Kimolos 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Kimolos, Greece

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By Ryan Gargiulo

Kimolos is a small, volcanic island located just off the coast of the Greek island of Milos.

Believe it or not, the island of Kimolos used to be part of Milos but was separated during a massive earthquake during the 1st century A.D.

This beautiful little island is surrounded by a variety of neighboring islands collectively known as the Cyclades and the island of Milos is known the administrative capital of sorts.

Today, Kimolos Greece is home to a charming little town with beautiful beaches and clear waters which bring a calm and serene ambiance to the island and its visitors.

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Milos to Kimolos Ferry

How to Get to Kimolos

Knowing how to get to Kimolos is an essential part of planning your trip and fortunately, getting to Kimolos is pretty simple as there’s only one way to get to and from the island and that’s by ferry.

Kimolos island relies on Milos for the majority of its tourism and while small ferries make occasional stops here, the big ferries pass by Kimolos on their way to Milos.

By Ferry

The best way to get to Kimolos is to take the ferry from Milos to Kimolos which operates 3-4 times per day.

You can also reach Kimolos by ferry from Piraeus port (Athens), Folegandros and Santorini.

The ferry from Milos to Kimolos takes approximately 30 minutes.

When it comes to booking Greek ferries to Kimolos, one of the most reliable and reasonably priced Greek ferry search engines is powered by a company called Ferries in Greece (highly recommended), a major greek ferry booking hub that helps more than 35,000 passengers get to and from the Greek islands each year.

Check Ferry Schedules & Prices:

Where to Stay in Kimolos

There are a variety of options available when it comes to finding quality accommodations in Kimolos.

While we don’t necessarily see the need to spend the night in Kimolos island, we understand that some of you might want to experience a day or two on a more traditional, quiet Greek island.

For those that decide to spend a night in Kimolos, here are a few accommodation recommendations that we think you should consider.

Airbnb in Kimolos

We highly recommend Airbnb as the first choice when it comes to choosing your Kimolos accommodations due to the fact that it provides a unique experience where you can interact with locals as well as enjoy the feeling of being at home in a private rental.

If you’re wanting to experience staying in a local, ocean front property in Kimolos, we recommend you take a few minutes to poke around on Airbnb to find something with availability for the dates of your stay.

You’ll notice that many of the accommodations listed on Airbnb in Kimolos are labeled as Kimolos Studios or Kimolos apartments — these self-contained, private rentals usually consist of one or two bedrooms, 1 or 2 private bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.

These types of accommodations are perfect for those who are not looking for anything fancy and are just wanting a nice, comfy place to spend the night.

Get a discount of up to $37 on your first Airbnb stay by clicking here.


Minas Place

Mina’s Place – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Elena's house

Elena’s House – 1 Bed / 1.5 Bath

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Flora psathi

Flora Psathi – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Amoni IV – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Traditional Cycladic House

Cycladic House – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Endless Blue

Endless Blue – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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🔎 If this is your first time using Airbnb, we recommend you read our Insider’s Guide to Saving Money on Airbnb Apartments.

Free Camping in Kimolos

Camping is a great way to save money and a perfect solution for backpackers who are traveling to Kimolos on a budget.

One of the best beaches for camping in Kimolos is Aliki Beach.

Kimolos Hotels

While the island is quite small and the options can be quite limited during high season, Kimolos hotels are known for being comfortable and perfect for a 1 or 2 night stay on the island.

Booking hotels in Kimolos is a breeze and the majority can be booked online using Booking or Hotelscombined.

Here are some of our Kimolos hotel recommendations below:

Kimolos Rooms

Those of you who are on a more strict budget will be happy to hear there are quite a few options available when it comes to finding cheap Kimolos rooms to rent.

Here are some of our recommendations for rooms to rent in Kimolos.

Things to Do in Kimolos

The open sea, fresh air, white sand beaches, and rich history really set the tone for this island upon arrival.

Simple things like waking up to a view on your balcony and enjoying a breakfast with a loved one or friend, taking a walk down the old streets, eating fresh seafood, and chatting with the locals will make you fall head over heels in love with the simplistic lifestyle of the Greeks.

Below, you’ll find a short list of the best things to do in Kimolos.

Archaeological Museum

As you know, Greece is rich and filled with history which dates back thousands of years and the Archaeological Museum in Kimolos is home to some of Greece’s oldest stories and tales.

Here, you’ll find a see-through glass floor which lets you visualize what the ancient Greek burials looked like and it’s quite fascinating.

Location: In front of the Metropolitan Church of Panagia Odigitria in Chorio.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday (8:30AM – 3:00PM)

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Folklore and Maritime Museum

This two-story building is located inside the Castle of Kimolos.

As the name suggests, it holds evidence of the ancient folklore of residents and their way of living by the sea.

Here, you’ll find pictures of old boats, maritime equipment, artifacts, pottery and more.

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Castle of Kimolos

The Castle of Kimolos is located in Chorio and is officially the oldest settlement in the village.

Once you step inside the castles external defensive walls, you’ll find ruins of old homes and tales of pirates that once sailed the nearby seas.

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Agios Georgios Beach

This beautiful, sandy beach offers peace and tranquility — don’t be surprised if you see nudists wandering around here.

Aliki Beach

Aliki Beach is just 2 km (1.25 mi) from Chorio and is one of the best beaches and also a great place to find free camping on Kimolos.

Psathi Beach

This is the closest beach to Chorio, and is one of the most popular beaches on the island.

Bonatsa Beach

The main difference between Bonatsa Beach and the rest of the beaches listed in this article is that this beach is a pebble beach, not a sandy one.

Mavropilia Beach

Mavropilia beach is one of the lesser visited beaches due to only being able to access it by making your way down a dirt road.

Due to the fact that this beach is off the beaten path, it’s a great place if you’re looking for privacy and a beach that is nudist friendly.

Dekas Beach

Dekas beach is another beach which not easily accessible — again making it secluded, nudist-friendly, and a perfect beach for couples.

Getting Around Kimolos

Unfortunately, there are no car, motorbike or bicycle rental services available on Kimolos — it’s one of those islands where you either live on the island and have your own means of transportation or you simply just walk everywhere.

If you decide that you must have transportation, you can always bring your car, moto or bike rental and take it with you on the ferry from Milos to Kimolos.

Note: Be sure to let your rental agency know that you’re planning on taking your rental to Kimolos in order to avoid any sort of misunderstanding and/or unexpected extra charges.

Best Time to Visit Kimolos

The best time to visit Kimolos is during the summer months (June, July, August and early September) in order to get the most out of your trip to the island.

That being said, if you’re looking to avoid the crowds then it is best to visit Kimolos from April to early June.


Kimolos is a small Greek island which truly is deserving of a day trip from Milos.

You’ll be sure to fall in love with its white washed homes and its maze of cobblestone streets and alleyways.

Whether you are planning a day trip from Milos or an overnight stay in town, visiting Kimolos will be a great change of pace after spending a few days on Milos.

As mentioned in my detailed Greek islands on a Budget Travel Guide, I always recommend travelers to combine their trip to Milos and Kimolos with Santorini, if possible.

Interested in visiting more Greek islands? If so, be sure to check out my full collection of Greek Island Travel Guides.

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