How to Transfer from BKK to DMK or DMK to BKK for FREE!

BKK to DMK — In this short tutorial, you will learn how to transfer from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Don Muang Airport (DMK) or vice-versa for free using the complimentary shuttle bus.

This resource page will prove to be really handy for those of you planning on traveling within Thailand or other parts of SEAsia on a budget airline such as AirAsia, Nok Air or One-Two-Go.

In order to move between both airports you’ll need to know how to take advantage of the free shuttle bus that runs between the BKK and DMK airports or vice versa DMK to BKK.

BKK to DMK Shuttle Bus

Updated Shuttle Bus Image courtesy of Selim.

How to Get From BKK to DMK for Free

There are two airports in Bangkok, the main airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) which services all major airlines and Don Mueang Airport (DMK) which now serves all of Asia’s budget airlines.

Prior to the change of operations back in October 2012, you were able to fly budget airlines such as AirAsia, Nok Air and One-Two-Go to and from BKK airport but since the big move you now have to make your way over to Don Muang Airport to catch your next budget flight.

The problem with this change is that taxis and tuk-tuk rides between airports can be costly and often scammy. Fortunately, there’s an alternative way to get to and from BKK and DMK airports and best of all, it’s free!

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Free Shuttle Transfer from BKK to DMK

Follow the instructions below and learn how you can easily make your way from BKK to DMK airport (or vice versa) for FREE!

1. If you’re flying into BKK, pass through Immigration, grab your bags and head for the exit. Once you exit immigration, you should be on Floor 2. Double check signage to make sure you’re on the second floor of BKK airport.

2. When you enter the arrivals hall (Floor 2), ignore all signs pointing you towards public transportation, buses, etc. Simply walk straight until you see Door 3 on your left hand side.

3. Exit the airport via Door 3 and turn right. You’ll see a little table with a few people standing around. Ask them for the free shuttle to Don Mueang Airport.

UPDATE: The latest update I’ve received indicates that the free shuttle bus now picks up in front of Door #3 at BKK airport.(Credit: Then Chong 6/12/2016.)

If you have found that this has changed please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me with the latest information.

4. Before boarding the bus, the staff will ask you for your boarding pass and/or flight itinerary. I’m guessing the reason that you’re heading to DMK is because you have a flight with a budget airline departing from DMK, correct? If so, show them your boarding pass, flight itinerary, or e-ticket and you’ll be all set.

5. Once the free shuttle bus arrives, you’ll be on your way to DMK airport in no time. The official time from BKK to DMK airport or vice versa is around 50 minutes but can be up to 2 hours depending on time of day and traffic conditions. Be sure to plan accordingly.

Note: Your flight itinerary must be for the same day or the following day in order to be eligible to transfer between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muang Airport for free.

Are you looking for details on how to get from DMK to BKK? If so, I’ve got you covered below.

Free Shuttle from DMK to BKK Airport

For those of you who are arriving to Don Muang Airport and want to get a free shuttle transfer to BKK, the process works the same exact way, just in the opposite direction. The free shuttle from DMK airport to BKK airport can be found outside of Door #6. (Credit: Dominik 4/22/16.)

Shuttle Bus Schedule

Below you’ll find the free shuttle bus schedule from DMK to BKK. This schedule is identical to the BKK to DMK schedule. The shuttle runs daily from 5am to Midnight.

DMK to BKK Free Shuttle Bus Schedule

Schedule Photo courtesy of Patrick M.

Important Notes:

  • The distance between Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Muang Airport (DMK) is 29.5 miles (47.5 km).
  • The free shuttle that runs to and from BKK and DMK has a transfer time of anywhere from 50 minutes to two hours depending on time of day and traffic.
  • Taxi rates between BKK and DMK or vice versa should run approximately 350-450 baht. There will be some small toll fees in addition to the fare (approx 60-65 thb).
  • There is a public bus (#554 & #555) that runs between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muang Airport. The fare is approx. 35 baht. If you have luggage, it’s best to use an alternative options.
  • Buses that depart from Don Mueang Airport (DMK) and arrive at BKK and drop off at level 4, gate 5.

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Uber Estimate from BKK to DMK Airport: 445 THB (-200THB Uber Promo = 245 THB or approximately $7 USD).

Help Us Keep This Page Updated

If you find any of the information on this page to be incorrect, please feel free to contact me with me your latest trip updates. The reason why this continues to be the best resource for information regarding the free shuttle to and from BKK and DMK airports is because of you, the readers, who continually send updates with door changes, schedule updates, and more.

Hotels Near BKK and DMK

I’ve decided to add this new hotels near BKK and DMK section as a resource for those of you who have extended layovers and stopovers in Bangkok and are looking for a place to lay your head. I hope you find it useful.

Below you’ll find a widget where you can search for cheap hotels near BKK and DMK airport.

BKK to DMK Shuttle Map

Last Updated: 8/2/2016


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    1. Hey Hannah, glad to hear you found this useful. I knew this would be super helpful to budget travelers as you now have no choice. You must travel from DMK airport if you’re going to fly any of Southeast Asia’s budget airlines. Be sure to check out my hotel recommendation as well in case you have to spend a night before flying out.

      1. Hey Ryan, Very helpful info thanks. Are there any updates on this since it’s a couple of years ago please?

          1. Hi Ryan I am arriving at BKK at 0055 am and leave from DMK at 0700. Is DMK OK to hang out in overnight or should I stay @BKK til the 0500 am shuttle? Your thoughts?? Thanks kylie

          2. BKK is probably a better airport to hang out in but the problem is you would arrive to DMK at around 6 and that’s probably not going to be enough time to check in for your flight. Tough call.

          3. Just for other travelers’ information, the domestic terminal at DMK is newly refurbished and is the most comfortable airport terminal I’ve ever been in, out of dozens. A good place to overnight.

  1. I had 3 days in bangkok. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of money. I really rookie. I wish I were acquainted before with the blog.

      1. I’d be landing BKK Airport at 12:55 AM. I’ve to catch flight from DMK airport, which is at 7:45.
        Given the odd time I’ll be travelling, can you please suggest me the most economical and safe way of reaching from BKK airport to DMK airport?

  2. Hello Ryan,

    Thank you so much for the information!
    My flight will arrive BKK at 6:50 (friday). Do you think it’s possible to catch another flight which depart at 10.40 (friday) from DMK?
    I don’t have any luggage only handbags, it should save some time, right?


    1. Hi Alexander,

      It really depends on traffic. We arrived in Bangkok at 1:30PM and took the first shuttle to DMK and it took us 50 minutes. I’ve heard that it can take 1.5 to 2 hours in rush hour. The fact that you don’t have any checked baggage certainly helps. You’ll have to hope that there’s a shuttle waiting to leave as soon as you arrive in BKK though. Have you looked into cheap flights from BKK to DMK?

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the tips! I’ll arrive BKK at around 11:30pm, and then I will need to take that free shuttle bus to DMK for my 6:00am flight the next morning. Is the shuttle bus open all the night? And, can I just sleep at DMK for an overnight? I know we can sleep at BKK, but I’m not sure about DMK.

    Once again, thank you very much!

    1. Hi Debbie. That’s going to be tough because the shuttle buses only run from 5AM to Midnight. The chances of you catching the midnight bus to DMK is highly unlikely as you’ll have to deplane, go through immigration, get your baggage, etc. The other issue is that your flight is at 6AM the following morning and that means you would have to get the 5AM bus which wouldn’t give you enough time to check-in at DMK. You know?

      1. Hi Ryan,

        I basically have the same situation as Debbie’s, but I might be taking a 4 AM flight out of DMK. Would there be buses plying to DMK from BKK anytime from 12 midnight to 1 AM? Thank you very much for your kind help.

        1. Hi Chiqui. Your situation is going to be tough. The shuttle only runs 5:00AM to Midnight. You can either take the last bus from BKK to DMK and hang out in the airport until you fly out OR take a tuk-tuk/taxi from BKK to DMK which will end up costing you. If you decide to take a taxi, make sure you take one from one of the official taxi stands in order to avoid getting ripped off. Good luck!

          1. No way you can take a tuk tuk over that distance and tollway. Only taxis or buses are the options.

  4. Hey Ryan.
    I must say I admire people like you that share the information. will be in BKK in sept.will be happy to read your hotel recomendation. can you send me the link?
    thanks alot and best regards from tel aviv – Israel.

    1. Hi Ryan,
      I saw that the only person that u didn’t respond to was the one from Tel Aviv/Asaf. Making a point r we??

      1. LOL, Ira. I’m actually just realizing that I missed this comment from Asaf thanks to your comment. No political reasons behind my lack of response, simply just a mistake on my end.

    2. Hi, Asaf. I’m so sorry for such an incredibly late response. I’m not sure why I missed your original comment. I hope you found everything you needed in order to book your trip. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

  5. Thank you very much for this information. I will be in Chiang Mai in Sept and I have booked the fly out of DMK. I land at BKK airport at 10:00 and the fly out of DMK is at 1:50 pm. I hope the time is sufficient to get there.

    1. Hi Haiyan, will you be traveling to BKK from an international destination? I only ask because sometimes the lines at BKK immigration can be an hour or more. You need to figure that the shuttle bus will take another (approximate) hour and ten minutes from BKK to DMK, then you have to check in at DMK, etc. I’m not sure you’ll have enough time but I could be wrong.

      1. The travel to BKK, then from BKK to DMK was a very smooth journey. Just as you descriped, the Shuttle was by the door and it was a quick and smooth ride to DMK. Immigration was not bad either. The way back was the same. It took only about one hour groom BBK to DMK. I had plenty time to catch the connection fly.

        The trip to Thailand was a great pleasure. Thank you, Ryan

        1. Hi Haiyan, how long did the process take you from landing/arrival to getting to DMK? I ask because I am flying in @10:05 and wish to catch a flight @11:45 at DMK-Krabi so that I can make the last ferry on the 27th. What are your thoughts?

      1. Nope, it is on the hour and 20 minutes past the hour for both from DMK and BKK. For the rest quite spot on info apart from the tuk tuk which I have despite +100 arrivals in BKK never seen at any floor.

  6. Works!!! Took us 45 minutes. We left BKk at 13:00 (landed at 11:45), and made our 15:05 flight with time to spare!

    It’s free, air con, and easy. Just exit the airport at door #3… You can’t miss them.

  7. thanks for the info. A perhaps stupid question: if im traveling from Don Muang To suvarnbumi and intend to check in at Suvarnabumi how can i present my boarding pass to the shuttle bus folks (since i won’t obtain it until i check in at Suvarnabumi)? Or is a printed itinerary sufficient? thanks

  8. Do you know the frequency of the bus ride, is it every hour or so? also do they use freeways or just normal bkk city roads?

  9. Hi Ryan,

    We will arrive in suvarnabhumi and stay in Bangkok for 2 days then will fly to Phuket via DMK airport. Can we still use the shuttle from the Airport going to DMK with just the ticket on hand?

    1. I believe you should be able to show up to BKK and take the shuttle to DMK without any problems. You might also want to check into seeing if it’s more convenient to take a tuk-tuk/taxi from your hotel in BKK to DMK instead of going back to BKK and then hopping on the shuttle to DMK. It’s up to you.

  10. Hi Ryan,
    I’ll be flying from Chiang Rai to Bangkok (DMK) ..landing at 9:10pm.. and then have have a flight from (BKK) .. departing at 12:35am… Do you think I’ll be able to make it?
    Also, I’ll have kids with me so I’d like to have everything planned out ahead of time. Can you give me the walking directions fro the bus from DMK to BKK?

    1. You should have no problem making your flight if it’s at 12:35AM. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure where the DMK bus leaves from. It’s not that big of an airport so I’m sure you’ll have no issue finding it. Simply walk up to one of the booths and ask where the free shuttle to Suvarnabhumi Airport is.

  11. Hello everyone! I´m arriving to DMK from Kuala Lumpur, and I´m planning to catch up with a friend travelling from Argentina to BKK. Have u guys ever take the bus without a ticket for BKK? I didn´t understand how to make the “faux” itinerary!

  12. Can one use the free shuttle if flying Nok Air? or must you fly and have a boarding pass for AirAsia? That is, does the shuttle work for ticketed passengers with any airline at Don Muang?
    Thanks much.

    1. Hey Tom. The shuttle is not just for AirAsia, it’s for anyone flying out of DMK. You just need to show your boarding pass for your flight out of DMK. Enjoy your trip!

      1. EXCELLENT!!! Thanks much Ryan for your prompt and clear repy.
        I like the lower fares and services of NOK Air, so prefer to fly them.
        Now I will purchase my ticket… though we are expecting snow and sub-zero F. tempts
        ahead of my fly morning on the 6th here in Denver. Hope flight connections will be made.
        Appreciate your site!


        1. Hi Ryan, probably U have had this question for a thousand times, but one more time: I’ll be at DMK at 14:50 and having the fly back to London from BKK at 19:55. Would it be enough time to collect baggage, move in between..? Is there any website with Ur hotels recommendation? I need to figure out the places In Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Phuket as well..
          Best Regards, Dominik

      2. Apologies if you have already commented on this but I am coming into Bangkok to fly straight out to Yangon. Do you think I need an entry visa if I am only getting the shuttle bus (UK res). Thanks

  13. Will be utilising this on my trip next week, was wondering if anyone can confirm which doors the shuttle is running out of 3 or 6? And are these doors close to each other? Any info would be appreciated

    1. All of the doors are within short walking distance of each other. To be safe, just head outside and walk along the curb until you find the bus. Should be relatively simple. Good luck!

  14. What happens if you have an airline ticket other than AIrasia.FRom what I have heard,the free service is only for Airasia customers.Is this true?

    Also,how do you make a “faux” airasia itinerary?


    1. I believe you need to have a flight itinerary for an airline that operates out of the airport you’re wanting to go to. For example, if you’re going from BKK to DMK, you’re likely flying one of the budget airlines such as AirAsia, Nok Air, One-Two-Go. If you’re traveling from DMK to BKK, you’ll need a boarding pass for an airline that operates out of BKK. Hope this helps.

  15. hi i am landing at DMK from hong kong and am required to catch an AIR INDIa flight to mumbai from BKK. does one require a thailand visa as you have to leave the DMK airport and enter the city and then go to BKK. I am travelling on 13 jan will be greafful for a quick reply.

  16. I will come at BKK at 8 AM and i got a flight from DMK at eleven.
    Do you think i will be on time???


    1. Will you be traveling to Bangkok from an outside country (aka your home country to Bangkok?) If so you will need to account for the time spent at immigration. Sometimes the lines can be very long depending on the day, time, etc. I’ve stood in line at immigration in Bangkok for an hour and a half in the past. Other times I’ve flew right through. You must also remember the bus can take anywhere from 45 mins to 2 hours depending on traffic, time of day, etc. I would estimate that morning traffic will be hectic.

  17. Hi Ryan, i am travelling around SE Asia this June. My plane arrives at BKK at 800 am and my flight from DMK is at 1500. I plan on taking this shuttle bus. My question is, is there anywhere to sleep, like a quiet room, in DMK?

  18. If I have the itinerary on my phone to show them, is that sufficient? I am currently in koh yao noi and don’t have access to print my boarding pass. Also my flight lands at 4:35p in bkk and leaves dmk at 7:35p. I’m praying that I have enough time. What is your opinion?

    1. Yeah, the itinerary on your phone should be no problem. As far as your flight times, I would say you should be fine as you’re flying domestically so you don’t have to go through immmigration. There will likely be some serious traffic on your ride between BKK and DMK but you should have enough time.

  19. This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you for such clear instructions and for posting the schedule so that I know how long the wait will be. We have quite a bit of luggage since we are nomads. Hopefully, we can get it on the free shuttle bus.

  20. I wish I had known that Bankok Air still flies out of BKK within Thailand and most prices are within $10 of Nok and AirAsia……..nice to have the free shuttle but not worth running around and the time to leave BKK if not needed!

  21. Arrived at BKK at 0130. The shuttle doesn’t run between midnight to 5am. We took a cab. 489 baht + 140 baht in toll fees. Arrived at DMK in about 40 minutes. Out driver was falling asleep at the wheel, so we kept coughing loudly to keep him awake and tried to communicate with him. Flying to Phuket on airAsia at 0620. Posting on DMK free wifi now.

  22. Arriving in BKK at 9.15 from London on the 10th of June, would there be sufficient time to get from BKK to Don Mueang to catch a flight at 12.40?

    1. Really depends on how long it takes you to get through immigration/baggage claim in BKK. Also, remember that the shuttle takes a minimum of 50 mins without traffic. You should be fine. Let us know how you make out.

  23. Arriving on Sat from Brunei at BKK 12:45pm. Need to take flight from DMK, as there are several flights leaving for Phuket from DMK around 4-5 pm. what is the safest time I should allow on a weekend using the Free airport shuttle bus. Also considering buying flight ticket at DMK. Alternatively is it better to take train to Ratchpraprop Station and take taxi using toll rd. Any recom. greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hey, Ike. You’ve got 4-5 hours. That will be plenty of time to take the shuttle to DMK. No worries at all. The best way to get from BKK to DMK is by the free shuttle, hands down.

  24. Hi, Im flying with Air Asia. I’ll be landing in DMK but i need to go to BKK to pick up a friend. so i wont be catching a flight from BKK- Which means i wont have a boarding pass. I dont feel comfortable in making a fake pass so can i pay the shuttle bus to take me to BKK? I do have a flight from BKK but its 9 days after i arrive. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Asma. No, if you do not have a valid boarding pass, you will not be allowed to board the bus. You cannot pay as it’s a free shuttle bus for passengers with flights leaving from BKK and DMK airport. In your situation, you will need to take a taxi.

  25. Forgot to say arriving from Bali air asia at dmk need to get to bkk to get flight to USA, only have flight.itinerary. visa? Free. Bus? Thanks Rita

    1. No problem. Hop on the free shuttle from DMK to BKK. You will need to show your boarding BKK to USA boarding pass/itinerary to board the free shuttle. No visa necessary. Enjoy.

  26. Hay I am coming from India an I have to go to koh-Samui witch is the best way to go and my wife…


    1. No problem, Amit. I personally would not book the flight for 21:00 as you can’t be guranteed that you’ll arrive to DMK in time to check in, go through security and have enough time to board your flight.

      The shuttle takes a minimum of 50 minutes without traffic. If you get off your plane in BKK at 19:45, it’s just not enough time. I wouldn’t risk it if I were you. Good luck!

  28. Hi,
    I am arriving at BKK at 410 am by spicejet from Kolkata. I have the next flight from DMK air asia at 7 am to Hanoi.
    I have visa exemption. Would I be able to catch the flight and shuttle bus at 5 am?
    How is the traffic at 5 am?

  29. Ryan,

    FIrst of all I love your website and all of the information you have provided. Second I am envious of your on going excursion! >.,< eat some good food but i guess on a budget would be great! HELP

  30. Hi,
    How exact do the check the boarding pass? Can anybody link or send me a template please?
    Thanks a lot!!!

  31. hey ryan,
    great site. we have flight that lands in dmk at 9:30 and our next flight leaves at 14:00. when is rush hour in thailand? we do have luggage. do you think that is enough time to reach bkk?

  32. Hi Ryan,

    We will arrive BKK at 11:15 pm and will spent the night near the airport.
    How could we take the free shuttle before we get to DMK to check in for our boarding pass ?
    I had my itinerary with our names on it from Air Asia with our booking number & barcode, is this sufficient for the shuttle ?


  33. Hey Ryan, thanks for the reply. I had a question about hotels/motels. We are staying only one night in bangkok before going to phuket. we land bangkok (bkk) early afternoon, need a place to stay over night thats convenient while being able to explore the city at night, then easy transport to DMK the next morning for our flight around lunch. Do you have any suggestions on where to stay? We don’t necessarily need a nice hotel for a one nighter.

    For Phuket, we are staying for 4 days, 3 nights. Should we book a hotel all three nights in Phuket? or do most people travel around Phuket to other places??

    Thank you so much!

  34. hi ryan
    thanks for great informations
    i will arrive at BKK at 1210 3rd dec& will flight from DMK 1530 to phuket, can i go by shuttle bus?, enough time? which bus& where can get it?
    if not whats best alternative?

    1. Yes, this should be enough time. Although, it depends on how long it takes you to get through immigration/baggage claim and how long it takes for the shuttle bus to take you between BKK and DMK airports. If I’m not mistaken you need to be checked in at least 45 mins before departure for Phuket which might be cutting it close. Best of luck.

  35. Hello Ryan,

    Thank you so much for the information!
    My flight (Monday 19th of March) will arrive BKK at 7:10 . Do you think it’s possible to catch another flight which depart at 9:30 from DMK?

    this is my first time in Thailand im coming with my wife to spend our Honeymoon :D

    do you think i should take a taxi better than a free shuttle ??
    Thank you ,,

    1. No problem, Rami. I personally would not risk such a close flight. Whether you’re taking a taxi or the shuttle, the timing won’t make much of a difference as they’re both direct.

  36. Ryan –

    Thank you for the useful info. Our situation is we land at 9:10 PM at BKK. We will take the free shuttle bus to DMK. Our Air Asia flight to Hanoi is at 6:00am the next morning. So the question is can we simple stay at DMK airport for the 4 to 5 hours we will have once we get to DMK waiting in the terminal area (assume we get on the 11 pm or 12 am free bus) so arrive at midnight or 1 am at DMK.

  37. Hi!
    I’m wondering how the traffic is at 5:00 AM taking the first shuttle ride out from BKK? Since I’m thinking of taking the 6:45 AM flight out from DMK. And how long is the check in usually at DMK? Would it be too risky to take the 6:45 AM flight if I only have 1 hour and 45 mins from the time I leave BK– If the shuttle is even on time and leaves exactly 5:00.

  38. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for being so helpful! Our trip to Thailand is coming to a close as we head over to Phuket and then back to Bankok and then back to the states. We fly in to DMK at 8pm and leave BKK at 1045pm. I don’t think we’ll have enough time for the shuttle but was curious if we’d have enough time for a taxi or uber? Thoughts?

  39. Hi there,
    I’ll be travelling to Thailand on the 15th and I found this site to be very helpful. Being a first time traveller to this country I wanted to find my way around in the most budget friendly way and finding out that there is a free shuttle from DMK to BKK is a great money saver. Thanks for sharing the info :)

  40. Hi Ryan,
    thanks a lot for the useful info. I will arrive at BKK at about 14:40 and take 17:45 flight out of DMK. So kindly advise me if I have enough time for shuttle bus and check-in at DMK ?

    1. Hey Phuong. It completely depends on how long it takes you to pass immigration and collect your baggage. Long lines at immigration are common. You need to factor in the time it takes for the shuttle to go from point A to B as well as a minimum check-in time with your airline.

  41. Hi Ryan,

    I would be arriving with my family of 5 on 1st May Friday morning at 6:40am. We plan to take the air Asia flight at 9:55. Do you think it we would get to the the other airport in time if we get the 8am shuttle?

    Also how bad would the traffic be on Friday morning at 8?

    Lastly , would getting a taxi be quicker and by how much ?

    Thanks for the help.

    1. Hi Hisham, you must remember that immigration and baggage will take some time. I’m not sure you’ll have enough time to transfer to DMK and check in for your flight. I imagine traffic in the morning hours would be crazy. Taxi wouldn’t be that much quicker because everyone is going the same route. Maybe a little faster at best. Best of luck!

  42. Hi,
    Ineed to know that my friends are coming from changsha (chaina) to dmk air port.then there next flight is from bkk air port.Only i need to know that is there a visa required for Thailand.Because they are Pakistani Nationals.

  43. Hi Ryan, Thank you for all the information here. I am sorry you must have heard this heaps of time but I stress easy so I thought I would ask you too….My domestic flight with Air Asia will reach DMK at 01:10 pm Sunday and my international flight from BKK leaves at 7:20 pm Sunday ….Does it take long to clear immigration, check in and everything? Is this time sufficient as I am travelling with 2 kids? Thanks for your help!

  44. Hey Ryan,
    My flight arrives at 08:00 am at Suvarnabhumi Airport , and my flight from Don Mueang has now been moved an hour closer to around 13:30. Does it take long with baggage and immigration, do you think its possible that we could make it in time?

  45. Hi,
    i’m flying to Bangkok in 2 weeks and I know i’m not gonna be able to get the shuttle ( or if i’m Lucky maybe ). I was just wondering if you still remember the name of one of the official taxi stand ? Don’t wanna get ripped off you know haha :)
    thanks !

  46. Hello Ryan,

    Thank you so much for the information, your website is really awesome!
    My flight (Wednesday 3th of June) will arrive BKK at 7:35 am . Do you think it’s possible to catch another flight which depart at 11.00 am from DMK?

    this is my first time in Thailand im coming with my wife to spend our Honeymoon.

    do you think i should take a taxi better than a free shuttle ??
    Thank you ,,

    1. Hi Gaber. Appreciate the feedback! As for transferring between airports, you shouldn’t have any issues catching your flight from DMK. I would personally take advantage of the free shuttle. Have a great trip!

  47. We r 2 family’s with young children between 11 and 16 years we r 8 persons is we will arrive to bangkhok at 12.3 pm we will travel to pukhet how much it will cost us to take a private vane or small bus to cash our air Asia fly to pukhet and how many time it will take us to arrive

  48. Hi Everyone!

    So I’m flying in to BKK at 12:50 on Thursday 17 December 2015. I have a flight from DMK to Phuket at 16:55 the same day. Do you think I’ve given myself enough time with immigration and customs and transfers etc? Your help would be much appreciated!

  49. hi, i will be in thailand soon (on a tourist visa) for 10 days,then i’ll exit thailand from DMK airport(air asia) to cambodia for a week ; on the way back to my country i booked a flight back from cambodia (air asia) to DMK and on the same day from BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport back to my country; my question is : is my single entry thai Visa would allow me to exit DMK for the second time to go to BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport ? thanks in advance for any info .

  50. hi,
    i will be reaching BKK airport at 5.35 am, and then have a flight to catch from DMK at 10.55am.
    Firstly, i wanted to know how much time it will take for visa processing?
    Secondly, i would like to know the traffic conditions i will have to face if i have to go to DMK using the free shuttle.
    Thanks in advance.

  51. It’s actually possible to go (Don Muang) DMK > BKK (Suvarnabhumi) or BKK > DMK via train.
    DMK SRA 9bht (state rail authority of Thailand) > Hau Lamphong (Central) great old art nouveau station > via a rather long pedestrian tunnel to MRT 35bht (Metro) > Petchaburi interchange > SA 35bht (Suvarnabhumi express). Certainly a bit of mucking about but avoids the crazy traffic on Bangkoks roads and the Metro and Suvarnabhumi express are air conditioned. It’s also possible to pick up the evening train to Chiang mai from DMK , departs about 7.30pm. It’s just a pedestrian bridge from the airport over the toll road to the railway station.

  52. Hi Ryan,

    I will be having my trip this august. My flight is from KUL-DMK and then BKK-DXB. Any advise on how to avail that free shuttle?

  53. Hi,
    I am landing at the Suvarnabhumi Airport at 5.35 hrs and have a connecting flight deom Don Muang airport at 8.55 hrs. is it very tight timing gap to take the shuttle or should i opt for other commuting options. please advise. thanks for the post.

  54. Arriving at BKK on an 11:10 pm flight. Leaving airport for hotel and then flying out of Don Muang 8:00 pm (next day). can we return to BKK and take the free shuttle to Don Muang or are we not allowed to re-enter airport on our single entry visa? Just take a taxi from our hotel near BKK to Don Muang? -what would be easier??

    Thank you for suggestions!

    1. Yes, you can definitely still take advantage of the shuttle. Just get dropped off at the airport and make your way to the arrivals terminal. From there you can hop on the shuttle without issue.

  55. Hi,
    My boyfriend and I will be landing in DMK at 7PM and are catching a flight out at 9AM the next morning (a sunday). Do you know of any budget guesthouses or nice places to stay close by, or with a free airport shuttle around 8-15 $ ?
    Thank you so much

  56. Hi Ryan
    Your blog has been very much useful for people visiting Thailand. I am planning to visit Thailand by the end of September with a few friends. We ll be having around 5-6 days to spend over there and we have planned to spend these days in Bangkok and Phuket. its our first time that we are going to visit Thailand so that’s why m asking you if you can recommend some good places over there, plus good but cheaper hotels to stay.
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Xaib. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I’m not the best person to ask when it comes to recommendations for accommodations/things to do. It’s not that I don’t know the destinations, I do. It’s more of the fact that I’m not an expert. Your best bet would be to take a look at to search for Bangkok and Phuket recommendations.

  57. Me and my husband planing to fly into DMK but really want to be in BKK area. Can we take the shuttle bus for free? If so how? If the people asking for all that proof and of course the other way around to head back( we will have a round trip ticket so the proof will work out) anything to do in DMK? I would rather fly into DMK the flight is like 40usd round trip.

    1. I believe that in order to take advantage of the free shuttle your return flight must be within 24 hours. If your flight from BKK is the following day after you land in DMK, you should be all set.

  58. hi, is the bus still running from same place at DMK? can i use it with any ticket outb from Bkk or just thai airlines?

  59. hi ryan, this blog is awesome.
    i’m flying into BKK at 11:40 and am flying out from DMK at 15:45. would I have enough time to take the shuttle and not a taxi?

  60. Hi Ryan,

    We have a 16 hour flight to BKK with a 4 year old and a baby (I know, what were we thinking?) We get to BKK at 8:00 am and can’t decide whether to just go for it and take a flight straight down to Phuket after arriving, or if the arrival/bag pick-up/immigration at BKK will have us just wishing for a Bangkok hotel to rest in for 24 hours before continuing onward. Any advice for us?

    1. Hi Debbie. That’s going to be a long way to fly with two small kids. That being said the flight time from BKK to Phuket is short so maybe you’ll just want to suck it up and get to where you need to be. At least then once you’ve made the big trek, you’ll finally be able to relax and enjoy your vacation.

  61. This is another option: Although this is not free, it is fast and air conditioned as well. Take the Sky Train to the end – the Phaya Thai station (about 45 baht), take the BTS from Phaya Thai (you don’t have to leave the station area, just walk down the ramp and over to BTS) to Mo Chit.(about 42 baht) Get off at Mo Chit and take the A-1 bus (30 baht) which goes straight to the Don Muang Airport. From Phaya Thai I can get to the airport in 30 minutes. From the airport to Phaya Thai it is about 30 minutes, maybe less.

  62. Hey Ryan

    I will arrive at DMK on 8:15pm and my girlfriend is arriving at BKK at 11:15pm i really need to be there before here its a matter of life and death lol, do you think public bus or taxi will assure me to arrive there within the time?


  63. Hi Ryan,

    I am flying to Phuket, Thailand in december (2nd week) from Mumbai (India).
    To save some money,
    I am thinking to taking a flight to bangkok which arrives at 4.10 am in BKK international airport.
    Then move to DMK airport by free shuttle service.
    From DMK airport i am thinking of taking air asia economy flight to Phuket (HKT).

    My queries are –
    1. Can i move to DMK from BKK airport without taking on arrival visa and then take it eventually at phuket airport?

    2. If the answer to first question is YES, then how much gap should i keep between the two flights?
    If i am landing in BKK at 4.10 am then what should ideally be the take off time of my flight at DMK airport?

  64. Hey, Ryan, you are a clearly a super-star on this topic!
    We arrive BKK (ex LGW) @ 14:50 on 16.12 and need to get an internal flight to Udon Thani, returning from there to catch an 11:30 flight (to LHR) ex BKK on 24.12.
    Please could you let us have a stab at how long we should allow for our connections in each direction, so that our internals are not too tight? We will have hold luggage on all flights.
    We would be most grateful.
    Andrew Burr

  65. Hi Rayan,

    I’ve checked the comments and I know that you have answered this kind of question a 1000 time… I’m here to make it 1001! :p

    So my flight lands in BKK at 14h25, on Dec, 22nd; And I’m planning to catch another flight to phuket from DMK at 17h50. I won’t need visa on arrival (have it from Tunisia before taking off) and will have usual luggage. Do you think that I will have enough time to take the free shuttle, and still be on time for the registration and everything in DMK???

    Biiiiiiiiig thanks in advance!! ;)

  66. Hi Ryan,
    Your directions to transfer from Suvarnabhumi airport to Don Muaeng by the free shuttle were spot on. Had absolutely no problems. A big thank you for your directions.

  67. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for this xclnt post.
    my arrival time at DMK at 11:00pm from seim Reap .
    How long it will be clearing immigration and visa on arrival at DMK?
    Is there any bus service from DMK to Mo Chit area after midnight if the immigration takes more than a hour??
    Or we have to take a cab?
    Thanks in advance

  68. Dear Ryan – many thanks for the information.
    I need to travel from DMK to BKK but I will not have boarding pass upfront (I can only get my boarding pass when I check in at BKK) can I still take the shuttle bus and pay a fare ? please advise

  69. Hi Ryan,

    I have a flight landing in BKK at 10:05 from Taipei, and I’m trying to catch the ferry to Phi Phi, but it leaves at 15:00. The only flight that would get me there in time is DMK-KBV but it leaves at 11:45, what are you thoughts on making it, considering its not traffic hour and it will be a Wednesday?


  70. Hi Ryan,

    I’ll arrive in DMK airport on this early March, just want to make sure if the free shuttle bus from DMK to BKK city is still running?Is it still at Level 4, Gate 5 ?
    Btw, do you have any idea where’s it exactly drop people off in BKK city?

    Many thanks!

  71. Hi Ryan,
    I will be reaching at Bangkok(BKK) @12.45 AM on 10th March . I have Flight to Krabi from DMK @8.20 AM same day. So, if i plan to take the 5 AM shuttle, i can catch the 8.20 AM flight from DMK, right?

  72. Hi, i need some help here. I’ll be flying to Bangkok on 19th March at the Suvarnabhumi Airport and have a connecting flight to Bali from dmk airport. It will be a transit, do i still need to go through immigration? I am from Pakistan and i need a visa to enter Thailand, i have a single visit visa ..i don’t want to use that for transit. Please let me know what is the best option. Thanks!

    1. If you haven’t already secured a visa prior to your arrival, you will receive a 30 day visa (or visa exemption) as soon as you enter Thailand (BKK or DMK). The answer to your question is yes, you do need to pass through immigration in order to transfer between airports.

  73. merci pour tous ces renseignements
    j arrive à bkk le 28/02 à 11h55 de france et je me rend à koh samui.
    quels soulagements grâce à tous tes pars plus rassurée
    un grand merci

  74. Excellent Post! This is super informative. We are flying into BKK at 11:10pm and hopefully can make it through immigration to catch the midnight bus to DMK. Otherwise, we’ll have to catch a cab. Keep up the great work!

  75. Useful info. and easy steps to follow. I also like the feature that allows readers to give updates.

    Great job!

  76. Hi Ryan. Awesome blog. Myself and my boyfriend will be coming into BKK at 1135AM from Canada. We then will have a flight departing from DMK at 410PM. Do you think we would have enough time to make our flight by taking the free shuttle?

    Thank you in advance.

  77. Hi Ryan,
    What if i dont have a flight/boarding pass to support? If Im touching down at BKK and has to travel to DMK because my tour guide will pick me up from there, am i still entitled to enjoy the free shuttle service?

    1. Hi Chocchlo. If you do not have a boarding pass they will not let you on the bus. The bus is not free transportation from BKK to DMK. It’s for those who are connecting/laying over and have a flight out of DMK. That being said, you could create a mock/fake itinerary but I can’t say that it’s something I promote/recommend.

  78. Hi Ryan. Thanks for informative blog. This came up while i was looking for options to travel from BKK to DMK for upcoming trip. I will arrive on BKK at 00:45 and my Air Asia flight from DMK is at 7:10. Reading this, i realized, i will have to catch a Taxi to DMK. Can you please guide me about which is the best nad the safest Taxi service in the middle of the night in Bangkok. Thanks

  79. Is there a time frame in which your boarding pass has to be in to take the shuttle. Our air Asia flight would get in at DMK at 1450 and we have a flight from BKK the next day at 0640. Was wondering if we could still take the shuttle over to BKK or is there too much time between the 2 flights. I booked it this way in case of delays. I didn’t want to miss the flight home.

  80. Hi, my friends and I will fly to DMK on 9:35am and we will go to take shuttle bus directly to BKK once we pass through immigration. Would it be too rush if we book tickets on 12:15pm from BKK to Samui?

    Btw, it’s Wednesday.

    1. Hi Naomi. I would think that might be cutting it a little close. You should always give yourself approximately one hour from when you land to get through immigration and collect your luggage (approx. 10:35AM). Then you’ll need to figure out which bus (Trip#20 or 21) 10:36 or 10:48 from DMK to BKK. The transfer usually takes about 50 minutes but can depend on traffic and the time of day. If you figure another hour (11:35-45), you’ll arrive at BKK with maybe 30 minutes to spare. It just doesn’t seem doable in my opinion. Best of luck with your trip!

  81. Hi, i took the Shuttle Bus today to go Form DMK to BKK, thank you for your hint! By the way the Bus i waiting now Outsider Door #6, but that should not be a Problem if you search for it Outsider Door #5!


  82. Very useful information!! Just have to show the booking details at the counter outside gate 6 and it is a AC bus!!

  83. Hi! Thks for the great information, i just got one problem. Im arriving at Don Muaeng, and my girlfiend is arriving at Suvarnabhumi from Chile. I need to pick her up to that airport, you think i can use this free altrrnative?? Thanks a lot again!

    1. No. The free airport shuttle between DMK and BKK or vice versa is not meant to be used as free transportation for those wanting to pick someone up from the airport. It’s solely for those who have a valid ticket to fly within the stated time.

  84. Hi Ryan,

    I’d be reaching BKK Airport at 12:55 AM. I’ve to catch next flight from DMK airport at 7:45 departure time. Given the odd time I’ll have to travel, please suggest me the most economical and safe way to travel.

  85. Dear Friends,
    I have 25 kg baggage. Is it allowed in shuttle bus?

    I will be reaching at 1am to BKK and planning to go DMK.

    Is it allowed to sit on BKK airport from 1am to 5am

  86. I can probably guess the answer but what is the chance of the bus driver dropping me off at a cheap hotel near BKK airport if I’m getting the free bus from DMK? And could anyone recommend a nice, cheap,basic hotel near BKK airport just to spend the one night in? Cheers

  87. do you think it would be possible to catch a 11:25am flight from DMK when i arrive to BKK at 7:15am. We have children so usually we get to the express way in Immigration

  88. Hey Ryan
    Love the information on ur blog.Totally cool.

    I have been always travelling to BKK and never flown in or out of DMK. But want to try Air Asia flights and save money. Would I be able to use this option to go to Suvarnabhumi airport so that I could take the airport Rail link to the city and do the same thing while I’m flying out of DMK…?

  89. Hi, Ryan. This is extremely helpful information. In your opinion, if I have a flight that lands at BKK at 9:45 am, will there be enough time to take the shuttle to DMK and catch a flight that leaves at 1:45 pm? Or should I book a flight that leaves DMK a little later, such as around 3:45 pm?


    1. Hi Serena. Thanks for the feedback. I believe you should have enough time. Just be sure to factor in 2 hours of time. 1 hour to get through immigration and baggage claim and then another hour for the shuttle to DMK. That being said if you wanted to really play it safe the 3:45 would be a better choice.

  90. Hi Ryan,

    I will be arriving at Don Muang Airport. I will be staying at one of the hotels in Phaya Thai area. After I arrive DMK, I’d like to take a shuttle bus that goes to BKK so I can take a train (Airport Rail Link) to go to Ratchaprarop.. Will this work for me? Kindly let me know.

    1. Hi John. Do you have a flight out of BKK within 24-48 hours of landing in DMK? If so, then yes. If you do not have a flight and you’re just trying to find a free way to get from DMK to BKK then this will not work for you.

  91. Hi Ryan,

    My wife and I will be arriving DMK at 0800 and planning to take the “free” shuttle bus service to BKK and then onwards to the city with the Airport Rail Link. Is it possible? On the other hand, we intend to take the Airport Rail Link from Phaya Thai Station to BKK and onwards to DMK by taking the free shuttle bus service. My flight from DMK departs at 1730 …what time would you recommend us to leave Bangkok city for the airport?

  92. Hi Ryan:
    I am planning to arrive DMK from Siem Reap around 22:45 in December 26th 2016 and then take the free shuttle bus to BKK to catch the flight to Hong Kong at 03:35. Do you think, I have enough time for the transit?

    1. Hey Eddie. Yeah, I think you should be able to catch the 11:30 or midnight shuttle from DMK to BKK. You shouldn’t have any issues with traffic at that time of night.

      1. Thanks Ryan. Love the information on your blog, very useful with details.
        I am still at planning stage, in your opinion, which is the most economical way to travel from Siem Reap to Hong Kong and then catch the 11.15 am flight to USA on the same morning flying in from BKK or DMK.
        How reliable is Air Asia?
        Thanks again,

  93. Hi Ryan
    I am planning to arrive at BKK at 8pm and will take another flight from DMK the next morning. So I will have around 12 hours layover. The question is that can I stay inside BKK transit area? Then go outside after in the morning. Or I have to go through immigration counter immediately after landing to go to DMK by shuttle bus?
    Thank you in advance

    1. You will go through immigration immediately and no you will not be able to stay in the transit area for two reasons. Firstly, you’re not transiting to another flight from BKK. You’re next flight is from DMK. Secondly even if you could stay in the transit area, your luggage would need to be picked up after you pass through immigration. As for staying in the airport after you pass through immigration and baggage claim, read this for more info:

      Best of luck!

  94. Thank you for all the helpful details! We are flying in from Phuket into DMK, but then starting out return to the US out of BKK. Your info on the free shuttle is much appreciated as we just spent 1,800 baht on hotel transfers in Phuket!

  95. Hi Ryan
    I’m travelling to Bangkok next month and from there I’ll get another flight to phuket. 3 questions:
    1. If I enter Thailand from BKK and leave from DMK. Would it cause any trouble of entry – exit ports. Is It mandatory to exit Thailand from same entry port?
    2. Visa on Arrival facilities are available on which airport – BKK or DMK ? Accordingly I have to get the flights for that airport only as I dont have prior visa.
    3. I’m planning to book separate flights from Chennai to bangkok and then Bangkok to Phuket. Would I be allowed to come out of Bangkok airport (DMK or BKK) and then enter the airport again to catch another flight to phuket.
    4. How much gap should I provide between two flights. How much time would it take for visa processing , how long would be the queue in general ?

    1. Hey Kabir. Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. No. It does not matter where you enter/exit.

      2. All international airports would be required to have immigration officers on duty — both BKK and DMK airports offer visa on arrival services.

      3. Yes, of course. Once you land and pass through immigration at either BKK or DMK, you’ll have your visa on arrival in hand and you’ll be in transit to the other airport. No issues there.

      4. A few hours to be safe because traffic and other road related issues can really make a difference when it comes to transferring between both airports. I cannot tell you how long the visa on arrival process would take as I have no idea how busy the airport will be. That being said, I can’t see it being more than an hour or so at the worst.

      Hope this helps!

  96. Hi Ryan, thanks for this article, it’s just what i was hoping to find.
    I’m planning to travel from Pattaya to Phnom Penh and was gonna book flight FD 606 DMK to PNH around the end of September.
    My idea is to get the airport 389 bus from Pattaya to BKK (120bt ) then use the bkk to dmk shuttle bus.
    The flight leaves dmk at 15:00, and i’ll check in online beforehand.
    I’d be interested to know your thoughts on what time you think i should catch the airport 389 service from Patts’ in order to arrive at dmk around 13:00 Thanks in advance…

    1. Hi John — The bus from Pattaya to BKK takes approximately 2 hours and then you need to factor in that the free shuttle between BKK and DMK can take anywhere from 50 minutes to 2 hours depending on time of day and traffic.

      The 9AM bus from Pattaya to BKK would have you at BKK by 11AM. Hop on the next free shuttle from BKK (ex. 11:30AM) and you should be in DMK around 1PM. This would be plenty of time to hop on your flight to Phnom Penh.

      If you wanted to really push it you could take the 10AM bus from Pattaya to BKK but I’m not sure I would risk it. That’s on you!

      You can find the Pattaya to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Schedule here:

      Best of luck and enjoy your trip!

  97. Hi, if I want to go to BKK to meet my friend there as we are coming from different countries and airlines from my country only fly to DMK and hers flies to BKK. How much would the shuttle cost? As I read that it is only free if you are transferring to catch another flight. Would appreciate your quick reply! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Adylla. The free shuttle that runs between BKK and DMK and vice versa is only available to those who have connecting flights, not for public transport. Other options when transferring from BKK to DMK or the other way around is to either take advantage of the first ride free promo from Uber by downloading the Uber app and entering my promo code: UBERPTM to get 200 baht off your first ride or taking a taxi.

      Best of luck!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Kim. Glad to hear that you were able to use the directions to get where you needed to go. Out of curiousity, how long did the transfer between BKK and DMK airport take? I know it varies depending on traffic and time of day. Would love to hear your experience.

  98. Hi Ryan, It will be my first time in Thailand and my question is, if I am flying out of DMK to Phuket and not doing a transfer or anything like that; Is it smarter/better to take a uber/car or go to BKK just to transfer for free to DMK and avoid the taxis etc.

  99. Ryan, If I am getting in early in the morning, like at 1:30 or 2 AM, would you recommend that I just forget about finding a place to stay at near BKK, and just head straight to the shuttle for DMK? If I get in from the states early in the morning, and have a morning flight from DMK to Ranong,I think it would be better if I just got there in the early morning, and then took the shuttle to make my 5:45 AM flight in DMK.

    1. Hey Colin. Well, the shuttle only runs between 5:00AM and Midnight so taking the shuttle at 1:30-2AM won’t be an option. Even if you wait it out until the morning, you still won’t be able to take advantage of the shuttle as you wouldn’t have enough time to check-in, etc. I would suggest grabbing an Uber and making your way to DMK for your early morning flight.

  100. Hi Ryan,

    I will arrived in 11:50PM in BKK, and will fly out to Myanmar from DMK at 7:15AM. Since the free shuttle starts at 5AM it is not wise to risk my flight for this. What I would like to know is about the #555 bus. Does it run 24 hrs? If not, what’s their schedule,been checking online but it gets confusing cause I’ve seeing different timetable. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  101. Hello Rishi,

    My Air India flight lands at 7.45 AM at BKK then i have 11.25 AM NOK Air flight from DMK,
    we have 3 hours and 40 min approx between two flight.

    Is that time enough for immigration & traveling?

    We are 7 adults and 2 child – family.

    Waiting for your valuable reply.

    1. Hi Kiran. Thanks for the comment.

      Your stop over time shouldn’t be an issue. The only thing I’ll say is that you have a lot of people in your group so be sure to keep everyone together and the transfer between BKK and DMK should be no problem.

      Best of luck with your trip in Thailand!

  102. Hey Ryan thanks for the info mate! With a friend of mine we are going to Thailand. So after Phuket we have a flight to China from BKK and I was kinda worried about how to get there but I found your blog and OMG you are our saviour :)
    Thanks a lot and if you come to Lanzarote drop us a line ;)

  103. My friends and I will be landing in BKK at 12:30pm and have a flight at 4:25pm from DMK to the south and was wondering if we will have time to transfer and get to our next flight by taking this free shuttle. Based off of rush hour times I think we will be fine. What do you think?

    1. At that time of day you should have enough time. That being said if you are a worrier and want to be sure you get there on time I would take an Uber and you should have no issue at all.

  104. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for this article. The information is really useful for me. I am arriving on BKK at 13:20 and my flight from DMK is at 16:40. Do you think that the shuttle would be an option for me to get there or it would be better to get UBER?


  105. Hi Ryan, I am in Jomtien and will be flying to Saigon from DMK, it would be very convenient for me to get the bus from Jomtien to BKK and then use the transfer bus to DMK, I originally flew into BKK early in November and will have a boarding pass for my flight out of DMK the day I travel, will I be able to use the shuttle, if not is there a normal bus service between the two airports?

  106. Hi Ryan,

    Approximately which is the worst hour to go from BKK to DMK?
    We will land at 06:35 am in BKK (Etihad international flight, hand luggage only), and we will take a flight at 10:00 am from DMK.
    We would like to tal the free shuttle (2nd floor, gate 3) as there shouldn’t be traffic jam at that time..right?

    Thanks in advance,

  107. Hi Ryan
    Il be landing at BKK in d morning around 11am..will be staying somewhere close by and have a next day 8.30 pm flight from if I leave from BKK the next day to go to DMK to catch my evening flight ,will I still be able to tk the free shuttle cz my time between both the flights will be more than 24 hours..

    1. I don’t think that should be an issue. Just be sure to have a printed and valid boarding pass/e-ticket in hand to show the staff before boarding the shuttle bus.

  108. Do they make stops between the airport? For example if I have a flight from phuket back to DMK and need to go to Kasetsart University. Will this shuttle stop at the bus stop for me? Thanks!

  109. Ryan, arriving into BKK at 4pm on Saturday, April 15th. Heading to Siem Reap. I’m keen to book an AirAsia flight out of DMK at 8pm that same day. Is there enough time for the transfer? How is traffic from BKK to DMK on Saturday afternoon/evening? This is also the weekend of the water festival. Other option is a $100 usd more expensive flight out of BKK. Thoughts?

    Thanks is advance, John.

    1. Hey John. I can’t say for sure but what I will say is that at 4PM you might be risking hitting some traffic in the city. I imagine it might be a bit hectic. The other option would be to take an UBER and if you’re a first time user of Uber you can use my promo code UBERPTM and get a discount on your ride. Sure, it’s not FREE like the shuttle but it is another option. That’s a tough call because $100 USD more is quite expensive. Let me know what you decide to do. Best of luck and enjoy yourself.

  110. Hello Ryan,

    We are arriving BKK at 6:10 AM. Our next flight to phuket is at 9:45 AM. We do have checked luggage as well. What do you think is the best possible way to get there in time ? or is that even possible ?

    Thank you,

    – Ahmed

    1. I wouldn’t risk it personally. That’s too tight of a window IMO. I would suggest trying Uber versus waiting on the next shuttle. Even then, it’s going to be cutting it close depending on how long you’re in line at immigration.

  111. DMK has the cheapest good airport food I have ever seen. Food from about 1 Euro in the food hall. Water for next flight is also cheapish at about 50cents. Do not trust the tap water, ymmv.

  112. Hi Ryan,

    I am arriving BKK at 14:50 and will take visa on arrival, claim my checked in baggage. I need to catch another flight from DMK which is scheduled at 19:00 hrs. Do you think, I will be able to make it on time using the free Airport shuttle, keeping in mind the usual evening time traffic en-route?

      1. If you look at the bus schedule, from 8 am – 11 am and again from 4 pm – 7 pm, buses run every 12 minutes as opposed to every 30 minutes other times. To me, this would indicate peak traffic times, meaning, temper expectations and assume closer to 2 hours than 45 minutes.

        Thanks for your informative blog. I’m flying into bkk Sunday at 11 am and going to catch a flight to Phuket out of DMK. Booking it now, looking for something 2 pm or later. I’ll hit you back with how long the bus ride form BKK to DMK took.

  113. Hi Ryan, we arrive in BKK at 1am on March 29th and connecting flight from DMK is 8.25am.

    1. Can you please guide if it is a good idea to stay at BKK airport itself post immigration and take the 5am free shuttle to DMK ? This is assuming there is some lounging facility at BKK post immigration. This option will ensure a free ride to DMK.

    2. Or should we Uber it up to DMK as soon as we are done with the formalities at BKK and spend the night at DMK ? In this case, is there any lounging facility at DMK and whether they will allow us inside the airport so early before our flight (8.25am from DMK)

  114. HI, I will be arriving at DMK airport on April 13th Morning. Can i take the airport shuttle till BMK using the free shuttle service? I will have my luggage with me and do we need to necessarily fly from BKK airport in order to use the shuttle service? Since i will be going to Pattaya from Bangkok my van will be starting from BKK airport and hence i will have to get transferred to BKK. Can somebody share the details?

    1. You can only take advantage of the free shuttle service if you’re flying. It’s simply transportation for those who are transferring between airports to make their next flight. In your case, you will need to either take a taxi, tuk-tuk or Uber (best option) as suggested in the post. Best of luck!

  115. This blog is really helpful. I am landing at BKK at 16.00 and I am catching a flight from DMK at 19.50. I know it’s tight but do you think it’s possible on the free shuttle at the time of day? Obviously it depends on traffic conditions but what are they usually like at this time of day?

    Would the shuttle be the fastest way or would you recommend an alternative?

    1. I think it’s possible but remember that there will be lots of traffic at that time of the day. I would recommend checking out Uber as I think the drivers would be able to maneuver their way around the traffic and use alternative routes versus the bus which takes the same direct route each day. You can find a promo code above for Uber if you’re a first time user. Best of luck!

      1. Hi Ryan,
        My question is somewhat similar to Alice. I am arriving at BKK from International flight from the states at 6:35 pm, I have a flight out of DMK at 9:45 pm on October 19th…given the time of year and time of day, do you think this is doable?

  116. Hi,

    I will flight to Thailand (BKK Airport) in April-17.

    Is this option to travel for free to DMK available?


  117. Hey Ryan, let me start by thanking you for the excellent information and your promptness in communicating with would be travellers. More power to you!

    My query –
    eta @ dmk from Phuket @ 2310hrs
    Etd from bkk @ 0350hrs

    1) Do we have enough time or should I look for another incoming flight from Phuket?

    2) Is the last shuttle still @ midnight ?

    3) We are a group of 2 adults + 2 children (cabin as well as check in luggage for all). Would 1 uber be able to handle all? Asking as am not aware of the adequacy of the vehicles mostly running as cabs in Bangkok.

    Thanks a lot once again for keeping this page alive. 👌🙏

    1. Hi Bikram,

      1. Yes as long as you can catch that last bus at 24:00. I’m not sure though. You might need to UBER.
      2. Yes.
      3. Yes, you can order a larger Uber if necessary. Just be sure to plug in the amount of passengers before requesting the Uber pickup.


  118. Hey Ryan,
    i wanna go from HKT to BKK Airport. I bring my bike in a large box with me. You think its gonna be a problem?

    Ill arrive at HKT Airport around 07.15 am and have to catch the flight at BKK Airport 12.10 am. Is that enough time for the free shuttle service?

    Thank you for your information and making a very helpful homepage :)

    kind regards

  119. Hi Ryan & All,
    Can you plz share with me any updates on the free shuttle bus between the 2 airport?

    I’m arriving at DMK and plan to catch a bus from BKK airport to HuaHin. Wonder if there any chance I hop on to the free shuttle and drop at BKK airport? As I am not boarding to any plane at BKK airport. Just need to get to the bus terminal located there. Or any others alternative if the free shuttle not allowing me. Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Alfred. You cannot use the free shuttle as a means of transport between two airports unless you have a valid boarding pass for a flight. Your best bet to get from DMK to BKK is either to use a taxi (metered) or UBER. You can save some money if you use my Uber promo located above. Best of luck!

  120. Hi Ryan!

    I’m traveling to thailand this july 2. I will arrive at BKK at 8:40am and planning to take the 11:40am flight to phuket at DMK. I have no baggage to check-in. Is it too risky or will i be able to make it? Thank you in advance!

  121. Do we need transit visa in Thailand for travelling from BKK to DMK ?
    We are flying to BKK from BOM and then taking a light from DMK to REP

  122. Hi Ryan
    Gulfair Eta @ BKK 09.30 am. Phuket airasia flight from DMK @ 11.40 am. Is there enough time to opt free shuttle or use Taxi ?
    We are 2 Adult + 2 Child with check in baggage.
    If the above transit time is not enough, shall I change phuket flight to 13.15 pm prior travelling, or can this be done at DMK check in counter if i miss 11.40 am flight ?
    Please advise.

    1. Hi Sbs. WOW. That is going to be very tight no matter how you look at it (shuttle vs taxi). I hope you don’t hit any big lines at immigration because if you do you will be in trouble. In this specific case I would say Uber/Taxi because you need something immediately and you have no time to waste sitting around waiting for the next available shuttle.

      If you miss your flight, it’s on you. You’ll have to speak with the airline regarding your concerns. Best of luck!

      1. Thanks Ryan.
        For safe side, I changed my Phucket flight to 01:15 pm. Took free shuttle and reached DMK @ 11.45 am. Everything went well and we enjoyed the trip.

  123. Thanks! This was super helpful. We took the 6.30am bus (found it easily from your instructions), it took 1hr 15mins with a bit of traffic. Plenty of time for bag drop etc for 10am flight. Perfect!

  124. Hi Ryan, I am reaching at BKK airport at 1:00 am and have flight at 7:00 am from DMK airport. If you can help me with which will be convenient and safe way for the transport?

    Thank you in advance

  125. Hi Ryan,

    I would be arriving at DMK airport from there I need to reach Swarnaboomi BKK airport , the purpose is to meet our friends. I do not need to take any flight from BKK airport.

    My query is, Need I carry any flight tickets that acknowledge I will take a flight from BKK airport. Please help. I want to use the free shuttle.

    Thanks for your informative and useful article.



  126. Hi Ryan,
    If I’ll arrive at BKK at 18:05 and want to take a flight from DMK at 22, do you think that would work with the transfer??

  127. Hi Ryan,

    First off, thank you so much for putting a site like this together. All of us greatly appreciate your responses and knowledge from getting back and forth from BKK and DMK. It looks like it’s helped many travelers, so thank you!!

    My question is, we arrive at BKK at 10:30pm. We’ll have enough time to go through immigration and catch the last bus at midnight to DMK, correct? Our flight from DMK isn’t until 8:30am.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Chris. I think you should have enough time but you’ll need to hustle. Hopefully you don’t get caught in any lines at immigration. Otherwise I think you’ll be alright. Best of luck

  128. Hi Ryan,
    Can I know what is required to board the free shuttle? I am reaching DMK on a Friday and my return flight is on Sunday through BKK, however, can I still take the free shuttle when I arrive on Friday to BKK? I need to show them my flight ticket and passport as well for the shuttle right?

    1. If your flight departs from either BKK or DMK you can use the free shuttle to transit in between airports for free. If you’re just using it to pass between airports you will not be allowed to board.

  129. Hi, Ryan!

    Thank you very much for your information. I am arriving at BKK airport at 2:30pm and I have a flight at DMK at 07am next day. Can I use the free Shuttle Just showing my flight ticket for the next day?

  130. Hi Ryan, your article is really help. Same with Mona, I would be arriving at DMK airport and then I have to go to BKK to take a bus to Hua Hin. If I can’t take the free bus, then can you recommend me a bus from DMK to BKK? (where i have to go, and how much cost i have to pay). It would be great if you recommend the cheapest one haha. Thanks!

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