M’Hudi: The First Black Owned Wine Estate in South Africa

South Africa

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By Ryan Gargiulo

M’Hudi Wine Estate

If you’re on a mission to dig deep into the culture and heritage of South Africa, there’s no missing out on the M’Hudi Wine Estate.

In case you didn’t know, M’Hudi is the first black owned wine estate in all of South Africa!

M'Hudi Wines - South Africa

We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down and taste some of the finest South African wines with Mr and Mrs Rangaka, the founders of M’Hudi.

M'Hudi Wines - South Africa

During our tasting we learned about the history of M’Hudi and had the chance to sip on wines such as the M’Hudi Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and my personal favorite, the Chenin Blanc.

M'Hudi Wines - South Africa
Rob and Mr. Rangaka from M’Hudi Wines

We chatted, laughed and joked our way through the tour and by the end we were full of M’Hudi history and it’s tasty wines. There was so much wine flowing that I think we all ended up forgetting about the history behind the estate pretty quickly.

M'Hudi Wines - South Africa


If interested, you can actually reserve accommodations on the M’Hudi Estate. If you’re a wine lover, this might just be your dream getaway. Beautiful views, great wine and a comfy bed to sleep off your morning wine induced hangover. It’s probably best you stay at M’Hudi after crushing all the wine you can get your hands on.

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