8 Ways To Spend A Luxury Holiday In Europe

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By Ryan Gargiulo

Booking your stay in Europe is already an exciting experience. However, there are many ways to spend a luxury holiday in Europe that will make you feel like you are a celebrity.

Let’s delve into the eight ways you can have a high-echelon experience whether you decide to climb to the peak of the Duomo in Florence, Italy, or enjoy the unforgettable art pieces at the Louvre in Paris, France.

Private Jet

1. Go On A Private Jet Charter

Live your time traveling luxuriously by flying on a private jet. You have the conveniences and comforts of your home more luxuriously when traveling by flight with the Air Charter Service of the United States. 

Whether you are renting a private jet charter for leisurely purposes or business, you will love traveling Europe with ease and luxury. Between short security checks and easy airport parking, there will be less hassle traveling by a private jet charter versus a popular airline.              

2. Find a Five-Star Hotel

Book a five-star hotel experience to feel like the cream of the crop during your stay. From the time you arrive, you will be pampered like a celebrity. 

A concierge will greet you at the door and get your luggage to your booked room. Housekeeping will check on you frequently to be sure you have everything you need in your hotel room. 

Many five-star hotels like bringing your meals to your room if you choose. Some have a gourmet buffet to dine on whatever dishes suit your fancy, and others have multiple on-site restaurants for a more premium dining experience based on your tastes for the evening.

Private Tour Guide

3. Hire A Private Tour Guide

Hire a private tour guide who knows their way around the section of Europe you plan to visit. There is so much you can learn from a local tour guide to get a more immersive experience during your luxury holiday in Europe.

Tour the Eiffel Tower and the Versailles Palace in Paris, France with a personal tour guide who knows the history behind these tourist attractions to explain it all to you thoroughly. 

Walk through the Colosseum and Pantheon of Rome during your holiday to Rome Italy and virtually hear the roars of the audience while receiving a history lesson from your tour guide. Travel through the Chapel Bridge in the Swiss Alps all while receiving history lessons from an experienced tour guide. 

4. Hire A Personal Driver

Rather than mapping out an itinerary and having to do all the driving yourself, hire a personal driver. This way, you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and overall touring experience of wherever you are visiting in Europe. 

When you hire a personal driver before your trip to Europe, they will display your name on a placard to physically connect with you at the airport.

Give them your itinerary and they will take you to your hotel after landing or whichever tourist attraction you choose. They will stay nearby or with you in your chosen hotel to always be at your beck and call when you’d like to tour the city. 

5. Rent A Luxurious Private Villa

While a five-star hotel experience would be much better in service than staying at a standard one, you will get even more of a luxury experience by renting a private villa. Check your villa’s accommodations to be sure you are getting the best services. 

The most luxurious accommodations include having a private chef to cook all your meals and a nanny service to care for your children when you’d like to go on an adult outing. Enjoy the personalized concierge services. 

Every villa is different so one villa may have unique, luxury services that another does not. Book a stay at the luxurious Vichimori villa in Martina Franca, Puglia where there’s a relaxing spa and an al fresco dining experience at its lavish courtyard. 

Certain villas in Greece have access to sandy beaches for a premium water escape experience. How’s that for a luxury experience? 

6. Let Experts Be Your Guide

We already suggested hiring a private driver or a personal tour guide. However, there are many other ways that you can let experts be your guide in helping to personalize your luxury travel experience in Europe. 

  • Hire a boating professional to help you tour popular bodies of water such as the Amalfi Coast in Capri. 
  • Get a helicopter ride to Fontenay Abbey, the Spanish Steps, or other popular European monuments. 
  • Find a luxury travel advisor for the most premium VIP service during your stay in Europe. 
  • If you are not staying at a place with nanny services, look up local nannies in the area for when you and your little ones need a break from each other during the trip. 
  • Hire a restaurant tour guide so you know where the most luxurious places to dine are located.
Tuscany Wine

7. Order Wine From A Wine Window

Nothing speaks of luxury more than sipping from a wine glass. Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, is known for its luxurious wines. You can order wine directly from a wine window on the streets of Florence. 

Go up to the wine window, press the bell for service, and someone will bring you the wine you choose. Request a Chianti or a Brunello di Montalcino to get started on your wine-tasting journey while you are in Europe. 

8. Relax In A Thermal Bath

Lounging in a spa or a pool is one thing, but you may have never experienced the luxurious thermal baths in Budapest.

The water from the ground that fills these thermal baths is made with mineral-infused water for a healthy and immersive soaking experience.

Gellert is one of the most popular destinations to get a thermal bath if you plan to book a stay in Budapest. 

Live It Up Luxuriously In Europe!

Luxury, of course, comes at a high price. However, you get the experience you pay for when planning your European trip.

Save up your funds to put towards your luxury travel experience in Europe to make the most of your vacation. You will be glad that you did!

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