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This morning we were all up bright and early. I think we’re at that point in the trip where you’re looking forward to the finish line. We packed up camp in record time and hit the road.

Pit stop on the Pacific Coast Bike Tour

The first 15 miles of  the morning was nothing but easy riding. There were absolutely no stores in sight until nearly 20 miles in. Stopped into a marketplace and had some light snacks before realizing there was a Costco across the way.

Lunch time!

Although it was still early, we decided to grab lunch before heading towards Santa Barbara. We ended up ordering two large pizzas at Costco for $9.95 each. Try finding a large pizza anywhere in California for less than $10. It’s impossible!

Our eyes were a little too big for our appetites but Will agreed to strap the left overs on the back of his bike so that we could chow down later on in the afternoon.

Pizza on the Pacific Coast Bike Tour

After lunch we headed out and found the bike path that starts over at the University of California Santa Barbara. We rode the bike path for about 20 miles until we arrived in downtown Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Skatepark
Santa Barbara Skatepark

We spent time doing some serious people watching and lying in the grass next to the skate park. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful.

After an hour or two, it was time to get back on the bikes and finish up our day. We left downtown and headed to Carpenteria State Beach . We stopped off on the way and stocked up on groceries for the night.

1985 Trek 520 Fully Loaded
Now that’s what I call a fully loaded bike!

We checked into a campsite at Carpenteria State Beach for $45/night and split the cost five ways.

Carpenteria State Beach

A guy across the road named Gordo stopped in and asked us if he could park he car in our spot in exchange for some beers and S’mores. Needless to say, we let him park his car at our spot.

The fire that we had was a great end to the night. We spent a couple hours huddled around it while we cooked S’mores and cracked jokes about the funny slang words that the British and the Americans use. Clearly, us Americans had the upper hand.

S'mores at Carpenteria

Today’s Mileage: 50 mi

Carpenteria to Leo Carrillo

Carpenteria to Leo Carrillo
Riding the Pacific Coast Bike Route through Ventura and Oxnard

This morning we got another early start. Our first stop was the Starbucks right around the corner from Carpenteria so that we can charge all of our gear.

The day was really flat other than a few rolling hills from time to time. To be honest, the day was really too boring to even write about. I will mention that we had lunch in Ventura at The Habit, a great burger joint with awesome milkshakes.

After lunch we pedaled more flats along the coast for another 20 miles or so. Once we arrived at Leo Carrillo State Beach we had dinner and a hot shower.

Leo Carrillo State Beach
Roxanne, John, Ana & Will

Only a few more days til Mexico!

Today’s Mileage: 50 mi

Leo Carrillo to Hermosa Beaach

This morning left Leo Carrillo State Beach and rode straight through Malibu. I was mesmerized by the sizes and shapes of the mansions that were perched high up on the cliffs edge.

Cycling through Malibu
Cruising through Malibu

We stopped for lunch at Yankee Doodles in Santa Monica as today would be the last day we would all be riding together as a crew.

The Pacific Coast Bike Gang
The Pacific Coast Bike Gang

Roxanne and John are staying in Santa Monica for the next two nights and Ana is heading into LA for the next few nights. After lunch, our plan was to head straight to one of our friends houses in Hermosa Beach.

Bike Paths to Hermosa Beach

We rode another 12-15 miles down bike paths from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach. We passed through Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach and more. All of the beaches had their own character to them and it was pretty cool to be able to ride right through them by cruising along the bike path that is built right on the beach.

Bike Path from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach

We were extremely relieved when we finally showed up to our buddies house in Hermosa Beach. Tomorrow we’ll take a day off and spend the day at the beach. This is the life!

Today’s Mileage: 47.4 mi