PheZulu Crocodile Park!

South Africa

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By Ryan Gargiulo

Welcome to the PheZulu Crocodile Park

After watching the Zulu Dancing & Cultural Experience show, we’re all amped up and ready to see some crocs! Turns out, we were in the right place.

PheZulu Crocodile & Snake Park - South Africa

Did you know that Crocodiles could live up to 140 years old? I sure didn’t! Speaking of old Crocs, say Hi to Junior, the 107 year old, Nile Crocodile!

PheZulu Crocodile & Snake Park - South Africa
Nom nom nom…

Imagine seeing this beast in the wild? Yeah, he looks old and overweight, but chances are he can still outrun you. Most crocodiles can achieve speeds of 7.4-8.7 MPH in short bursts. Some Australian Crocs have actually been clocked at speeds of up to 10.5 MPH according to Crocodilian.

Phezulu Crocodile & Snake Park - South Africa
I think this guy needs to brush his tongue…

Are you down to give the Fear Factor Challenge a shot?

Phezulu Crocodile & Snake Park - South Africa
Are you brave enough?

The Fear Factor Challenge goes a little something like this…

After making your way around the PheZulu Crocodile Park, the fearless are invited to enter and dine in a pit full of crocodiles. What’s on the menu, you ask?

Well, none other than a kebab of Crocodile meat, a Croc steak and a side salad w/ chips!

PheZulu Crocodile Park - South Africa
Take a seat, why dontcha?

The following folks have taken the Fear Factor Challenge and have survived to tell their stories…

Would YOU take the Fear Factor Challenge?

For more information on the PheZulu Crocodile Park, please visit the official PheZulu Website.

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