Zipolite 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Zipolite, Mexico

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By Ryan Gargiulo

Zipolite is a small beach town located on the southwestern coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.

In the past few years, Zipolite has become increasingly popular as a beach destination for locals, backpackers, and day tourists.

The beach and the ocean aren’t the only reasons why people love going to Zipolite.

The beach has also become a popular spa and yoga retreat, surfing spot, and nightlife destination in the coastal region of Oaxaca.

These activities and more have led to a booming tourism scene.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Zipolite.

From how to get to the beach, to accommodation options, activities to modes of transportation, plus when the best time to visit Zipolite is, you’ll have a clear idea of how to plan a vacation here by the time you finish reading this guide.

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Zipolite Beach

How to Get to Zipolite

You have several options on how to get to Zipolite: by air, by taxi, or by bus. Here are more details on each option:

By Air

The closest airport to Zipolite is the Bahias de Huatulco International Airport, which is about an hour away from the beach.

Both national and international flights have arrivals here, so you can book a flight to this airport if you want a short commute to Zipolite.

Alternatively, you can choose other airports in Oaxaca, which include the Puerto Escondido International Airport (1 hour and 25 minutes away), the Salina Cruz Airport (3 hours and 25 minutes), the Ixtepec Commercial Airport (3 hours and 50 minutes away), and the Xoxocotián International Airport (5 hours and 35 minutes away).

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By Taxi

From Bahias de Huatulco International Airport or Puerto Escondido International Airport, you can take a taxicab directly to Zipolite.

The fare costs about MXN 500 to MXN 850 (USD 26.25 to USD 44.60) from Hualtuco to Zipolite and about MXN 700 (or about USD 36.70) from Puerto Escondido to Zipolite, but you may still be able to bargain with the drivers to get a cheaper fare.

To save more, you can either take a bus from the airport to Puerto Angel and then a taxi to Zipolite, or a taxi to the nearby town center or market and then a bus to Zipolite.

By Bus

The public transportation hub in the coastal region of Oaxaca is located in Pochutla, which is 30 minutes away from Zipolite.

You can catch a bus in Pochutla from several bus liners that travel from different areas in Oaxaca to Zipolite, including the public collective.

Just make sure that the bus you’re taking is going to Zipolite via Puerto Angel because this is the shortest route.

Where to Stay in Zipolite

When it comes to your Zipolite accommodation, there are three great options for you.

You can rent a holiday home through Airbnb or book a room at a local hostel or hotel.

To help you decide which accommodation option to take, here is everything you need to know:


There are about 53 beachside rentals to choose from over at Airbnb, which range from private rooms, to condos, and entire homes.

Why should you choose Airbnb Zipolite over hostels and hotels?

Well, with an Airbnb, you’ll get the best value for the price, the most flexibility, the chance to experience Zipolite like a local, and the homey kind of privacy that hostels and hotels lack.


While Airbnb has several advantages that you might enjoy, places rarely have the amenities that hotels have, like room service, a spa, or a pool.

If you want a more luxurious vacation, there are two Playa Zipolite hotels that are worth checking out: Zipolite Hotel Nude and Noga Hotel Zipolite.

The former has bungalow-style rooms, a restaurant, a spa, and a pool, while the latter has a unique but beautiful treehouse-style interior, plus a restaurant and bar.


Lastly, you can stay at a Zipolite hostel during your trip.

Though not as private or luxurious, hostels are a lot cheaper than the two other options on this list, which will then allow you to stay longer in Zipolite.

It also sparks the feeling of community that inspires a lot of guests to meet new people and make friends with other travelers.

Things to Do in Zipolite

While Zipolite is a popular beach destination in Oaxaca, Mexico, there are a lot of other things that you can do while you’re in town.

Aside from swimming and spending a day under the sun, here are other activities that you can do in Zipolite:

See Whales and Dolphins

Aside from the gorgeous sandy beach, Zipolite is also a prime spot for whale and dolphin watching.

You can watch them from the coast, or you can rent a boat from the local fishermen to see them up close.

If you’re interested in seeing these sea creatures in Zipolite, you should visit between December and April.


Through the years, Zipolite has become a popular surfing spot in the coastal region of Oaxaca, Mexico.

But the great news is that it doesn’t get too crowded for you to catch a good wave.

If you’re coming from out of town and don’t have a surfboard with you, you can rent one from a store on the west side or from the lifeguards on the east side of Playa Zipolite.

Boogey Boarding

Boogey boarding is also a favorite activity among visitors of Zipolite, especially on the east side of the beach.

You’ll find a lot of people here trying to catch a wave during the early evenings of the summer.

So, if you want to avoid the crowd, you can try boogey boarding at other times of the day.

Get a Massage at the Spa at La Alquimista

La Alquimisita Yoga & Spa is a popular retreat destination for those who want to unwind during their vacation.

They offer daily yoga classes for visitors in their Pure Yoga Center.

But if a day of treatments and relaxation is more up your alley, you should get a massage at the Spa Shanti, which uses fresh and all-natural ingredients from the region to create balms for your skin.

Enjoy Local Music

When the sun starts to set at around six in the evening, Zipolite comes alive with music from local bands and musicians.

Bars and restaurants along the main street host performers and open mic nights for locals and tourists alike.

Spontaneous jam sessions are also a frequent occurrence here since street vendors often participate in the nightlife music scene.

Yoga Class in Shambala

Gloria’s Shambala is another popular retreat in Playa Zipolite.

In a lot of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the word “Shambala” refers to a pure land where the physical coincides with the spiritual.

As the name of the establishment suggests, you will also be able to unite the physical with the spiritual when you take a yoga class in Shambala.

Enjoy Lunch or Dinner on the Beach at La Alquimista

Aside from La Aquimista’s Pure Yoga Center and Spa Shanti, it also has a great pub and restaurant onsite that serves lunch and dinner.

It serves international cuisine and delicious cocktails that you can enjoy at a table on the beach. Just picture eating under the stars with the Pacific Ocean before you. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

Try Some Delicious Pizza at Pizzeria Italiana La Fenice

Pizzeria Italiana La Fenice is located at Col. Roca Blanca in Zipolite.

They are famous for their brick oven pizzas and live performers.

Tourists and locals keep coming back to Pizzeria Italiana La Fenice for their good food and good vibes.

Enjoy Some Good Nightlife and Music at La Pasion

Just a short distance away from Pizzeria Italiana La Fenice, you’ll find La Pasion Restaurant and Bar.

They have a full menu with main dishes and appetizers, but most people go here for the nightlife and live music.

For a fun night out in Zipolite, head to this Mexican bar and restaurant.

Getting Around Zipolite

Once you arrive in Zipolite, there are several ways to get around town conveniently.

You can either grab a shared taxi know as a collectivo, or catch a bus that usually passes by the beach.

However, Zipolite is only about 1.25 miles (about 2 kilometers) long, which means you can walk from one end of the beach to the other without any problem.

The main street is also a short distance away from the coast, so you won’t need transportation to reach the most popular local shops, restaurants, cafés, and bars.

It is also advisable that you explore surrounding jungles on foot because they are not accessible by any type of vehicle.

In other words, Zipolite is a small area on the southwestern coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Therefore, getting around won’t be too difficult because popular tourist spots and destinations are accessible by foot.

Zipolite Sunset
Zipolite Sunset

Best Time to Visit Zipolite

The busiest months of the year with the most number of tourists in town are January, March, and June because this is when the weather is the most ideal.

During these months, the chances of precipitation are low and the average temperature is warm but not extremely hot.

From April to early June however, the average temperature can reach up to 93.3°F during the day and 76.1°F at night.

To avoid the crowds of tourists during peak season, the best time to visit Zipolite is in April, July, or September.

By July the summer crowd is depleting so you will be able to find some peace and quiet during your vacation.


Zipolite may be a small area on the southwestern coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, but there are a lot of reasons to love this place.

Aside from its natural beauty and proximity to the ocean, Mexican people are warm and welcoming, which will make your vacation all the more special.

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