Top 5 Places to Visit in Greece for Foodies

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By Ryan Gargiulo

Greece is not only a destination for lovers of history, but it’s also a great place to visit for foodies.

A foodie holiday in Greece means indulging in mouth-watering Mediterranean foods made from fresh organic produce.

In fact, food and wine tourism are becoming more and more popular in Greece.

Many travel companies offer opportunities for cooking lessons, visiting vineyards and farms, and so much more. 

Depending on what you are looking for, from olives to cheeses, seafood, and marmalades, you will discover why Greece has been dubbed a haven for foodies. 

Below check out some of the top places to visit in Greece for foodies.

1. Athens

The best way to jumpstart your gastronomic journey of Greece is in its capital city, Athens. Home to numerous restaurants offering all sorts of cuisines from different Greek regions, a food tour of Athens is the perfect introduction to Greece’s exciting food scene.

Start your day with a sumptuous Greek breakfast that usually consists of a wide variety of bread, pastries, fruits, and Greek yoghurt.

At lunch, make your way to one of the tavernas lining the busy streets of Athens.

Taverna menus usually consist of salads, meaty mains, fish, and seafood.

Tip: When ordering your food, keep in mind that they will serve you generous portions of hummus and tzatzikis, and the mains will come on their own, without any sides at all.

Dinner in Greece is a late-night affair, and local restaurants in Athens will usually start filling up at around 10 PM.

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You have several choices, but the lathera and mageirefta are worth a try.

Traditionally eaten for lunch, these dishes consist of slow-cooked veggies prepared with olive oil, herbs, and tomatoes.

End your day with a glass or two of the finest Greek wine served at the city’s best wine bars.

2. Crete

If you ask any local in Greece where to go for the best food, they will most likely refer you to Crete.

Indeed, Crete is an undisputed destination for foodies. After all, food is a way of life here.

If you want to explore everything that Crete has to offer, spend a few days on the island and stay in a villa that has easy access to the best dining spots in the island. 

Of all the local products Crete lavishes on, nothing captures its essence quite like the olive oil. It fuels the long life of the locals and brings families and communities together.

Aside from its olive oil, local cheeses, honey, and wine are some of the offerings that round off the island’s wonderful culinary delights.

As one of Greece’s most popular foodie destinations, you’ll find many food tours in Crete.

Joining these tours is highly recommended, as it comes with a local guide who knows where to find the best dining spots on the island.

Your tour will include visiting Heraklion’s winding streets and finding traditional eateries.

Along the streets, you’ll stop by pastry shops for a taste of the most delicious pastries.

Learn all about the Cretan cuisine from your guide as you explore Crete’s charming neighborhood, take the recipes back to one of the super luxury Cretan villas and discover the island’s variety of amazing flavors.

3. Paros

The culinary habits of Paros have been inherited from the older generations who have created the most delicious dishes from ingredients that their sea and land could offer.

Most of the year, the people here are cut off from the mainland due to poor weather conditions. Therefore, they have to make good of what they have, making their dishes truly authentic.

Joining a food tour is the best way to discover the best that Paro can offer.

Aside from exploring the local food scene, these tours are also an excellent way to get a peek into the local life, as it includes visiting the island’s organic farms, meeting some local fishermen, and so much more!

If you would rather explore on your own, start your foodie adventure at a local restaurant. Soso, a restaurant located in a quiet cobblestone street at the picturesque port of Naoussa, is a great place to sample Greek fusion dishes.

Meanwhile, on the gorgeous beach of Santa Maria, you’ll find Siparos, a seaside restaurant serving a variety of Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

4. Santorini

Santorini is an absolute delight for travelers of all kinds.

The picturesque sunsets, colorful houses, and beautiful villages are some of the island’s biggest draws, but the yummy Greek foods that you’ll find in every street corner make for tasty Greek vacations of epic portions.

While it’s truly possible to explore Santorini’s food scene on your own, doing a food tour is a much better option.

When you join a food tour, you’ll have the opportunity to eat seasonally locally grown foods, learn about the local food culture, and visit the best dining spots, whether a simple tavern by the edge of a cliff or a gourmet restaurant serving delectable Greek cuisines.

There are many dishes to try in Santorini, but the Ntomatokeftedes is a must-try. Made from cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and onions, these tomato fritters are fried in olive oil.

5. Kos

Kos is a beautiful island along the Aegean Sea, famous for its wide selection of beautiful beaches. But beyond its beaches, Kos is also a fantastic destination for foodies.

Regardless of which area in the island you base yourself on, from the waterfront of the main town to the south coast and the beaches on the north, you will find tavernas and restaurants overflowing with the best Greek cuisines.

Take every opportunity to explore its sumptuous delicacies, such as pitardia, a handmade lasagne style pasta; lambropites, pies made with cheese; and the marmarites, pancakes served with sugar or locally produced honey.

Check out the delicatessen in town as well and grab a jar of thyme honey or a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Kos is also famous for its delectable wines. While on the island, take the time to visit a local winery and learn about the island’s winemaking tradition.

Winemaking in the island dates back to antiquity and is significantly associated with the island’s culture and history.

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