even if you wear them every day with the same old pair of socks (not recommended… wash your socks!), they’ll still smell as fresh as the day you bought them.

For long-distance hikers and runners, Loom’s antimicrobial properties also protect against foot fungus and athlete’s foot.

Trail-Ready Traction

Loom are fitted with slip-resistant rubber soles.

The tread looks flat and road-friendly at a glance, but the cross-cut sections and deeper grooves add more traction for rural terrain. 

It’s a best-of-both-worlds sole that maximizes traction in the city and offers a decent grip in the wild as well.

You won’t find cleats or spikes for the wildest of terrains, but you’ll be able to take Loom anywhere that doesn’t require a harness or an oxygen mask. 

Another reason for the flatter sole is that it aids balance in slippery and wet conditions—the type of environment Loom were made for. 


Loom managed to fit all of its features into a sleek and sexy package.

The men’s and women’s shoes are stylish yet discreet.

They don’t draw too much attention, unlike a lot of gaudy boots and sneakers, so you can easily wear them to work or to the club. 

The slip-on look is also hot right now, making Loom a great pick for 2021. 

The only downside is they’re only available in black or white. More colors would be nice.   

Build and Materials 

We discussed some of the materials in the above section, but here’s a breakdown of everything inside Loom.

Merino wool

Merino wool is the primary material in Loom.

This vegan-shorn sheep’s wool is one of the finest and softest fabrics in the world (comparable to cashmere). 

Merino wool regulates temperature, absorbs shock, wicks moisture, and kills bacteria.

It’s also incredibly durable and won’t smush or buckle after a few months like other shoe interiors. 

To keep your feet comfy and dry, Loom’s interior is lined with Merino wool.

It also features a Merino wool insert to protect your feet and legs from shock while delivering super cushy comfort. 

H2Go waterproof upper

Loom’s upper (the part of the shoe where the tongue and laces are located), is made with a stretchy material that hugs the ankle and foot to prevent water from entering.

This is how Loom are able to prevent water from entering the shoe even from the top. 

Although Loom are slip-on friendly, you’ll also find laces here for when you need to tighten up your fit.

It’s a good idea to lace up before swimming to ensure top waterproof protection. 

4-layer mesh fabric

The exterior of the shoe is made of a 4-layer mesh.

Each layer has a job to do from blocking moisture to releasing heat and interior moisture to protecting the shoe from damage.

The final layer (closest to your foot) is an extra layer of Merino wool to maximize temperature regulation and moisture transfer. 

The breathable mesh combines the efficiency of boots with the light weight of sneakers and the comfort of slippers. It is only found in Loom shoes.   

Excelcast sole

The Excelcast soul was designed by podiatrists to support your arches and to recycle the energy from each step.

Made of lightweight but durable foam and a rubber sole, it keeps you on the trail or the dance floor longer. 

The higher position of the heel minimizes the energy lost when your foot hits the ground and transfers the power of each stride into forward propulsion.

This allows you to move more easily, and it sends less shock to your shins and knees.

Sustainable Production

The footwear industry is one of the world’s worst polluters.

And, apparel brands are known for using child labor and unsafe facilities to manufacture their products.

Loom has a different approach, and hopefully, the industry will follow suit.

Loom’s shoes are 100% vegan and are made sustainably from start to finish.

They use a mix of artisan labor and machine manufacturing to minimize waste, and all laborers are paid fair wages.

Loom are cruelty-free shoes.

The average shoe requires thousands of gallons of water and fossil fuels to produce just one pair. 

One pair of Loom are produced using:

  • 45% less energy
  • 75% less fossil fuel
  • 4500L less water

And because Loom are totally vegan and natural, you won’t be polluting when you finally toss them out. 

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If you’re a traveler, a nomad, a commuter in a rainy city, or you just love a comfy pair of slip-ons, now is the best time to switch to Loom.

Do it for your feet, and do it for the planet!

This post was brought to you in part by our collaboration with Loom Footwear.