Zulu Dancing and Cultural Experience

South Africa

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By Ryan Gargiulo

Welcome to the PheZulu Zulu Dancing & Cultural Experience

Just 35 minutes from Durban, PheZulu is nestled in the valley of 1,000 hills.

When we first arrived at PheZulu, we were ushered into this small dirt arena of sorts. The place was empty and beside us bloggers, there were only three other patrons awaiting for the show to unfold.

Zulu Warrior - South Africa

Before we knew it the drums started to pound and the Zulu people started to voice their traditional tribal chants.

PheZulu - South Africa

The Zulu dancers were impressive to say the least. One of their signature moves was a high kick that looked as if they were just about kneeing themselves in the face. Check out the extension on the guy below on the far right!

PheZulu - South Africa

The following Zulu Warrior portrait is my favorite photo from the day. What a cool shot!

Zulu Warrior - South Africa

At the end of the show the Zulu’s gathered around me for a group photo. Here’s me and my Zulu crew…

PheZulu Group Photo - South Africa

At Phezulu village, the world famous Gasa clan has over the last 30 years, allowed visitors to Phezulu the opportunity to savour the taste and feel the rhythm of Africa. Visitors are taken into traditional beehive shaped thatched huts, where the various artifacts, beliefs and rituals are explained, giving foreigners an insight into the fascinating Zulu culture. The Zulu dancing show is impressive with the dancers in their traditional garb, showing off their skills with grace, agility and humour- a truly unforgettable experience! – PheZulu

For more information on show times, please visit the official PheZulu Website.

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