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By Ryan Gargiulo

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals
Sun Buggy Shuttle Bus!

When our Sunbuggy shuttle arrived we were taken to the Sunbuggy headquarters which were about 15 minutes off the Las Vegas Strip. The Nellis Airforce base and Las Vegas Motor Speedway were right around the corner.

Sun Buggy Headquarters
Sun Buggy Headquarters
Sun Buggy Headquarters
Gearing up for the insanity!

Once we geared up we headed back to the shuttle which took us about 5 minutes down the road to the desert where the dune buggies were awaiting us.

Sun Buggy

I was so pumped about taking one of these things for a ride. I had been looking forward to this off road dune buggy adventure for a while now. I was even more excited when I saw the size of these off road beasts!

Sun Buggies
The dune buggies!
Sun Buggies
Getting ready to rock n’ roll!
Sun Buggy Las Vegas
Liz and I ready to hit the desert with Sun Buggy!

The staff assumed Liz was going to drive her own buggy but she wasn’t too confident in her dune buggy driving skills with no prior practice or training so I asked the staff if we could take out a two-seater instead. The helpful crew at Sunbuggy quickly provided us with a two-seater dune buggy with no questions asked.

Sun Buggy Las Vegas
Here’s our Dune Buggy – The Purple People Eater!

Within a minute or so of strapping into our buggy I flipped the switch and started the engine…

Sun Buggy Las Vegas
Strapped in and ready to rock!

It was only 9:45AM at this point and the temperature out in the desert was nearing 100 degrees so both Liz and I were eager to hit the gas and get going!

The Mini Baja Chase Extended

Our guide Eric was fantastic, he lead us on a hell of a ride through the desert at breakneck speeds. There were some times that I fell a little behind because I wasn’t incredibly familiar with the terrain but I managed to keep up for the most part through out the ride. There were times that Eric would get a little ways ahead of me but I was always able to see his flag that was attached to the top of his buggy so I pretty much always knew where he was headed.

We ripped through the desert at speeds of somewhere between 35-45mph. Doesn’t sound too fast but when you’re tackling some really rough and rocky terrain, that’s about as fast as you’re going to want to go. Trust me!

The desert terrain was mixed for the most part. I would say 40% was really tough rocky terrain, and the other 60% was your typical soft sand and giant sand dunes.

We climbed the dunes at full speed sometimes catching some air as we flew over the crests. Then we would cut the wheel and drift a little bit before literally launching off the top of a dune with a sheer 20-30ft drop. These buggies were absolutely indestructable!

After 90 minutes of cruising around and having a ball in the 100 + degree weather, we were ready to pack things up and get back to our hotel. We were both roughed up, sweaty and covered in sand!

Sun Buggy Las Vegas
Just finished up the Mini Baja Chase Extended!



Final Thoughts:

Our experience with Sun Buggy was exhilarating to say the least. We had an excellent time and we felt very safe and comfortable through out our desert adventure thanks to our guide Eric.

As I stated above, our ride was 90 minutes long (Mini Baja Chase Extended) with about a 15-20 minute water break in between each of the 45 minute sessions. If you’re interested in something shorter, Sun Buggy offers the standard Mini Baja Chase which is a 30 minute heart pounding desert adventure.

If you’re looking for something different, something adventurous, or an exhilarating experience off the strip, Sun Buggy is the place to go without a doubt!

Note: These buggies are custom built for this rough terrain so as you can imagine they are not made to be super comfortable in any way. You’ll be sitting in a hard plastic racing type seats and harnesses for a minimum of 30 minutes if you do the Mini Baja Chase. Although you will be safely bucked in, you will still get tossed around from left to right, and sometimes you even come out of your seats a little bit when you hit the dunes at high speeds. If you are pregnant, have back/neck issues, or simply cringe at the thought of activities that are somewhat risky in any way shape or form, Sun Buggy is NOT for you!

Contact Information:

[box type=”info”] Disclosure: Sun Buggy Fun Rentals comped us a 90 minute Mini Baja Chase Extended tour in exchange for an in depth review of our Las Vegas dune buggy experience. All views and opinions expressed above are my own and this has been yet another honest review by Ryan at[/box]

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    we are very interested in your sun buggy tours.
    We are 3 adults and 1 child (16 years) and stay in vegas the 24. and 25. 04.2014
    Is it possible that our son can drive with us in a one or 2 person buggy? And what’s the price?

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