Milos 101: The Beginner’s Guide to the Greek Island of Milos

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By Ryan Gargiulo

Introduction to Milos

Milos is a volcanic island in the southwest of the Cyclades which is most famous for the Venus de Milo (statue of Aprhodite which now resides in the Louvre) among other things.

But, let’s face it. History is history, right?

What’s far more intriguing to me is the fact that the Greek island of Milos is home to more than 72 different beaches.

That’s right seventy-two different beaches.

I could go on for days about how much I love this island but before I begin to tell you everything you need to know about the island of Milos, I’m going to be straight up with you and let you know that Milos is hands down my favorite Greek island.

From stunning sunsets, to beautiful beaches awash in the colors of the Mediterranean Sea and white-washed Cycladic villages, Milos truly has it all.

It’s the 5th largest island in the Cyclades archipelago, located west of Santorini, between Heraklion, Crete and the Greek mainland.

Some 5,000 people call the island home, making their living through fishing, farming, agriculture, mining and tourism.

Just four hours by ferry from Athens, Milos is an unspoiled volcanic island which is still lesser known to many tourists when compared to islands such as Santorini, Kimolos, Mykonos and Rhodes.

If beaches are what you’re in search of — get ready to be absolutely blown away. 

The north and south shore are the most popular, while the beaches located on the east and west coasts are well off the beaten path and will be sure to be a highlight for those of you who consider yourselves to be adventurous travelers.

Seven towns make-up the island of Milos: Adamas, Plaka, and Pollonia are the larger towns, with Plaka having some of the best sunset in Milos.

Tip: Utopia Cafe is the best place to catch the sunset in Plaka — be sure to arrive early to get a seat.

The other four towns of Klima, Mandrakia, Fourkovouni and Fyropotamos are really more like small fishing villages, but well worth a visit.

Before You Go: Travel Insurance

When planning a trip to Greece and the Greek Islands your first priority should be to make sure you make a small investment towards your health and well being by considering an affordable travel insurance policy for your trip.

Not only will this budget friendly travel insurance policy cover you if your bags are lost/stolen and if your flight is delayed/cancelled, but you’ll also be covered for all medical and injury related issues as well. 

Let’s face it. No parents, family or friends want to have to cover the cost of you getting medevaced home from Greece.

Unfortunate things do happen.

Especially when you least expect it.

Do yourself a favor and consider purchasing travel insurance coverage for your trip so you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of in the event of a serious emergency in Greece. 

P.S. You won’t believe how reasonably priced this travel insurance is.

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How to Get to Milos

You have two options when traveling to Milos — Take the ferry or fly. 

If you’re comfortable with taking the ferry you can go ahead and purchase your tickets ahead of time using the ferry booking below.


There is a high-speed catamaran which takes about four hours from Piraeus to Milos.

It’s important to note that timetables for the ferries change frequently so be sure to contact a Greek tourist office or book your tickets online to assure you have the most up to date times.

Check Ferry Schedules & Prices:

One of the better greek ferry booking systems is powered by a company called Ferries in Greece, a major greek ferry booking hub that helps more than 35,000 passengers get to and from the Greek isles each year.


  • Ferry tickets sell out so don’t be surprised to find out your ferry is sold out if you leave it to the last minute.
  • Athens’ Port of Piraeus is hectic and very spread out. Be sure to figure out which part of the port that your ferry is leaving from prior to taking a taxi to the port.
  • For reliable taxis with reputable drivers, download and install the app called TaxiBeat on your phone. It’s the best way to get around Athens.


My recommendation is to always begin by researching flights using Skyscanner before looking into taking a ferry to the Greek Islands.

The flight from Athens to Milos is up and down, and takes approximately 45 minutes.

If you’re pressed for time, flying can be a great way to optimize time spent exploring.

The island’s airport is located about 4 km (2.5 mi) from the port town of Adamas.

Depending on the airline, time of the year and the latest promotions, flights from Athens to the islands can be found for as low as €45 round-trip.

While flying tends to be the more expensive option to get from mainland Greece to the islands, there are definitely deals to be found.

Tip: Begin your flight search by using the Skyscanner engine embedded below.

Where to Stay in Milos

In Milos it’s easy to find the perfect place to lay your head each night.

Plus, you can save up to $44 off your first Airbnb stay using the following link: Airbnb Promo.

Everything from airbnb apartments to traditional rooms in small, family run hotels are available in the main port city of Adamas.

Milos Airbnb Apartment Rentals

Villa Tasoula

Villa Tasoula – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Summer House

Summer House – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Traditional Antigoni

Traditional Antigoni – 1 Bed / 1.5 Bath

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Honeymoon Klima

Honeymoon Klima – 2 Bed / 1.5 Bath

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Milos Dream House

Milos Dream House – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Blue Mare

Blue Mare – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Skinopi Fisherman

Skinopi Fisherman’s House – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Skinopi Fisherman's Dream

Skinopi Fisherman’s Dream – 1 Bed / 1 Bath

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Hotels in Milos
Greek Island of Milos
Mandrakia is charming for it’s colorfully painted boat sheds built into the rocks — in other words a photographers dream.

Things to Do in Milos

Visit the Beaches

Now, if you know anything about me you would know that I’m all about the beaches on the Greek islands.

If there’s one thing I can assure you it’s that a trip to Milos will leave you with a sore neck.

Why? Because it’s almost as if you can’t go a few miles without spotting one beautiful beach after the next.

Here are my personal recommendations when it comes to beaches in Milos:

  • Sarakiniko (Favorite!)
  • Pahena
  • Firiplaka
  • Paleochori
  • Tsigrado


Sarakiniko beach is the most photographed landscape in the Aegean Sea. This isn’t your typical beach back at home. Sarakiniko is made up of bright white volcanic rock that takes its form from being cut, and carved by the wind and the waves of the sea. There are many caves that line the edge of the sea and there is even a small natural bridge that can be crossed.

If you’re an adrenaline seeker, there are many cliff jumping opportunities here! As usual, make sure you swim out to the spot first to find out what the depth is before jumping!

Milos is like no other destination that I’ve ever visited when it comes to the diversity of the beaches on offer.

From golden sand beaches to pebble beaches, cliffside beaches and a beach that looks like you’ve landed on the moon, Milos truly has it all.

Adventure Activities

For those seeking more action adventure activities Milos does not disappoint.

Sea-kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, hiking and even mountain bike riding are all offered on the island.

Don’t miss: 23 Amazing Things to Do in Milos.

Oneiro Boat Tour:

Exploring Milos by sea is highly recommended and a day voyage on the “Oneiro” is an absolute must.

Once onboard this roomy Beneteau 400 you can swim in clear blue waters, explore sea caves and enjoy a guided tour by Oneiro’s experienced captain.

This tour is rated #1 on TripAdvisor and for good reason.

For me, personally, the Oneiro boat tour was one of the highlights of my trip to Milos.

Oneiro offers full day boat excursions that take you along the southern coast of Milos from Paliochori Beach to Kleftiko Beach, the most southwestern tip of the island.

The total cost per person for this tour is approximately €75 and the price includes three meals (light breakfast, full lunch and dinner) snacks and drinks.

It’s a full day so be ready to be up early and back before sunset.

The tour lasts approximately 8-9 hours but it flies by as you’re constantly in and out of the water exploring different parts of the island.

In all honesty, our tour with Oneiro was one of the most professionally run tours I’ve ever been on.

The sheer value of this tour is absolutely out of this world.

It could easily be priced at €100 and it would still be worth every penny.

More info: You can book your tour with Oneiro by heading down to the Adamas marina in the evening and finding their boat.

All of the boat tour companies setup their info kiosks around sunset and Oneiro is usually one of the first boats from the left if you’re standing facing the line of boats in the marina.

Price: €75/per person

Day Trip to Santorini

While I recommend spending at least 2-3 days in Santorini, it is possible do a day trip from Milos — although not recommended.

That being said, it can be done if you only have very limited time on Milos and want to squeeze in a quick trip to Santorini.

The ferry from Milos to Santorini takes anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours depending on the type of ferry you choose.

If you only have time for a day trip to Milos, be sure to take the high speed ferry so you can spend more time exploring the island than getting there.

Recommended Read: A Beginner’s Guide to Santorini, Greece

Exploring Milos, Greece

Getting Around Milos

By Car:

So you made it to Milos, now you need to get around the island.

There are a number of car and motorbike rental agencies and given that Milos is a rather large island renting a 4-wheeler or car is recommended.

Public Transport:

Milos also offer local public transportation, with a bus system that goes to all seven towns and a number of the beaches.

The bus terminal is located in the main square in the port of Adamas in front of the Portiani Hotel.

This is where you’ll also find the boat excursion dock.

Additionally, taxis are also readily available.

Best Time to Visit Milos

I would say now is a good time to visit Milos.

But, in all seriousness, Milos is blessed with a Mediterranean climate which mainly consists of mild temperatures, calm seas, and warm water.

In the winter months you can expect to find some rainy, cool days and in the summer it’s warm and dry.

July and August tend to be a favorite time of the year for lovers of all ages to visit, so make sure to book your accommodations, car rentals, and ferry or airplane tickets in advance.

If you’d rather experience Milos when it’s less busy, you should know that the island has far fewer visitors from April to June and September into early October.

The months of April and May are when the island is at its most beautiful thanks to the winter rains which have turned every green and brought into bloom beautiful wildflower.

In July, the island organizes a festival with various cultural events, including music and delicious local fare, like watermelon pies, cream cheese pies and bonbons with white pumpkin.


Though not as famous as some of her sister Greek islands, Milos should not be overlooked.

The island’s clear blue and green waters, beaches of incomparable beauty, and stunning coastline, some say the most interesting in the world, give Milos a personality all her own.

As Milos remains still somewhat untouched by chain hotels and pre-packaged tourism, you can truly discover Milos as the island has been for thousands of years.

It is place full of wonder and surprise perfect for families, couples as well as solo travelers.

Picture yourself on the lunar landscape in Sarakiniko, or the picturesque fishing village of Klima.

How about a soak in the thermal springs to rejuvenate your body and soul?

If you are looking for a lesser known Greek island with unmatched beauty Milos is the place for you.

Interested in visiting the Greek islands? If so, be sure to check out my full collection of Greek Island Travel Guides.

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  1. Great, that island is looking so awesome and have so many good things to enjoy. Best palce to enjoy natural things and stunning photos you shared.

  2. Hi Ryan, I miss your videos on youtube. I love your blog as I wish I could travel the world too. I live in kansas City, I’m from Mexico and my family lives in Playa del Carmen. Thanks to your vids I was able to enjoy Playa even more when I visit my family. Hope you’re doing great!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for reaching out! Haha! Yeah, it’s been a while since I uploaded a video. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the videos. For more about Playa you should check out my friend Seth over at

  3. Great… Looks incredible… Loved your pics…

    I have always been thinking to visit Milos but I was lacking with appropriate information. Like Where? What? How? and all, but after seeing your post feels like I have my personal guide. Pretty good place to travel with family and kids.
    Thank you so much for helping me out Ryan. Definitely am gonna travel within few days. Keep up the work.

  4. This is amazing. Everything i needed to plan my trip! Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into this

  5. Wow, thank you for the great tips, I now know which islands I’d like to do and feel much more confident booking our trip. Question for you? What is the language barrier like? Worried about transfers and uber do they speak English? ????????

    • No problem at all! ;-)

      There are no language barriers on the islands as the locals fully rely on tourism. No worries, just about everyone speaks English. Also, Uber is not found on the islands but it is found in Athens. Most of the drivers in Athens should speak enough English. With Uber you enter your destination in the app and it’s pretty much automated from there so even if the driver didn’t speak much English, he/she still knows where you need to go.

      Best of luck!

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  7. I planned Santorini for our honeymoon but unfortunately couldn’t go. Pictures are beautiful. I love to explore islands and kayak around. Milos sure will be my next destination and ferry ride to Santorini sounds perfect to me.

    • Hello! Thanks so much I’ve been tossing up between paros and milos! But I think your article won me over. When you say the flight from Athens is ‘up and down’ do you mean bumpy or short?

      • Hi Brydie. Glad to hear that you’ve decided on Milos. When I said the flight was up and down, I meant that it was such a short flight that it felt like we took off and a landed just a few mins later. ;-) Enjoy yourself and safe travels!

  8. Hey Ryan,

    I am from India. Planning for a trip to greece. I have santorini, mykonos and athens on the list. Seeing your blog, we want to include Milos as well. But just wanted to check if there are any chances of getting Indian food as my son is 3 years old and not sure what type of food options are available.
    And, how many days do you suggest for Milos? We want to choose between crete/rhodes and Milos. What’s your say? Please advise.

    • Hmm. I’m not so sure that I’ve seen any Indian food on Milos. I did enjoy a great Indian meal on the island of Rhodes a couple years ago. My best advice would be to google Indian restaurants in Milos to see what you can find.

      If you’re wanting to explore the beaches, take the boat trip with Oneiro and enjoy the delicious food, I think that 2-3 days is perfect.

  9. Thank you for writing such a lovely post. I’m travelling to greece on 3rd May for 14 Nights. I have plans to visit following places (Not in order. Plan is still in finalising phase):

    Athens – 2 Nights
    Meteora – 1 Night
    Santorini – 3 Nights
    Mykonos – 2 Nights
    Zakynthos – 3 Nights
    and now after reading your post I added Milos – 3 Nights

    Could you suggest where can I find beautiful picturesque white sand beach (not a pebble beach) anywhere in the above listed Islands? Also, we will hire a car, so, what places can we visit in Milos in 3 days?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Hi Niharika – Thanks for reaching out. I think your itinerary is spectacular and I’m jealous of it. ;-) Please add Milos to your list. You will not regret it. As a matter of fact, I expect that you’ll be back to tell me all about your trip. I hope you will!

      Mykonos is supposed to have white sand beaches so that shouldn’t be an issue. Personally, one of my favorite beaches is this one in Milos:

      You’ll be able to see all of Milos with a car without any issue at all. The must visit beaches are Firiplaka and Sarakiniko Beach which you can see here:

      You’ll also want to visit Mandrakia for the photo opportunities:

      • Hello!
        I’m thinking to go to Milos in April 13th. Do you think it’s good time to enjoy some beach days or is it to cold? Rainy?

  10. Hi Ryan,

    Yay! Just contacted Oneiro after reading your article. We’ll be visiting Milos and Sifnos in June.

    Just a question, what are the restaurant prices like in Milos? I’ve tried looking for menus but can’t really find much to kind of figure out our food budget… Hopefully food will be a tiny bit more affordable than here in merry old London….

    Also, can you suggest any ‘secret’ or less known amazing spots for a romantic picnic??

    Thanks for the awesome blog!


  11. I love Milos! Went there last summer for the first time and will go back this summer in July for 9 days. Will stay 3 nights in Pollonia and 6 nights in Adamas. Milos is what I always imagine when I was thinking about a Greek island, white villages, turquoise sea, not too big and too crowded and very relaxed atmosphere!

  12. A lot of unique tips and very well writing. Greek is one of the best tourist zones, and here has a lots amazing beautiful place. All the pictures and the information are very much helpful for all the travel lovers. Beginner gathers a lot of updates information and they can know how to enjoy a trip and makes it more exciting. I feel free to convince for traveling. keep inspiring us.

  13. Hello. Milos looks beautiful! My husband and I are planning a trip to Greece for our 25th wedding anniversary. We are from Canada. We are planning on being there sept 24-oct 8/18. I was thinking to fly into Athens then immediately leave by high speed ferry to Fira or Oia Santorini for 4 nights then ferry to Chania Crete for 5 nights then ferry back to Athens for 4 nights. Every island is beautiful it’s getting difficult on which to select to visit. We are beach people for sure and want to see some history also. Are the above the best places to visit? Is the weather beach weather during our dates? We are trying to do Greece on a budget, thinking to uses Airbnb for where to stay. Any suggestions?

  14. Hi Ryan, from what I see you may be on Milos right now!
    We are heading there next July….2019, from Canada, with our family of 5. Youngest 12. My plan was Crete, Santorini(limit the nights as it sounds rather pricey) , Milos and finishing in Athens. I’ve been worried about getting around Milos as we don’t want to rent a car….should we stay in Adamas and would we be able to get to some of the most beautiful sights? We plan 3 or 4 nights.
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Diane — Yes, I’m currently in Milos as we speak. ;-) It’s as beautiful as it sounds!

      Your itinerary sounds great. One thing you must know is that you will need a car to visit some of the best beaches/sights on Milos. Please do yourself a favor and get yourself an international license before arriving here as a new law was recently passed and they do not allow anyone without an international license to rent vehicles here anymore.

      There is always the option to take a taxi to different spots on the island but the rates aren’t always reasonable and you won’t always be able to find a taxi to take you back to town after you finish your sightseeing. I always stay in Adamas (the main port town) out of preference. Plus, I find it to be very convenient whether you fly in (only 4km from the airport — 15 EUR Taxi) or if you take the ferry you’ll be dropped right in town.

      I would say 3 nights is plenty in Milos. Best of luck on your trip!

  15. Hi there!

    This blog post has been super helpful in my planning for this summer! I am planning to stay in Milos for a total of six nights. Three nights in Adamas to explore the island, and then three nights secluded in Fourkovouni enjoying the water and beauty there.

    I wanted to ask you about the three nights in Adamas. Will I be able to get around with an ATV? Basically wondering if the streets and island are easy to get around with an ATV or will I specifically need a car? and do you need an international license to rent an ATV?


    • Hi Taraneh. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the feedback!

      Congrats on your upcoming trip. I’m jealous that you’re heading back to one of my favorite islands. Also, I have never visited Fourkovouni so I’m hoping you can share your experience in a comment here to let us know how it goes.

      As for your three nights in Adamas and renting an ATV — Yes, you should be perfectly fine. The only thing to note is that you must arrive prepared with an international drivers license. Last summer I was in Milos and they had a crackdown on rentals for both cars/atvs and now they require that you have an Int’l drivers license.

      Best of luck and I hope to hear from you soon!

  16. Hi Ryan,

    My husband and I are going to be visiting Milos for 4 days in June. As far as transportation what do you recommend? We do not drive stick shift so we need an automatic car, but I am having trouble finding cars that are not manual to rent on the island. It seems like you need a special license for the motorbikes also so I am worried about how we will get around. What do you recommend? Also, my husband would like to do a day trip to Mykonos from Milos, any pointers?


  17. Hi Ryan, Thanks for your blog and pictures! They are so helpful. 2 guidebooks about Greece that I have don’t really cover Milos very well.

    I’m planning a trip to the Cyclades this May and we have 5 days to spend on Milos and Santorini. Thoughts on how many days you would spend in each place, given this is our first time ever in the area?

    Thank you!

  18. Hi Ryan,
    wow i just bumped onto this blog and i love every idea. My friends and i are planning a trip to Greece around April/May, what is the weather like then?

    After reading your recommendation on Milos, we are definitely adding it to the itinerary

    • Hi Clara. Glad to hear it! The weather will still be quite cool in April. Mid to late May would be best for a visit to Milos. You’ll not only have nicer weather but you’ll also avoid the summer crowds.

  19. Hey Ryan! This has been a hugely helpful article with amazing photos. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!!

    My mom and I are planning an island hopping trip in the Cyclades late May. A couple questions about Milos if I may…

    Is it realistic to make this a day trip from Santorini, or will you simply not have enough time to see the best of Milos (assuming we rent a car/ATV) What would be the ideal amount of time to get a good visit in — especially to the beaches?

    Also, if we were to stay several nights, do you save any money renting a car/ATV for the day and retiring it in the evening, or is it cheaper to rent for the length of your stay and return before you leave?

    Thanks so much!!

  20. Ryan, any recommendations of where to stay in Santorini? We’re a family of 4. Our girls are 16 and 10. We’re looking in the $250/night range.

  21. Hi Ryan,
    I just booked a hotel for this summer in Milos. I would like to rent an RTV, would you recommend renting it on line before getting on the island, or should I rent it there?
    Many thanks

  22. Hi Ryan this has some excellent info! We are looking to spend 3 days in Milos and wanted to focus in a little more on how easy it is to get around. Can you easily walk from Klima to Plaka for example? Is it easy to taxi (or Uber) or do you recommend renting an ATV? Thanks!

    • Hi Fraser. Thanks for the feedback.

      I personally wouldn’t recommend walking from Klima to Plaka. That would be a 40 min walk in the heat. I suggest you rent a car/motorbike during your time in Milos. Unfortunately, Uber does not operate in the Greek islands. You could use taxis to get around but it’s more affordable to rent a vehicle/moto if you’re planning on exploring the island.

      Best of luck and have a great trip!

  23. Hey Ryan! This has been a hugely helpful article with amazing photos. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!!

    My mom and I are planning an island hopping trip in the Cyclades late May 2020 and are seriously considering including Milos in our itinerary.

    Is it realistic to make this a day trip from Santorini, or will you simply not have enough time to see the best of Milos (assuming we rent a car/AT V)? What would be the ideal amount of time to get a good visit in — especially to the beaches?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Chloe! Thanks for the feedback. It’s always so nice to hear from my readers.

      While I wouldn’t recommend doing a day trip from Santorini to Milos due to the fact that there’s a lot to see in Milos, it can certainly be done. You could potentially take the 8:30AM SeaJets Ferry from Santorini which will get you to Milos by 10:35AM. Upon arrival, you could rent a car/moto and head off to explore the island and be back to the Milos ferry terminal by 6:30PM for the 7PM SeaJets Ferry from Milos to Santorini. You can use the ferry booking widget in this post above to plan out your itinerary. The cost will be approximately 52.50 EUR/pp each way (105 EUR/pp in total for a round-trip journey).

      If you want to get the most of Milos, I recommend spending at least a day or two if not three.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      Best of luck and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

  24. Hi Ryan,
    My name is Alane Truglia and I am visiting Greece for the first time with friends. We are torn about what islands to visit/skip? Our plan is 8-9 days, Milos, Naxos, Santorini and Mykonos. Which do you suggest and in what order? I think we will need to drop one, so confused.

    In our 50’s, active and enjoy food & drink. THX!

    • Hi Alane. Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like an amazing trip! Nice itinerary as well. One thing I would like to ask is if you’re into the day party/nightlife scene at all? The reason I ask is because Mykonos is known for young, wealthier crowds and its party scene. Not to say that it’s not beautiful because it certainly is. If that’s not your scene, I would recommend doing Milos, Santorini and Naxos or Naxos, Santorini and Milos.

      Best of luck on your trip. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  25. Hello Ryan,

    Thank you for your recommendations ! My sister and I are planning on visiting Milos and we’re interested in renting a car but we’re scared as it seems like a lot of the roads are pretty narrow, made out of gravel and where you have to drive along a lot of cliffs to get to the best beaches. Would you say the roads are safe from your experience ? thank you in advance !

    • Hi Sarah! Congrats on your upcoming trip to Milos. You’re going to have a great time. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with the roads in Milos. I would suggest renting a car/ATV to explore. If you want to access some of the more remote beaches, I recommend renting an ATV. They are extremely easy to ride, they work great on gravel roads and you can park them just about anywhere. In my opinion, you will be perfectly fine driving in Milos. One thing you should know before you go is that you will need to have an International Drivers Permit in order to rent a vehicle in Milos. If you’re from the US, you can get one at your local AAA — – International Drivers Permit

  26. Hey thanks for the post! It really helped put my trip together.

    How long ago did you do the onerio tour, I’ve sent a few emails spaced a week apart and no answer.

    • Glad to hear it! That’s very odd about Oneiro not responding to you. I know they’re still in operation. Do you have Whatsapp? If so, I would recommend sending a text to: +30 6974 930580

  27. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks so much for putting this together. I’ve based my family’s upcoming trip in about three weeks on this. Two questions:
    1) We’re planning on renting ATVs and were hoping to just do that when we got to town. Do you think we should instead book in advance? Again, trip’s in 3 weeks, so June 25 (And yes, we all have our IDPs thanks to your advice!)
    2) Oneiro boat tour said they don’t have any availability for the days we will be there. Are there any other boat tour companies you would recommend?


    • Hi Nathalie! No problem at all. Glad to hear that you found this article helpful.

      1. Yeah, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue booking on site. That said, it will be high season so you may want to reach out to a rental company and see what their opinion is.

      2. That’s such a bummer that Oneiro’s boat tour has no availability for you. It appears he’s getting more and more popular each year. It’s tough because he’s only one guy and while he’s known to run two boats with a friend of his from time to time, it’s likely still not enough for the demand he has. I can’t personally recommend any other boat tours to you but I can tell you that there are plenty of other boat tours available down at the harbor. Your best bet is to take a stroll down to the port one evening, stop by Oneiro and talk to them. Maybe they’ll be able to figure something out for you. If not, wander around to some of the other companies and see what they have to offer.

      Best of luck!

  28. Hi Ryan, Thanks for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions in so much detail. My wife and I are planning on taking a trip to Milos in September and we were wondering if we need to rent a big SUV with 4 wheel drive to be able to get around on the island. Or if a regular sized front wheel drive sedan would be ok.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Hey Nat – A normal car would be fine although having the SUV would allow you to access some off road/dirt paths that will take you to lesser known beaches and other gems on the island.

  29. Oh and a follow up question…. Someone on a forum said it was cheaper for them to rent a car on the mainland and bring it on the ferry to and from Milos, than it was to rent a car in Milos. We’re also planning on spending a few days on the mainland so I was wondering if it would make more sense to rent the same car on the mainland and just take it with us on the ferry to Milos.

    Thanks for your time,

  30. I was in Mykonos last summer, we ran out of time and I was eager to meet Milos and Santorini, I see that I have missed a lot.

  31. Hi Ryan
    Can you tell us how limited the ferry service is from Athens to Milos or from Milos to Santorini in late April, early May. I understand that it runs regularly in the summer but I can’t find any information on the time frame indicated above. We want to visit Milos for 2 or 3 days but we want to make sure that we can get to and from the island.

  32. Great article about a place that I had never even thought about visiting. Interesting to hear about the situation there and amazing that you went the length to get the true story about what it’s like.

  33. I can not wait for travel to open up again. Greece is one place that is on top of my list and you have some awesome information here. Thank you and Milos looks like the perfect place. I am not a huge fan of off the beaten path places that don’t get slammed by the cruise ship tourists.

    • Hey Jared – Milos is definitely receiving more visitors than previous years but it’s still a gem in many peoples eyes. Obviously this year will be a tough one for the island.

  34. Awesome article. I can not wait until travel opens up again. Milos is my next destination I want to go with my wife and you have some really good tips. Thank you


  35. Ryan, loved your blog about Milos. My wife and I are hoping to move to a Greek island in 2022 or so. I’ll have just retired and am looking for an adventure. I don’t care at all about nightlife, and really just want to soak in the culture, eat a lot of great food, support the economy, and make friends. We hope to move to Greece for a complete year, and then move back home. Would you suggest Milos as a place that would meet our expectations? We love beaches, especially my wife. I have a friend who lives in Athens and he suggested Milos, Paros, and Naxos. Any help would be appreciated.

  36. Thanks for your Milos tips – very helpful. My husband and I are planning to go to Milos in June. We don’t want to hire a car but want to explore the island a bit as well as stay by a beach. Is Polonia too inconvenient for using Public transport? We plan to stay 4 nights on Milos


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